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Impact of Corona Virus on Cab Aggregators

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted millions of daily lives and businesses worldwide. Businesses like hotels and cab aggregators have been the worst hit. It is because of how much these businesses rely on face to face people interaction daily. Governments across the world have laid down strict regulations. Cab companies...
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12 Thriving Food Delivery Apps Around the World

Grubhub It is one of the biggest on-demand food delivery applications operating primarily in the US market. It doubled its profit within the very first quarter of its inception. There are over 15 million diners and about 100,000 participating restaurants using Grubhub. But what makes Grubhub so popular? There are...
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Uber-like App Testing

How Safe Is the Cabily – Uber Clone Application? Here is the list of testing we have done to make sure the application is stable. Crowd-based Testing Crowdsourced Testing is important to know the real-world experience of using an application. It improves customer experience and saves your business from serious...
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List of 17 Alternatives to Uber 

CAREEM Careem is a mobile application that is running across the greater Middle East region. It provides users with the option of hiring a taxi. Founded in 2012, Careem has its headquarters in Dubai. It is currently providing services in 100+ cities across 12 countries. In the month of January 2020, Careem...
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Uber Clone Features

  Driver App Features (I) Peak Hour pricing  Bumper to bumper traffic jams or bad weather can cause a huge demand for drivers. In such cases, you can apply surge pricing to the affected areas. You can also apply it during peak traffic hours to make more money. This feature...
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