Highlighting Features

Simplified User Experience

Our Deliveroo Clone app provides you with a simplified user experience. We provide you a clone script with an easy login process, a restaurant finder, and more.

Real-time Notifications

Our app has the latest features, such as a separate tab for offers and order-related notifications. Hence, it allows users to get timely updates on their orders.

Add To Cart

Customers can add their desired product to the cart. They can give cooking instructions and customize their orders using the “special instructions” tab on the cart.

Customer Data

Our Deliveroo-like app enables app admin and restaurants to keep track of all the details on new orders, orders in processing, and delivered orders.

Continuous Support

After successful order placement, users receive all the necessary information on their registered email or text notification.

Data Analytics

Our app allows admins to observe the business data through different growth parameters. It allows admins to upgrade their business strategies.

Advanced Features

Login Options

Our Dinedoo app provides users with easy login options. Users can log into our app via their phone number, a working email id, or social media accounts hassle-free.

Easier Food Ordering Process

Online food ordering should be quick and hassle-free for customers. Our Dinedoo app allows users to search through their favorite restaurants nearby.

Order Tracking

Customers can track their orders once the assigned delivery partner is en route using the inbuilt GPS in our app.

Multiple Categories

Restaurants have categorized all the food items in their menu under entrée, main course, desserts, and beverages, respectively.

Rate and Review

Customers can rate and review a restaurant and a delivery partner based on their food quality and service, respectively.

Contact Delivery Partner

Our app also provides customers with delivery agent details, an ETA of your order, and delay notifications. Users can also chat with the delivery partner using the dashboard.

How Does It Work?

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category.

Add your favorite food items into the cart, and then proceed to checkout to pay online.

The ordering system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest drivers. The driver will accept the order and drive to the restaurant.

The driver will arrive at the restaurant to pick the order.

Both driver and the customer can rate each other and give their feedback.

The driver then drives to the user location to deliver the order.

Both driver and the customer can rate each other and give their feedback.

The driver will arrive at the restaurant to pick the order.


How to Make Money Fast by Investing in the Deliveroo Clone Application?

Delivery Charges Per Order

The easiest way to make money with our Deliveroo clone app is to charge a delivery fee. The customer who orders food from a restaurant pays this fee. The delivery fee can be a fixed price or variable, depending on the distance. Levying surge pricing during peak hours or bad weather is a great way to increase your revenue. The delivery fee charged to customers can be used to pay drivers and provide incentives such as bonuses or goodies.

Our Dinedoo app is easy to customize. You can set up the delivery charges as per your business model.

Order Commission

The primary way a food delivery app earns revenue is by tying up with local restaurants. A customer places an order for a dish on the app, and your delivery network helps deliver it on time. The restaurant, in turn, pays you a commission for every order. The percentage charge can be fixed or vary depending on several factors. These could include location, hours of delivery, or order value.

Use our clone app to modify these charges as per your business model. These options are simple to change and can be updated as and when needed.

Premium Subscription Plans

Offer subscriptions to customers to boost your revenue. Customers who use your app regularly will benefit from it. They pay a fixed amount monthly or annually.

It entails them to perks such as:

  • Free delivery
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Priority delivery during peak hours
  • Invites to special events
  • Complimentary dishes and drinks

Place regular Ads on our Deliveroo clone app to attract customers. You can promote the service on other channels such as social media or as Ads on popular local websites. The subscription model is a win-win situation for both you as well as your customers. You both gain from implementing it.

Corporate Catering Services

Small and large companies depend on caterers to meet the food supply needs of their employees. Hiring a caterer to cook and deliver at mealtimes can often be costly. You can take advantage of it by offering corporate catering services. Companies can order food in bulk at a reduced cost compared to the price per dish.

You can customize the app to allow companies to set budgets or restrict certain items. It gives them control over what they order while not exceeding a set amount each month. You can charge a flat fee per month or set a minimum order value to waiver off delivery fees.

Cloud Kitchens

Cloud kitchens are growing in popularity all over the world. The concept is simple. It is a restaurant that works on a delivery-only model. The menu is offered on an app platform like our Deliveroo clone app. The location does not matter as customers don't get to dine-in or take away from the physical place. They make money based on the quality of food and reputation alone.

You can earn well using the Dinedoo app to tie up with the best cloud kitchens in the area. Charge the cloud kitchens a fee per order as well as delivery to boost your overall income.

What to Choose? Developing Food Delivery Application vs. Ready-made Deliveroo Clone app?

Quicker Time to Market

Our ready to deploy Deliveroo-like app reduces the time to market. Your customized food delivery app can hit the app stores in days instead of months. The features are easy to modify and requires minimal programming skills. Moreover, the look and feel of the app can be changes as per your needs.

It gives you an edge over competitors who are developing an app from scratch. It keeps your app relevant and helps you gain users sooner. Our solution is out-of-the-box and enables you to start earning money in the shortest possible time.

Immense Cost Savings

Turnkey solutions like our Deliveroo app can help with big cost savings. It is an affordable alternative to building a new app. Building a new app involves costs such as design, user research, and testing. With our ready to a market solution, you bypass these cost overheads.

The app frees you from the normal development and testing costs. These costs often go beyond budget due to code and stability issues. You save on the hours spent by your staff to develop a new app. you can direct this saving in manpower towards marketing efforts for the clone app.

Tested for Security and Stability

Our clone app perfectly imitates the Deliveroo app. It inherits the same features and code base as the original app. It means that our clone app is just as stable and secure. We guarantee that our app is easy to deploy without any glitches or security concerns. We have ensured that the app has undergone several rounds of testing at each stage of development. The app is proven on the market and used by many real users. It is a testament to the build quality and bug-free code used in the app.

Easy Customization and Maintenance

Clone apps are preferred by people starting new businesses to ease with which we can customize them. Our app enables you to change any facet of it as per your needs. You can retain existing features or add new ones without difficulty. Use your company logo and brand colors to give the app a unique look and feel.

Maintaining the app after launch is a simple process. We provide a list of security and other patch updates to the app at regular intervals. It ensures that the app is always compliant with current industry standards.

Support for Issues and Scalability

We have an experienced support team to provide help with any issues with our Dinedoo app. We are reachable by email as well as phone to assist you with issues affecting your customers. We follow a strict SLA and make sure that issues are fixed as per deadlines.

Our app is built to be scalable. It can easily adapt to higher user volumes as and when your business grows. It also allows you to add more features and enhancements without affecting its overall stability.

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