DoorDash Clone - Highlighting Features

Multiple Access for Booking

Users can order their food using the website, Android, and iPhone applications.

Discount Facility

The Admin has the option to send promo offers coupon codes via push notifications, SMS, e-mails, etc. Using promo codes users can get a discount on their meals.

Add to Cart

The users of the website will be able to add any number of items to the cart before they plan to check out to make the payment for the food.

Create a Profile

Users can easily signup for the service by providing the required information or by using social media profiles.

Search for Restaurants

The application can fetch the delivery address automatically, based on the user’s location. The nearby restaurants will pop up or else the user can manually search for the restaurant from where they want to place the order.

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DoorDash Clone - Advanced Features


Every single user likes to have their meal specially and to be seasoned correctly. In that sense, they can give instructions to the restaurant for the way they want their lunch, and this information passes on to the restaurant along with the order.

Log in with Social Media

The user can sign up using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. They don't need to go through the hassle of signing up with an email ID or phone number.

Contact Driver

The user will receive all the information related to the order placed in the restaurant and how long will it take to be delivered, etc.. They can make a call to the driver & give them instructions to reach users location.

Specialized Menus

The menus of a restaurant can change day to day as the restaurant can add or remove items every day based on availability.


Some users prefer certain restaurants and specific dishes; in that case, they can favorite it and refer back to it for future orders.

Manage Profile

On the user's profile, they can make changes according to their preferences. Some fields are mandatory, and some are optional

DoorDash Clone - How It Works

Delivered at your Doorstep ontime

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category.

Add menus into cart, checkout, and pay (online)

The system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest drivers. The driver once accepted, will move to the restaurant. Meantime, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order

Driver arrived and picked up your order

Driver delivered order at your location

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On-demand restaurant application like DoorDash

DoorDash is the on-demand restaurant furnishes the delivery service. Students at Stanford University founded it. It uses the logistics technology used by many companies to offers food delivery from the restaurants on-demand. In 2013, it was launched and expanded to several markets. The business model design of the DoorDash is to get the benefits for both the users and the restaurants. They make the Win-Win situation at both ends of the food providers and users. Doordash valuation crosses $12B.

It enables the user to search for the restaurants and order the food at one end. On the other end, DoorDash gives access to restaurants to extend the customer base. Through this service, the people also get benefits by offering them a job for delivering the food. It needs a group of boys to provide the food at the correct time and to ride in the heavy traffics. The company's income rose, and it has tied up with many famous restaurants in the cities of the United States.

DoorDash hires its drivers who are interested in riding in the massive city traffic during peak hours. While ordering the food, it charges the customers for the delivery service per order ranging from five dollars to eight dollars. They also get the commission from the restaurants close to twenty percent. After the steady demand and growth in this sector, it starts expanding to over twenty markets across the United States and Canada.
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Business model of DoorDash

DoorDash acts as the integrator between users who wants the food and restaurants ready to accept online orders. It also provides a full-time job for people.
In DoorDash, there are three segments involved in the business model.

Users: Some people don’t have time to get food from their favorite restaurants all day. Business and corporate working people who ready to offer or surprise their team without wasting time and affecting their routine work. The person who needs a break for a day without cooking can order the food. These types of people are at the user end, ready to place an order in their favorite restaurants.

Restaurants: Some famous restaurants won’t have any food delivery person to deliver their orders. Few restaurants might only have a small group of people to sit in their place. Some restaurants may be looking to get more online customers. They all come under this segment.

Dashers: Dashers are delivery boys who are ready to deliver the food in their flexible timings. They also have access to the other end to get the alert from the restaurants to pick up the prepared food. However, DoorDash focuses on all three sides of the food delivery business model. They try to build coordination between restaurants, customers, and drivers. They are unbeaten in their business model. It empowers users and restaurants by providing them a facility to track the driver’s location. So, they can predict the time of dispatch and delivery of the food from the driver’s area. DoorDash can take control of the entire delivery process by providing smooth communication via software without any interruption. Now Doordash even started to expand across the hotel industry.