Renters - Airbnb Clone - Key Features

Airbnb clone software Airbnb clone software

Watermark Features

This module will add Watermark on all images uploaded into the rental script automatically.

Airbnb clone software Airbnb clone software

Amazon Server

Setting up our script in cloud servers like Google and Amazon cloud servers are completely free of cost

Airbnb clone software Airbnb clone software

Coupon Code Module

This user-friendly module allows you to add/edit/delete coupons instantly. You can create custom coupon codes for individual products or categories.

Airbnb clone software Airbnb clone software

Special Offer for Multiple Guests

You can offer special discount packages to multiple guests using this module to attract more customers.

Airbnb clone software Airbnb clone software

Currency Converter

Our Airbnb clone software has an Integrated Currency Converter. It helps users to convert their native currency to foreign currency and vice versa in a single tap.

Airbnb clone software Airbnb clone software

Review & Rating

Airbnb clone is an online multi-platform rental application that helps entrepreneurs start a rental business like Airbnb instantly. Guests can review the host & rate the property after the stay.

Renter's - User App Features

Advanced Filter

Guests can use this advanced filter option to filter out properties based on price, location, amenities, and more.

Multiple Currency support

Renter’s script comes with an integrated currency module. It helps the users to convert native currency to foreign currency and vice versa.

Message Communication System between Guest & Host

Guests & hosts can quickly communicate with our advanced message communication System.


You can bookmark your favorite listing by adding it to your wishlist in Renter’s Script. You can also share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and email.

Airbnb Clone - Key Features

Why Choose Renter's?

Unlimited Property Listings

The property listings are not limited to specific numbers. You can add hundreds of thousands of listings to your site. You can also Add, Edit, and manage your listing easily.

Easy Installation

Our developers spend very less time in the installation process. It’s easy to install and quick to deploy.

Versions Over The Years

Our script is continuously evolving & we have released many versions over the years.

Responsive Design

Responsive design will increase your reach to the tablet and mobile audiences. It, in turn, will increase visitors and bookings.

Clean Code

Our well-experienced Coders developed the renter’s script like an Art.

Easy to Use

Our renter script is user-friendly and easy-to-use even for first-time users.

Seo Friendly Url's

A good URL structure is always easy to read and understandable. It also will have a high CTR. SEO friendly URL structure tend to rank at the top of search results

Responsive Design

Increase your reach to the tablet and mobile audiences to increase your bookings and revenue.

Website Backup

Online backup runs quietly in the background every few hours. You can use the data backup anytime if in case of an attack or data loss.

Easy Install Add-ons

We offer many add-on modules to our rental management application. You can select the module you like and email it to get it integrated in no time.

Secure Payment Gateways

We integrate secure payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and We can also customize any new payment gateways for our clients.

Banner Video Management

The admin can add banner videos to the website with this module. Admin can also change the banners from the admin panel dashboard.

Site Maintenance Mode

With the maintenance module’s help, users can set the date, time, and hour and allow users to subscribe even when the site is not active.

Multilingual Ready

Renter’s script is multilingual. It can adapt to different languages automatically.

Multi Currency

Viewers can change the currency as per their wish. Our site supports multiple currencies.

Backend Dashboard Features

Friendly Admin Panel

We have a user-friendly admin panel. We can also customize the site based on your needs.

Unique Dashboard

You can track the number of properties booked and the annual response rate on your dashboard. You can also read your property reviews and check the ratings from guests.

Export As Excel

Webmaster/Admin can export the list of all properties to excel using our advanced dashboard.

Banner Management

The banner management module helps in displaying banner ads. It also rotates the ads online to maximize revenue.

Message Communication System

The guest & host can easily communicate using our advanced message communication system.

Commission Management

The Admin panel has a commission management module. It allows the user to choose the type of commission they would like to assign to their users.

Accounts Management

Manage complex accounts with the script using the account management module. It is easy-to-use and user-friendly.

Customized Color Admin Panel

Users can customize the color of the admin panel as per their choice

Security Features

Trust & Verification System

Users can get a Valid Verified ID Badge, which will help them build a good reputation with the Host/Guest.

Mobile Verification System

The users will have to enter a one-time password to verify their mobile numbers. It will help the admin to keep scammers away from the system.

Email Verification System

After registration, an automatic email gets dispatched to the users. Users have to click on the email link and verify their email address.

Add-on Fees Modules

Host Service Fee

The owner receives a commission as a host service fee for every property booked. The owner can alter the commission percentage anytime.

Traveler Service Fee

Admin can make money by adding a commission amount into the Traveler service fee tab. It will be added automatically during checkout when a user tries to make a booking.

Property Listing Fee

The admin can set a fee to host to list their properties. Hosts have to pay a listing fee for all the properties.

Renters Host App Features

Special Offer

You can send exclusive offers to multiple guests using this module to attract more bookings.

Switch To Host

Guests can switch to host, and host can also switch to guest portals anytime.

List Your space

The host can list any number of their properties at no cost. Hosts can add and manage an unlimited number of listings easily.

Transaction History

The host can find a detailed summary of all the transactions done in the past. The host can also download the transaction details into a CSV file.




Operating system


CURL & Imagemagic


Version 5.4+


Version 5.0


with IPv6 Address




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How Our Airbnb Clone Will Help You To Make Quick Money?

Tapping Into A Growing Market

With all on-demand services on the rise, Airbnb type businesses are growing as well. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the market.

Airbnb is now the largest hospitality business in the world. It has displaced most of the big names in the hotel industry, including Hilton.

There are over 4 million hosts on Airbnb, and the numbers are growing as well. Every month 14,000 people are joining in. Airbnb is now worth more than $38 billion as a brand.

While there was a drop in due to the pandemic situation, things are getting back to normal. Business is back to 70% of the initial capacity. People are getting back to Airbnbs post the pandemic.

Free Listing Of Services

There are over 7 million listings all over the world on Airbnb in over 220 countries. It is truly a global business with the scope to grow even more.

People prefer Airbnbs more than popular hotel chains. And owners of places get to list their services free on Airbnb. It is a huge advantage when compared to other modes of business. And you also get a lot of preference from the public compared to hotels.

Airbnb is popular during huge events like the football World Cup in Germany. It cannot be easy to find accommodations in hotels during times like that. But people were able to find a lot of places to stay through Airbnbs.

Customized Pricing Structure

As we said before, pricing is an important part of the Airbnb business. With the Airbnb clone application, you have a lot of control over the pricing.

You can increase or decrease your pricing according to the trends in the market. And this can be done quickly and without delays - in real-time. And once you’ve changed the payment on the app, it reflects on your listings online.

It can avoid confusion and keep you on track for more business. Because everything happens instantly, there are no business delays for you. It improves revenue and gives you a better ROI.

In-depth Search Option

Today’s customer is empowered, and they know what they want. It means you need to offer them choices if they’re going to be your patrons.

Airbnb clone apps give them in-depth search processes. They can use this to find what they want. Giving customers what they want is the crux of an on-demand business.

Just working on the search can get you more customers. We have built a detailed search algorithm into our app to help you get more BnB listings.

Different Payment Options

Having an Airbnb listing is a global business. Meaning, people all over the world will have access to your listing. It means you need to be able to customize your payment options.

We can customize this app with lots of features. There are two critical areas where our apps will offer you customization.

a) One is the type of currency used. It is important because different currencies have varying values, and they can be volatile. Our vacation rental app makes sure that you get the right conversion for any currencies accepted globally.

b) The other option would be the payment gateways. We have built-in integrations with the most popular payment options like PayPal, Stripe, and SecurePay, to name a few. We can also include other gateways on request.

Real-time Statistics

The best part of our app is that it offers real-time statistics on almost every aspect.

You can check your listings status or cash received all at the touch of a button. It gives you a lot of flexibility and scope to change your listings as you see fit. And because data is sent across instantly, it prevents errors or confusion.

It makes your vacation rental venture a lot more secure. We also have the strongest security protocol running for the app. It prevents unauthorized access from other parties.

Replicating Business Success For New Markets Using Airbnb Clone

Focus On The Customer

In business, it is said that the customer is always right. In the hospitality industry, customer opinion is even more critical. And since this is an intangible experience, it is important that they feel good staying over at your place. And this is what Airbnb has been able to do over the years.

They’ve been creating positive customer experiences through innovation and experience. It is the reason why they’re a billion-dollar company today. Airbnb is a lesson on why it is important to support your customers.

Process Automation

One of the prime reasons for the success of Airbnb is its ability to automate everything through its app. From listings to updates to travel plans and cost - everything is handled by the app. An Airbnb app is the crux of the experience.

Customers can find, book, and get help on listings, which otherwise would be through human operators. It makes the whole process a lot quicker and efficient. It allows for more profitability and lowering of prices. And as we know, prices are key in this niche.

Compatibility On Various Devices

Something that you cannot overlook is compatibility.

There are a lot of different devices in the market. And customers have a varied taste in them, meaning you will find a lot of variation. It means that Airbnb clones need to make sure it looks and feels the same across different platforms. Even though this can be hard, it has to be done.

Differences from one platform to another can be disastrous for a business. And the most important component is the UI and payment gateway. They need to stay consistent on all devices as they are critical to user experience and security.

Improving Trust Levels

Trust is important for any business, but more so with the on-demand hospitality niche. Where people stay is a very personal choice, and this is where Airbnb has capitalized.

They offer a comprehensive review system on their website.

  • It lets customers learn from other people how the place was for them.
  • It lets them share their experiences and make their own choice.
  • It can improve trust levels and encourage people to try different places.
Developed From The Ground-up

If you consider the number of variables in the niche, an app has to handle a lot of information.

An app-like Airbnb needs to be developed from scratch. It can include all the customization necessary for businesses to thrive using it. But the only problem is that it would take a lot of time and money to do it.

An alternative would be to choose a pre-built app that can then be tailored to your needs. It can save you a lot of time. It also keeps you focused on core responsibilities rather than on building an app.

Tailored To Your Brand

As an app development company, we are focused on delivering what you require. It means customization options are a given with us.

We give you several options to choose from and make sure they all work well with your vision. You can be sure that all core functions will perform exceptionally well.

Is This The Right Time To Invest In The Airbnb Clone Application?

Recovering On-demand Services

Airbnb type services are getting back on track after a huge drop this year. Business is almost back to the same levels across the world.

People are getting back to traveling as the world is heading back to normalcy. It’s a great time to invest in on-demand lodging. It means you need to get a new app running as quickly as possible.

We can help you design the type of app you want. We can guarantee that it will work great for your new Airbnb business.

Minimal Investment

If you already have a place you want to let out, and Airbnb clone app is not a huge amount of investment.

At Zoplay, we have several packages that offer you great value and give you the advantage of minimal downtime during development.

Our deployment times are minimal. We can get you up and running in days as opposed to months with traditional app development methods.

Various Customization Options

As our customer, you will have access to a host of customization options. It can range from simple UI tweaks to massive functionality integration. No task is too big for us when it comes to our customers.

Secure Payment Gateway

All our apps come with the most secure payment options integrated. Payment options are an integral part of the holiday rental business.

The transactions need to be secure. It should also be capable of handling a huge number of concurrent transactions from people worldwide. But if you want something more added, we can do that for you as well.

Our Payment & SMS Gateway Partners

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