UberEATS Clone - Features

UberEats Clone is a fully customizable On-demand food delivery app developed with real-time delivery tracking & an intelligent routing module. The main advantage of using our food ordering application is that it will help the admin track orders & manage customers more effectively. It will help the restaurants organize the deliveries efficiently and focus on scaling up their business.

Schedule Food Order

Users can instantly place an order or schedule the order at a particular time. The app will automatically process the order at the scheduled time.

Add/Edit/Delete Address Details

After placing the order, the app will direct the users to the address section. There the users have to fill in their complete address details with their nearest landmark.

User-friendly Ordering System

Using the Dinedoo app, ordering the food from a nearby or favorite restaurant is just a click away. Users can take their phone, place the order, and get doorstep delivery in a few minutes.

Browse through Restaurants

Users can browse through the nearby restaurants easily using the app. They can search for restaurants based on the name or the type of cuisine they want to try.

Hassle-free ordering

Once the user finds the restaurant on the app, he/she can place the order directly. They need to select their favorite food, choose the required quantity, and make the payment to complete the order.

Track Your order Online

Users can check the status of the order instantly in the app. They can also track the delivery partner in real-time with an inbuilt GPS.

Advanced Features

Our web and mobile applications come with fresh and modern features

Login Using Social Media

Our app allows the users to log in to the application quickly using their social media accounts. Users can also create an account using their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Alerts & Notifications

The app sends notifications to the customers and delivery partners in real-time. It sends alerts for every new order, order pickup, and delivery.

Mark as Favorites

Users can go through the list of restaurants and cuisines and mark their favorite restaurants/cuisines to return to them later.

Easy Search Option

Users can search for a particular restaurant or cuisine using the in-built search option in the app. It helps the users to find the restaurant/cuisine quickly and save their time.

Manage Profile

Users can log in to the app and add/edit/delete the information in their profile. They can also upload photos and make color changes to their profile.

Advanced Filter Option

Users can filter the restaurants based on the cuisine type, distance, ratings, and price value. They can also apply multiple filters to find their favorite restaurants quickly.

How It Works?

Food Ordering in Four Easy Steps

ubereats clone

How It Works

Easy steps to get your


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category


Add menus into cart, checkout and pay (online)


System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Driver, once accepted will move to restaurant. Meantime, restaurant will prepare & pack the order


Driver arrived and picked up your order


Driver delivered order at your location


Ratings and reviews




5 Ways to Make More Money using an UberEats Clone app

Commission from Restaurants

Every time a restaurant fulfills an order via the Dinedoo application, you get to fill your pocket. The amount varies depending on several factors, including the market condition.

You can change the commission percentage from the backend. Generally, the food delivery companies charge somewhere between 15 and 40 percent of the total food order. For example, a restaurant delivered orders worth $6,000 (pre-tax amount) in a week. As a commission, you get to earn between $900 and $2,400 from that partner.

Special Offers

Promotions and special offers help you earn a considerable amount apart from the regular fee. As you get eateries and food chains on board, some become willing to sign special contracts with you. As per the contract, they get to run promotions exclusive to the Dinedoo app. While they get to grab the attention of the customers and earn more, you too benefit.

Depending on the variety of promotions, the restaurants pay you a special commission. The contract may include discount codes, advertisements by the application, and more. You can use Dinedoo to make social posts and e-Mail marketing to promote restaurants.

Delivery Charge

Dinedoo ensures that whenever a third party benefits from the app, you get a share. It charges a service fee from the delivery agents every time they hand over an order to the customers.

However, the amount is much less than what the driver gets to earn from the application. Also, it is higher than the delivery fee paid by the customers. Note that this is not a fixed fee. Hence, your earning also varies.

The delivery fee depends on several factors. Distance traveled, waiting time, and the time required is a few of them.

The amount depends on the expected travel time and waiting time at the restaurant

Dynamic Pricing

Dinedoo application allows you to introduce dynamic pricing. Also known as surge pricing, it helps you tap every opportunity. For example, during festival time, rainy season, and high demand time, you can increase the fee. The surge fee depends on two factors:

  • a) The number of orders
  • b) The delivery agent’s availability in an area

It gets added to the delivery fee and can be 1.5X or 3X of the delivery fee. Delivery agents get notifications whenever surge pricing gets applied to a certain area. As they benefit, you make some quick buck for helping customers get food in challenging times.

Customer Fee

Usually, customers pay three types of fees for using the Dinedoo application. It includes the service fee, delivery fee, and small order fees.

  • You can apply a service fee on the total amount of the food ordered.
  • The delivery fee depends on how far the restaurant is, drivers available, and surge hours.
  • Small order fees refer to the fee customers pay if the order is less than the standard amount.

You can also charge a cancellation fee from the UberEats clone to discourage waste of food and time.

Real-time Statistics

The best part of our app is that it offers real-time statistics on almost every aspect.

You can check your listings status or cash received all at the touch of a button. It gives you a lot of flexibility and scope to change your listings as you see fit. And because data is sent across instantly, it prevents errors or confusion.

It makes your vacation rental venture a lot more secure. We also have the strongest security protocol running for the app. It prevents unauthorized access from other parties.

Why Should You Buy Our UberEats Clone Over Developing Your own?

Easy to launch

Having our UberEats clone will help you launch your business without any fuss. On the other hand, if you prepare your website from scratch, the entire headache is yours. You need to research, plan, strategize, and take care of everything in between. From a customized dashboard for you to the filters customers prefer, you will get all of them in the clone app.


Developing a website can cost an arm and a leg. If you are a startup, this can increase your budget by many folds. After all, a good developer does not come cheap. Ditch the cost by buying our UberEats clone. It will help you create your website and promote your brand name at a lesser amount.

Saves time

Not only money but our UberEats clone also helps you save time. Creating a website is no child’s play. Several errors can crop up, and even after solving them, the site can fall short of your expectation.

An utter disappointment and a complete waste of time and effort! Our clone helps you avoid such a situation. Being readymade, you will hardly find any errors.

Technical support

When you start a business using our UberEats clone, you get access to full-time technical aid. Our technical team is always there to guide you. Be it regular updates or unexpected glitches; experts are here to save your day. Your platform will be up and running always. Apart from this, if you have any queries, we are here to help you.

More room for customization

You can modify the scripts of the UberEats clone app as per your needs and preferences. You get to delete, add or alter features to the software. As a result, even using a readymade clone app, you get to stand out from the crowd. It is one of the USPs of our clone application.

Readymade features

With a readymade, clone application comes readymade features. Apart from the basic ones, you get features exclusive to our clone. Some of them are review system, order tracking, and notifications. We have planned all these features keeping the convenience of doing business in mind.


Our high-quality scripts allow you to scale up your business easily. You can adjust the script as per the increasing needs of your business. It is one of the plus points of the UberEats clone application.


Trends and technologies are constantly changing. We know that if we do not keep ourselves updated, your competitors will beat you. That is why we always remain future-ready. Our technical team is always aware of the latest developments. Its members help you adapt to every change. This way, you never go out of the game, and success never ditches you.

Replicating Business Success for New Markets Using UberEats Clone

  • Ten years ago, when Uber launched its cab services, UberEats was not even in the picture. Now, Ubereats is turning into a Billion dollar business. It is one of the most successful ventures of Uber, mostly in the US and Australia.

  • When Uber launched its food delivery services, the company was not new to people. It already had a name for its trustworthy vehicle services. So, UberEats appeared as an extended service of the company. Now uber has gone one step further to Integrate Ubereats into uber.

  • People found it a safe option, devoid of apprehensions. Also, UberEats did not have to create a new market; it had to penetrate an existing one. It did not have to face the challenge of convincing restaurants to be a part of the game. These factors went in the company’s favor.

  • With more people relying on on-demand food delivery, you can get a chance to strengthen the hold. With prompt delivery and easy to use app interface, you can make the journey even smoother. You can quickly expand your customer base. You can also taste success like UberEats with the help of our clone application.

  • UberEats clone brings you almost all the features of UberEats. Apart from this, you can customize the application to give it a personal touch. Let us check out what factors would help you replicate the same success.

Always Updated

Our Dinedoo app comes with all the new features. Be it tipping the driver or rating the services; customers get every option. As its user interface is similar to UberEats, people find it familiar and friendly. Apart from this, we always make a point to keep the app updated. This way, anything related to the app’s development is not your concern. It leaves you with more time to focus on other sections of your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our Dinedoo app implements a similar AI like UberEats to learn about your customers. The clone studies their behaviors to provide them with a better experience. It also maintains a large amount of data to nail your target market. It helps you know the cuisine popular among customers and which restaurants to rope in. Users can run this app on both Android and iOS platforms.

Easy Mechanism

With just a click, users can confirm their pick up in the Dinedoo app. Besides, they can track the order and get access to updated order status. Once the order gets ready, delivery agents get notifications about the same. As soon as one of them accepts the request, the Dinedoo app shares its information with users.

Easy to Place-order

Apart from this, placing an order is super easy with this Dinedoo app. When a customer clicks on a restaurant, they find the food items properly categorized. Each category may also have several sub-sections to aid them. It does not matter how many items are there; searching for one’s favorite item is never difficult.

All these factors will help you to establish your own business successfully.

Why Is It a Good Time to Invest In an UberEats Clone?

Rising Demand

The demand for UberEats-like apps is increasing every day. Even when people remain indoors, their taste buds keep desiring delicious food. Make use of this opportunity to gain traction. If you launch an app in your brand name now, you will have the edge over your competitors in the next few months. Read More: Post-Pandemic Changes in the On-demand Food Delivery Platform

Less Competition

Several other reasons make this time beneficial for your new business. Now, competition is not at its peak. Many restaurants are finding it difficult to serve their customers. True, there are existing food delivery apps. However, the current scenario has made it miserable for every business to survive. Many people have lost their jobs, and many restaurants had suffered from losses.

Businesses Resuming Operations

With time, businesses are resuming their services. Gradually, people are getting used to the ‘new normal.’ They are taking baby steps to adjust to the new set of dos and don’ts. Also, the number of restrictions is reducing. It is the correct time for you to invest in the Food delivery business.

Easy to Hire People

Once you launch the app, you need delivery agents. With haunting joblessness people, finding agents is not going to be a challenge. By implementing the safety measures, you can hire them at a competitive rate. Similar is the case with the restaurants. Doing minimum business for months, they will welcome this opportunity to make money. You can even strike a good deal while agreeing to promote them. All these efforts will make your app up and running in no time.

Easy to Promote

Offer discount coupons and exciting exclusive deals that are hard to ignore. Your customer base will soon skyrocket. Besides, our developers keep on adding new features to the app. They track the latest technological development and make adjustments whenever necessary. Our main idea is to promote the ease of doing business. Hence, the app will always remain a delight to use. Also, there is a section of people who love trying new things.

Easy to Expand to New Locations

Once you impress them, the word will spread, and more people will download the app. It will also help you expand your reach to new locations and get more restaurants on board. You will have the resources essential to weave a success story – customers, restaurants, and delivery agents. With people already satisfied with your brand, the most challenging part is over. Now, you will only have to work to retain your position in the market.

Get in touch with us to check our Dinedoo demo application. Its easy-to-use features will soon strike a chord with the people. It will help you to build a business like UberEats in a short time.

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