UberEATS Clone - Highlighting Features

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Schedule Order

Users will be able to place an order and schedule a fixed time for it to be delivered as well.

Where to deliver?

The UberEATS Clone user after placing the order and entering the required information and then the user can enter the address where the food needs to be delivered.

A Click Away

Ordering foods from restaurants nearby is just a click away, the user can grab their phone and place the order and their food will be on its way.

Browse through Restaurants

The user can go on to the app and start searching for the restaurants or cuisines which they want to give it a try, Everything is up for you at their convenience.


Once the user has found the restaurant on the app and the meal for the day, they can simply place the order for it and all the information related to order is made available for on the app.


If a user has a scheduled order and they are waiting for it to be delivered then, in that case, they can check on the status of the delivered to be made by tracking with the help of the inbuilt GPS on their device.

Advanced Features

Our web and mobile application has some advanced features compare to our competitors.

Login Using Social Media

The user can log into the service to place the orders for the food by entering the information in the required fields of the signup form and sign up for the service. And they have the option to use social media credentials to log into the app as well.


There are notification of the order placed by the user, the pickup and the estimated time to be delivered and everything related to the order is notified to the customer through the notifications.


When a particular user is going to through the restaurants and the cuisines they can mark it as their favorite and it will be stored under the favorites option for the user’s reference in the future.


This is an easy and simple option for the users if they are searching for a specific restaurant or a cuisine. The search results will show up the thing which you have been searching for which will help you to place the order easily and save more time.

Manage Profile

User will have a profile with their information and if in case they want to make any changes to it, they can edit the information from UberEats like App or web whenever they feel like.

Advanced Filter Option

The users can filter the order list based on the cuisine type, distance and price value in UberEATS Clone Script.

How It Works

Easy steps to get your

How It Works

Easy steps to get your


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category


Add menus into cart, checkout and pay (online)


System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Driver, once accepted will move to restaurant. Meantime, restaurant will prepare & pack the order


Driver arrived and picked up your order


Driver delivered order at your location


Ratings and reviews



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UberEats Clone - Dinedoo
In the olden days, the folks use the mobile apps as a simple tool to find the nearest location and to take a view of the menu. But at the present, the mobile apps play an important role in the restaurant businesses. They also lay the foundation in the food industry. Day by day the users are increasingly concerned about the mobile apps. The restaurants also started to utilize the mobile technology with the ordering and payment apps to increase the business and consumer.
On the other side of the coin, a few popular food apps literally failed to impress the folks because of the complex features. In order to build a successful food app, the following ways should be followed. It is the most important one to engage with the customers and also increase the loyalty by bringing the customized features into the food mobile app. This will automatically increase the folks to order the cuisine online from the mobile phones; in turn, the business will have increased profits using our Food App.
Push messages helps to increase the customers
In order to grasp the consumer’s attention, push notification is the only choice because already there will be food apps installed on their Smartphones. When a person plans to build the mobile app for the business using Dinedoo Script. It is better to make a confirmation with the powerful notification so that the users will come to know about the special offers, discounts etc without the need of opening the app. It is also popularly known to be attention to grab messages that keep on increasing the customers to be engaged with the app.
Essential need to integrate with the various Platforms
The main aim should be to get a good fame among the folks through the Smartphones. On Demand Food Delivery App should be accessible to the several platforms such as App Store and Google Play. If there are multiple entry points for your app, it will help to get a good reach among the people, which in turn will give the consumers an option to download the apps.
Integrate images, videos, and other media content
It is important to embed the videos, images and the other content in order to create the business in a profitable and successful way. Using UberEats Delivery Script, one can also have the videos if needed. But, the images of the food items are the essential one and also the images should be an attractive one. In case if it is a dictated restaurant app, then the person can have the pictures and the food menu images which will make the app lively one.
Customer Referral Program
This program is an essential one in order to attract the users. In turn, they will invite their friends, colleagues, and relatives to get the bonus point through the referral program.
Loyalty Coupon Program for App
For any startup business or in a well grown up business, the customers are everything. So it is the foremost duty to treat the loyal customers and make the consumers free special. This program eventually will increase the transactions and increases the consumer engagement.
What is UberEats?
The UberEats is a famous food delivery platform which is owned by the gigantic Uber. The main objective of Uber is promoting the menu through its app, website and several channels. When the confirmation message is received for the order, a delivery partner will be sent to pick it up and also to deliver it fast. The real fact is that it is a separate iOS and Android app. It is compatible with the both Android and iOS applications.
How UberEats works?
The most amazing thing is that UberEats has a huge list of restaurants to choose from. When a user opens the app, he/she can search for a particular restaurant or food. When they like any of the food items, the user adds it to the cart. At the time of check out, one can see the address, an estimated delivery time and the cost of the order including tax and booking fee. After placing the entire order then just click on the Place order option and there is no necessity of having any cash. One can also track the order in the app. At first, you will get the confirmation message from the restaurant and then a nearby Uber partner in car or bike will go to the restaurant to pick it up. Then that person will ride to reach you and can be able to see their name, photo and track the progress on the map.
Several advantages working with Dinedoo Food App
When a person works with UberEats, he/she can get the food in front of several Uber riders in the city delivering at Uber speed. This gigantic Dinedoo script helps to grow the business in the following ways. One can deliver around the running time and they can also accept the more orders, top restaurants can earn on average of over six thousand and four hundred dollars per month.
There is a list of delivery partners, who deliver the food to the customers in a quicker way using Dinedoo App. In an overall average, the partner drivers deliver within fifteen minutes from the source to destination. Their major target is to improve the operations and promote the business to the wider audience.
Two different varieties of Dinedoo App
The first one is the Full restaurant delivery service which is an on demand delivery from restaurants. The consumers can choose any menu item, from a restaurant and the driver picks up the food at the restaurant and brings the food to the delivery address. The second one is the UberEats Instant Delivery, where the driver picks up the pre-prepared from the distribution organizations and stores them in a bag. The shifts will be scheduled in advance and the service hours are eventually limited to the lunch and the dinner time hours. The consumers order from the available menu.
UberEats Delivery Requests
The requests for the UberEats are similar to that of the regular Uber requests functions. When the requests arrive and there will be about thirty seconds to accept the requests. While the request is accepted; they can track the customer’s location. An automated text message will be received describing all the order details. There is no any need to go back to the distribution site in the middle of an order or a product item that is not included. The order details will not be seen inside the app while the other delivery apps have this feature.
Interested to launch a new unit in this field?
If you wish to start a new business unit similar to that of UberEats, then no need to wait, just give the first step in and we are here to guide you throughout the process. Dinedoo offers you a clone script of UberEats through which you can start your own food delivery service and you have your list of own choices as well. Our Dinedoo script is full of interesting features which you can use it on your website also. Here is a list of attractive features where you can take the right decision.
The registration step is the most needed one and the user after downloading the application, the registering process can be done in a successful manner. While the registration process is completed, the ongoing order request is also available for the consumer’s convenience with Dinedoo Application.
Here, the new orders can be sent to the restaurant. Once the restaurant confirms the order, the order will be in the current process and the nearby driver will be assigned automatically. Once the order is ready, the driver reaches the restaurant and picked up the ordered food items within Dinedoo script.
Then the orders will be delivered by the driver without any delay. The orders will also be denied by the restaurant if the particular food item is not available. There will be particular orders which will be canceled by the users also. Some orders that can be manually canceled by the admin by entering the order id.
Coupon Code
The Admin can create a new coupon code and he/she can edit, update or delete the coupon codes.
Set business/operating hours
Only a few restaurants will operate for about twenty-four hours. The other restaurants will have only specific working hours. And Hence, the options of both online and offline will be available. So the customers can come to know the restaurants which are in online and offline from Dinedoo App Script.
Option to accept/decline the order
If a person places the food items, if it is available then the specific authority can accept the order and if it is not available the order will be declined.
Track the order Status with Driver Details
The customer can track the status after the completion of the order and the driver details can also track with the photo. The location and also can be tracked with the help of the maps.
Cancellation Reason
The customer can also cancel the order by just giving the statement in the cancellation column. Then the admin views the cancellation reason.

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