Grofers Clone - Highlighting Features


Groceries from multiple brands can be added and can also be searched and filtered based on those brands and have it delivered.

Search Option

The search bar on the website is for the user to enter the details of the product which they are searching for and the search results will display the information of the product.

My Cart

The user can add as many as products to the cart, once done with it they can check out and make the payment.

Offers Management

Admin can add offer for example: offer based on amount , item based offer and no delivery charges etc.

Commission Management

Our commission management system is designed to comfort transaction process of the entire system. With the commission management the Admin can easily view and track the pending for the shops.

Bootstrap Design

Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. It is mainly made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes.

Advanced Features

Frequent Products

There are products which are often bought by the customers. The users will have a quick access to these rather than manually searching for it.

Social Sign in

Nowadays almost all sites allow the new users to create accounts by using their social media accounts like Facebook. So for user’s convenience, we have added social sign in option which allows the users to signup using their social accounts

Mulitiple access for Booking

Users can order their grocery using website,Android and iPhone applications.

Payments Option

There are different ways through which the user can make the payment, they can use their e-wallet, debit/credit card.

Track the Order

Once a user places the order, they can track the time when their order will be delivered to them, a notification will be sent to the user will all the details of the delivery.

Add to Cart

The grocery have chosen by the users will be added to the cart,he/she can open the cart and change the quantity,he/she can remove the food which is added before,etc

Grofers Clone - How It Works

Easy steps to get your

Search for stores online in your location

Add products to cart, checkout, and pay (online)

The system will auto dispatch the order to nearest driver. Drivers, will accept the request and deliver the order placed by the user

Driver will arrive at the store picks up and drops off at the destination

Order delivered at user's location, successfully.

Ratings and Feedback


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Introduction: Grocery Script
Online Grocery delivery store has now become a great trend that offers a great help to people all around the world. This, in turn, aids the enterprise owners to make profits for themselves as well. With the help of online ordering, the enterprise owner offers a lot of opportunities to buy products with the help of their store.
br> As soon as the order gets placed, the delivery boy will collect the products from the grocery store and he delivers it to the customer. A lot of grocery enterprise combines with a selected set of stores in several areas for an everlasting service.
br> It is quite essential for an on Demand enterprise to make sure that the online deliveries have been done on time. Making an investment in the Delivery Management service for enhancing the quality of the service that you offer to the customers would truly help. This will aid you in managing the on demand distribution and to make sure that the orders appear at customer’s doorstep without any delay.
br> A comfortable shopping participation will convert offline shopping involvement into online grocery shopping experience. Several groceries, departmental stores, and supermarkets can straight away display their products and delivery services on this entirely loaded online grocery platform.
br> It gets bulk orders from the customers to improve the profit at a very low investment. The main aim of Grocer is to deliver the products and other things from your favorite store in your nearby area and make it delivered within the desired time.
br> The main aim of the grocery business is to restore the trips to local shops by importing merchants and their inventory online. On Demand services have grown to a great height in recent years to offer people with what they need, and the service is offered within the desired time.
br> With the online grocery delivery service, one can order through the smartphone mobile application and get all things delivered to the customer’s doorstep. It primarily connects consumers with local grocery dealers. Users can purchase the products on the application and order from the local store in their area listed in the grocery store, with ease of delivery.

About Grofers like App - Uber for Grocery

Grofers is a cloned application script for enterprise models such as the Bigbasket, Instacart and several applications like the same. An extraordinary online shopping experience makes the customer feel good about the smartphone application. This, in turn, increases the profit of the enterprise and also gives satisfaction to the customers and business owners.
Grofers clone App is the best solution for someone to begin services like Grofers. The service even offers Web Application, Android App and iOS App with the help of source code so that you focus on enterprise and leave the technology to us. Using Grofers clone Script, customers can pick from a wide list of categories and products from the nearby stores at the satisfaction of their home.

Features of Grofers:

Grofers offer several features to make more customers in easily accessing the application. The advanced search options help the customer in all their needs. Some of the features are being listed here.

  • Signing into the application is much easy.
  • Advanced search and filter options make the user more convenient in accessing the products.
  • Supports multiple vendors.
  • Payment can be done in several ways.
  • Manage orders and promotes delivery of service to the customers.
  • The customer can customize their profile in their desired ways.
  • It has unlimited categories with a lot of specification listed in 3-level sequence.
  • The coupon code is available for the user who likes to purchase more items.
  • Users who are new to Grofers can go through the review and then they can make a purchase.
  • Selling history is made available to the customer so that they can re-order the products when they wish to buy it.
  • Whenever the customer opens their Grocery application, advertisements are displayed at the top front of the app to know about the trending features.
  • Custom terms and privacy policy.
Are you on the lookout for the best Website cloned Scripts?

By seeing the growth of other online grocery stores like Bigbasket, Grofers, etc a lot of business person have an idea to start a business. We help those people with our cloned script application in enhancing their business to attain a great height with our cloned scripts. We provide a lot of cloned script application which is made available on hand for delivery anytime and anywhere. This, in turn, makes the business career higher and reaches you to a great height.
We offer the best website scripts at our end which is readily accessible to the business persons. We are not only involved in providing cloned application script but well versed in providing designing and customization.
One such cloned application script is the FoodGo which is fully engaged in providing grocery products.

On Demand grocery delivery - Supermarket Script

We provide personalisation of Multivendor Grocery Store like websites growth at an approximate price. We even take care of the quality of website which is likely from your end. We establish and deliver websites that are modified exactly as per your needs.
We examine your needs intensely and understand the enterprise, needs to document the outlook of the project. We have devoted and experienced website developers who can carry out the website as per the business needs.

Features of Multi Vendor grocery delivery script

FoodGo is a cloned script application that helps the desired customers to shop grocery products from their home.
The features are being listed below: Customers can straight away shop with comfort through their downloaded FoodGo mobile application. All the website features get close by to operate in the hand held devices.

Push up notifications
Whenever the customer order through the FoodGo using the mobile application, they are made familiar with the orders, invoice, delivery status and push up notifications.
Handy notification email templates can be accessed for various website actions such as payment and invoices. Just sum up the required mail ids, and handily send it with a single click.

Multiple language capabilities with enhanced payment options
The application can be accessed with the help of several languages and people can make payments using local currency, cash on delivery, credit/debit cards and also through online payment options.

Unlimited stores with multiple products
Users can set up multiple stores with the help of online Grocery shopping cart software. Our platform well-established design, service, categories and navigation with High definition images bring the store products to prosper well.

GPS location sharing
The online delivery is achieved at the desired time with the help of GPS real time tracking location feature. The customer picks up the location from where they need to buy grocery products and the delivery boy delivers the product to the selected customer

Manages Commission
Admin can set a commission percentage for each retailer. For every favorable transaction from customers to the retailers during a purchase of a product, they will receive a commission fee.

Social sharing service and ratings
Customer who makes use of the service gives genuine feedback about the grocery service which they use. This makes another customer to get a clear view of the product which they are going to use. This makes more customers to get a detailed view about our product.

Coupon codes
A lot of people love to buy bulk products and for them, this is a great chance. Coupon codes are available to the customer with which they can buy seasonal purchase.

The customer can be a vendor
Any user who registers on our website can probably become a customer. A dealer gets registered once the admin verifies it. Customers and retailers have their individual profile with the entire list of products on their own pages.

Easy Checkout
As soon as the customer completes checkout and payment options, the invoice is sent to the desired customer’s email id. The same order particulars will be sent to store retailer certainly to make necessary arrangements for the delivery of products and renovate the order status in real-time.

User customisation
User and buyer can handle their own record of works in a limited dashboard by maintaining the activities which are related to shopping, delivery of the products feedbacks, payments and so on. One can handle various type of product in your website by listing them with respect to the defined types.

Delivery of product
The user can effectively manage and operate the selected places and the entire details about it. With reference to that, the customer gets push up notification about instant delivery service. It follows Local Delivery to reduce the waiting time of the customers and to ensure that order gets delivered on time.

Settings management
You can make your Grocery website active with all the essential setting details like site name, email address, contact details, logos, social sites, urls and a lot more.

The customer can manage the record of website activities such as transactions, products, delivery and the profit of grocery store in a brief manner.
With these features, you can launch your own Grocery like App in various cities and make more customers everywhere.
With these features, you can launch your own Grocery like App in various cities and make more customers everywhere.
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