Foodpanda Clone - Dazzling Features

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer engagement becomes a cakewalk with the introduction of loyalty programs. When more transactions happen, your competitors will start feeling the heat.

Payment Gateways

Inbuilt payment gateways in the Foodpanda clone app help your customers to pay bills with ease.

Look Through the Restaurants

Browsing the Foodpanda Clone app becomes fun for the customers by setting filters. They can find a large gamut of cuisines and restaurants right at their fingertips!

Order History

All kinds of place, as well as canceled order information, is right in front of your eyes. All you need is a tap on the order history tab.

Track Orders

The customers can use the inbuilt GPS in their devices to track the status of their orders.

Fee Management Panel

Advanced commission management module lets the admin breathe easy. Track the pending payments of drivers and restaurants with ease.

Application wise Features

Sign Up

Customers can access the service by logging into their social media accounts. Filling up the signup form is also an option.

Advanced Search

The advanced filter module is fast and precise. It narrows down your search to your favorite restaurant in a jiffy.

Secure Payment [Verified by Visa]

Our payment channel routes all customer payments on the website through a secure payment gateway.

Referral Programs

The customers get to make quick bucks through the referral program. They can share the unique referral code they get on their app with their friends to make referral income.

Special Instructions

The users can customize orders and set instructions for the restaurants. It can be sugarless, without ice or with less salt, etc. Using the app, you can ensure that your customers get what they desired.

Add to cart

This option helps you add your chosen items to the cart and moves you to the checkout page. You can add an unlimited number of food items to the cart.

How It Works?

Customers find their favorite restaurants based on the cuisine they like.

They add their favorite food and add special instructions, if any. Then they make their payment online in the app.

The system auto dispatches the order to the appropriate restaurant. Also, it sends the request to the nearby delivery partners.

A driver will accept the order and move to that particular restaurant. Meanwhile, the restaurant will start preparing your order.

The driver arrives at the restaurant and picks your order. The driver then uses the in-app navigation to reach the customer's location.

After delivering the food, both driver and customer can rate each other.


5 Ways to Make an Income With Our Foodpanda Clone

Registration fee

With the craze for online food orders rising, finding restaurants is a breeze. For many restaurants, their maximum revenue comes through online apps. As you sign such restaurants, they register with you and become your partner. At that time, they pay you a one-time fee for uploading their food list to your app. Foodpanda usually charges a registration fee between $100 to $150. You can also follow the same.


Restaurants pay a commission for every food order they get via an online app. However, many factors influence the price, like its location, number of orders, and the like. Usually, the amount varies between 15 percent and 25 percent of the order amount. The cost remains inclusive of tax. You can change the commission percentage from the backend.


Many restaurants would like to advertise their special dishes on your clone app. Grab this opportunity and encourage more restaurants to advertise. By acting as a marketing platform, you help them gain visibility. In return, they pay an amount to you for helping them promote their brand.

Delivery charges

For placing an order and getting the food delivered by using your app, customers would pay you. This delivery charge varies with the distance between restaurants and the customers’ location.

Additional income

You get to earn more by making payment suggestions to your customers. For example, you suggest that customers make payments using a particular bank’s credit card. In return, the bank would pay you a commission for promoting it. Besides, banks offer discounts on their debit and credit cards to lure customers. It would also help you to earn more.

5 Benefits Of Ready-made Foodpanda Clone to Food Delivery Businesses

You save time and money

Developing your app is more costly than procuring the Foodpanda clone app. Also, it is time-consuming. When you use a pre-developed app, saving both time and money happens naturally. Besides, this clone app comes with all the basic features of Foodpanda. You need to install the clone script on your server to enjoy all the benefits.

In case you were building an app, you would have to devote time to plan and research. You also would have to conduct meetings with the app developer. Apart from this, the developer would charge you a hefty amount for creating the app. Not to forget, customizing the app would again be costly. You get to ditch this entire complex process by using the clone app. Your website will be up and running in no time.

Customization and scalability

You can customize the Foodpanda clone app as per the needs of your business. For example, you can incorporate your brand logo, decide how you want to split the bill, and more. The scope of customization is one of the many attractive features of our app. Apart from this, our Foodpanda clone app is scalable. As your business grows, you can incorporate more changes. The clone app is perfectly compatible with high-end technologies. You will not face any technical glitch. Also, there will be not much requirement for an upgrade.

Tried and tested

Since the app follows the business model of Foodpanda, you do not have to worry about failing. The clone developers have used proven technology to build it. It allows you to check the technology’s track record. You also get access to all popular features from order tracking to an easy payment facility. Another advantage is that the developer’s pre-test the app before launching it. Hence, you will not have to deal with any bug.

Technical support

When you get the clone script from a popular brand, you get a technical support team. So, none of the technical work is your headache. Be it the regular update or upgrading any feature, the team will take care of it. The developer is also aware of the problems you may face and thus gives you quick solutions. Apart from this, you will get guidance and online help to use the app. It will make you aware of the app’s functionality and save you a lot of time.


The clone app is easy to use for both the customers and the business owners. Apart from this, customization and updates make the app all the more user-centric. You will not face any first-time problems. As the developer retains all the features of Foodpanda, people will also find it familiar. All these factors would contribute to the success of your business. You can use the time and money saved here on other aspects of your business. Besides, constant support will help you overcome any technical hindrance.

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5 Ways to Make an Income With Our Foodpanda Clone

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