UberEATS Clone - Alluring Features

UberEats Clone is a fully customizable On-demand food delivery app that comes with Real-time delivery tracking & Intelligent Routing. The main advantage of using our UberEATs clone as a food ordering application is that it will help the admin to track orders & manage customers more effectively. It will help the restaurants to organize the deliveries efficiently so that they can focus on scaling up their business.

Schedule Order

Users can place an order instantly, or they can also schedule the order to a fixed time for it to get delivered automatically.

Where to deliver?

Users, after placing the order in UberEATS Clone and entering the required information they need to enter the address details where they want the food to get delivered.

A Click Away

Ordering foods from nearby restaurants is just a click away. Users can grab their phone and place the order to get doorstep delivery.

Browse through Restaurants

Users can easily browse through restaurants with ease. They can start searching for the restaurants or cuisines which they want to give it a try.


Once the user finds the restaurant on the app, he/she can place the order directly. The information related to the request is made available on the app.


If a user has scheduled order and they are waiting for it to get delivered, then they can check the status and track the delivery with the help of an inbuilt GPS.

Advanced Features

Our web and mobile applications have some advanced features when compared to our competitors.

Login Using Social Media

Users can log in to the application using their social media accounts. Users can also create an account using social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..


A notification pops up for every update. The user will get information after placing the order, after order pickup and delivery. The app notifies everything to the customer.


When a user is going through the list of restaurants and cuisines, they can mark it as their favorite. It gets stored in the favorites list, and the user can use it for future reference.


It is an easy and straightforward option for the users if they are searching for a specific restaurant or cuisine. The search results will show up the restaurant/cuisine that the user is searching for, and It will help you the user to place the order quickly.

Manage Profile

Every login has a separate user profile, and if the user wants to edit the information, they can add/edit/delete within the application itself.

Advanced Filter Option

Users can filter the order list based on the cuisine type, distance, and price value in the Script.

How It Works

Easy steps to get your

ubereats clone

How It Works

Easy steps to get your


Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category


Add menus into cart, checkout and pay (online)


System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Driver, once accepted will move to restaurant. Meantime, restaurant will prepare & pack the order


Driver arrived and picked up your order


Driver delivered order at your location


Ratings and reviews





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How Dinedoo Evolved?

In the olden days, people used mobile apps as a simple tool to find the nearest location to check the menu. But now, mobile apps play an indispensable role in restaurant businesses. They also lay the foundation within the food industry. Now uber has gone one step further to Integrate Ubereats into uber.
Day by day, the users are increasingly concerned about mobile apps. The restaurants also started to utilize mobile technology with the ordering and payment apps to increase their business.

Ubereats is turning into a Billion dollar business. Follow these things to build a successful on-demand food delivery business. It is most important to engage with the customers and also increase loyalty by bringing the customized features into the food delivery application. If you choose the elite food delivery app, it will automatically increase the number of online orders from mobile phones; in turn, the business will have increased profits using the Food ordering application.

Push messages help to increase customers.

To grasp the consumer’s attention, push notification is the only choice. When a person plans to build the mobile app for business using Dinedoo Script, It is better to make a confirmation with the robust notification so that the users will come to know about the special offers, discounts, etc..

Essential need to integrate with the various Platforms

On-Demand Food Delivery App should be accessible to several platforms such as the App Store and Google Play. If there are multiple entry points for your app, Food delivery business will get enlarged, and it will help to get a good reach among the people, which in turn will give the consumers an option to download the apps.

Integrate images, videos, and other media content

It is essential to embed the videos, images, and other materials to create the business profitably and successfully. Using UberEats Delivery Script, one can also have the videos integrated into it.

Several advantages working with Dinedoo Food App

Dinedoo script helps to grow the food delivery business as the importance of online food ordering apps is increasing day by day. Top restaurants can earn an average of over six thousand and four hundred dollars per month.
There is a list of delivery partners, who deliver the food to the customers in a quicker way using the Dinedoo App. On average, the partner drivers deliver within fifteen minutes from the source to the destination. Their primary target is to improve the operations and promote the business to the broader audience.

UberEats Delivery Requests

When a request arrives, they will have thirty seconds to accept the invitation. When the offer is accepted, they can track the customer’s location. An automated text message will be received, detailing complete order details.


The registration step is the primary step after downloading the application. After the successful registration process, the delivery partner will start getting a new order request from the restaurant.


New orders are sent automatically to the restaurant. Once the restaurant confirms the booking, the order will be in the queue, and the nearby driver will be assigned automatically. Once the order is ready, the driver will reach the restaurant and pick up the ordered food.

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Then the order will be delivered by the driver. The restaurant can also deny the requests if the particular food item is not available. Even users can have the option to cancel the food orders.

Coupon Code

The admin can create a new coupon code, and he/she can edit, update, or delete the coupon codes anytime.

Set business/operating hours

Only a few restaurants will operate for about twenty-four hours. The other restaurants will be open only for a specific period. So the restaurants have the option to go online/offline anytime. Every restaurant has to mention the business hours inside the dinedoo app script.

Option to accept/decline the order

If a customer places a food order, then it is entirely optional for the delivery partner to accept/decline the order request. If no one is there to take the order, then the order request will get rejected automatically.

Track the order Status with Driver Details

Customers can track the status of the order with the in-built live tracking module in the app. You can track the location of the delivery partner with the help of Google maps.

Cancellation Reason

Customers also have the option to cancel the request. They can cancel it by selecting the reason for cancellation. Try to avoid the common mistake that restaurants do in general, and beat your competitors easily using our Dinedoo application.