DoorDash Clone - Highlighting Features

Multi-booking Access

Users can order their food using the Android and iPhone applications. They can also order the food from their desktop through the website.

Discount Codes

The admin can send coupon codes via push notifications, SMS, and emails. Using the promo codes, users can get a discount on their meals.

Add to Cart

The users can add any number of items to the cart before they make the payment. Users can also add the items to the cart and complete the payment later.

Create a Profile

Users can easily signup for the service by providing the required information or using their social media profiles.

Search for Restaurants

The application can fetch the delivery address automatically, based on the user’s location. The user can also manually search for the nearby restaurants in the app.

Responsive Website
We deliver a desktop version of the website along with the app. As the website is mobile responsive, the users can also use it from their tablets.

DoorDash Clone - Advanced Features


People love it when their meals are specially prepared according to their unique taste. The customers can include such preferences when ordering food on the app. The app will pass on the information to the restaurant.

Login with Social Media

Users can register to the app through social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, making it easier and convenient. They do not need to provide an email id or phone number for registration or further verification, saving time.

Contact Driver

Upon ordering, the user is provided with details, including the estimated delivery time and driver details. The user can contact the drivers directly to give further instructions on how to reach the delivery location.

Specialized Menus

Restaurants can update their menus based on availability and day-to-day specialty. They can change or add items to their existing menus at any time.


Customers can mark a specific dish from a particular restaurant as a favorite. This feature will help them to easily order their favorite dishes from the app in the future.

Manage Profile

Users can update their profiles on the app according to their preferences. They have to answer some simple questions, some of which are mandatory while some are optional.

DoorDash Clone: How It Works?

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category.

Add menus into cart, checkout, and pay (online)

The system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest drivers. The driver, once accepted, will move to the restaurant. Meantime, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order.

Driver arrives at the restaurant and picks your order.

The driver then delivers the order to the user.

Both user and driver-partner can rate each other.


6 Solid Ways to Make Money with Our Doordash Clone Application

Customer-Centric Advertising

Advertising plays a huge role in adding revenue to the brand. With our Dinedoo app, you can get in-depth statistics about your customers. You can use this data to make your advertising more personalized to users.

Targeted ads can give you a lot more conversions and increase brand perception. You can also use the app to run several ad campaigns for different customer demographics. This way, you can cover more ground in much less time.

Restaurant Commissions

Another way you can use the app to get more revenue is by getting commissions from restaurants. Every restaurant has a rate of commission they pay out to on-demand services. It ranges approximately from anywhere between $4 to $8 per delivery. If your service can deliver to more customers, then you can make more from the commission.

With the Doordash clone app, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to delivering. We use the highest standards and technology during app development. It gives your food delivery app a much better chance of success than others in the market.

Addons And Options

When catering to a customer-centric market, you need to provide a lot of choices to the users. You need to offer them many ways to have their food delivered. It will assure them that you’re committed to serving their needs. You will also get a significant portion of the total revenue from custom orders.

Recent studies show that addons account for up to 40% of the total bill amount. We have created our app to deliver all the options that are available at a restaurant. Customer complaints about the lack of variety are a foregone conclusion.

On-demand Pricing

When the demand for delivery services goes high during the day, many on-demand aggregator services apply surge pricing. Here, the prices are slightly adjusted to keep in line with the demand.

Our Doordash clone app can improve your revenue by effectively using surge pricing on the app. These changes might be even seasonal sometimes. Regardless of the change, you will find that the Dinedoo app can accommodate quick and effective pricing revisions. And because this is in real-time, you can control your pricing strategies much better.

Off-hours Discounts

Like a surge, there might be times when deliveries are not happening quickly enough. You can quickly adjust pricing to increase demand in the market. While this might seem like you’re losing money, the increased number of orders will compensate for it.

Another feature of the app is that it can record the falls in demand and notify you ahead of time. It can give you ample time to correct it with the requisite pricing policy.

Coupons And Promo Codes

Coupons and promo codes will accelerate your sales and demand. While this could not be controlled effectively earlier because of latency, things have changed. With the app, you can issue and revoke coupons or discounts in real-time.

For example, you can set limits for the number of people who have access to a coupon. Or you can even issue promo codes for restaurants in a particular area. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using the Dinedoo app.

What are the benefits of using Doordash Clone to Kickstart an on-demand Food Delivery Business?

Shorter Development Time

A significant advantage of our ready to go Doordash-like app is that it saves time and effort. Developing a full-fledged aggregator service app is not an easy thing. It takes months and sometimes years, depending on your requirements.

There is no guarantee that everything will turn out well unless you test it in a live scenario. But the Dinedoo app has proven itself in the market. It means a much better experience in a fraction of the time.

Huge Growing Market

The on-demand aggregator service is a vast market, and it’s still growing. The global food delivery market grew to $107 billion in 2019. Also, it is estimated to grow 3.61% this year, which is a bit low. Doordash valuation crosses $29.4B. Now Doordash even started to expand across the hotel industry. Even though it has been a bit slow this year, sales are expected to pick right back up in 2021.

Estimates show that it is expected to touch $150 billion in just three more years, putting its growth at about 11.51%. It is the best time to invest in a food delivery service app.

Cutting Edge Technology

As a company, Zoplay is committed to delivering the best in service and technology for its customers. We constantly upgrade our Dinedoo app with the industry’s latest standards, both in technology and usability.

We have engineered it to give you the best performance with no downtime for your services. We can do this because of the highly scalable and modular architecture used in our development process.

Device And Platform Independent

The key to building a successful app is not just about performance but also consistency. You need to make sure that it is compatible with several devices and platforms

Our Doordash-like app has been tested over several years under different working environments and has always held up well. Whether iOS or Android, our app offers a consistent experience for the user. It results in better brand identity and predictable performance. We have been able to deliver astronomical results for people using our app.

Better Automation Features

When you are considering implementing a delivery app, you should be looking for automation. It is important because automation helps you get more done in less time. It can eliminate those repetitive tasks from your to-do list.

Let’s take the example of surge pricing. With proper automation, you can prepare your delivery service to adjust pricing during high demands. And because Dinedoo is AI-enabled, you get much better automation services than the rest of the apps out there. 

Made For Your Brand

At Zoplay, we understand that one size fits all approach cannot offer adequate performance when it comes to delivery apps.

When you engage with us, we are committed to delivering an app solution tailored to your brand at all levels. We set the benchmark when it comes to high performance, custom Doordash-like app solutions for brands.

Get in touch with us and find out about how Dinedoo can deliver the goods for you!

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