Deliveroo Clone - Highlighting Features

User-Friendly Interface

The interface is designed in such a manner that it is attractive one for the customers in Deliveroo Clone App

Real-Time Notifications

Real time notifications are sent throughout the delivery cycle to keep the user, driver and restaurants updated on the delivery status.

My Cart

The user can add as many as products to the cart and once done with it, they can check out and make the payment.

Customer Track Record

The admin can keep track of all the New orders, Confirmed orders, Order picked up, Delivered orders, Cancelled orders, Denied orders of the customers.

Constant Support

The user and driver can contact each other with SMS or call once the driver accepts the delivery using Deliveroo Clone App.

Intense Analytics

With the aid of the charts and diagrams, the progress of the business can be displayed in a systematic manner and the performance growth also can be measured.

Advanced Features


The user can sign up using social media like Facebook. The login process can also be done successfully by using email ID or mobile number.

Order Food

First, explore the restaurants, browse the menus and build the order in just a few seconds and check out to make the payment with Deliveroo like Food Application.

Track Delivery

Once the user places an order for the food from a particular restaurant, they will be able to track it immediately with the inbuilt map on the app.

Rating and Reviews

The user can give their opinion about food and the service. The rating is successfully accomplished through the star system.

Multiple Categories

When it comes to restaurants there are multiple cuisines and they can be added and segregated into different categories, like starters, main course etc.

Contact Driver

The user can contact the driver to direct him if needed for navigating to the delivery location with Deliveroo Clone App.

How It Works

Easy steps to get your food

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category

Add menus into cart, checkout and pay (online)

System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Driver, once accepted will move to restaurant. Meantime, restaurant will prepare & pack the order

Driver arrived and picked up your order

Ratings and reviews

Driver delivered order at your location

Ratings and reviews

Driver arrived and picked up your order

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FoodGo - Clone of Deliveroo App

Deliveroo is the food delivery tech company, their mission to bring the World’s local restaurant food into everyone’s home or office within a short span of time. Deliveroo allows us to order food in our favourite restaurant who may not offer the delivery service. They are working with hundreds of restaurant chains and ready to deliver the food independently in the office or home. They have the fantastic team to deliver the food in the correct time. We can make the orders at the time from noon to 23.00.

How does it work?

We just simply need to enter the postcode on the homepage and they will display the restaurants that deliver us. From that list choose the restaurant and place your order by entering our address and payment details, they will get our food to the desired destination. We can see the top qualities restaurants which show by the Deliveroo in our area. This can range from the well –regarded national burger chain to a top neighbourhood restaurant, we cannot find the low- quality restaurant in Deliveroo. They search the restaurants through the location sharing on the website.

Reason on cashless payment

They keep the several factors in the mind; they accept cash payment mode let us provide the best possible experience. It creates a safe working environment the delivery women or men. But we are allowed to cash tip to the delivery. Whether we can tip or not tip, it depends on us, however, it is encouraging or motivating the drivers who deliver the food on time. We can tip via our card while placing the order or tip in cash when the driver delivers the food.

Deliveroo is a British Online food delivery company with the operation of the army of the drivers to deliver the food. Once the orders are placed through its website, the employed or self- employed bicycle, motor cycle or car courier transport of orders delivery to the customers. They allow us to place orders one day before and schedule the time when we want.

Logic on unique platform

They make them as unique in the food delivery using Deliveroo like Application. They broke down the industry as the cook; those take the orders and deliver. Within these three areas, they will play their role across all of these dimensions. In these service Deliveroo positioning them as service, they will take the orders to the restaurant, pick up the order and deliver at the door steps within time. Not only this offer to the customers, a variety of choices are there and Deliveroo controls the end- to -end experience but it opens up to the world, there are no restaurants provide service like Deliveroo’s logistic platform. They are different from the aggregators and fully integrated services.

Deliveroo’s main aim is to deliver high- quality food from the favorite local restaurant to the customer homes and offices and they do it quickly. The average delivery time take by the drivers to deliver is thirty- two minutes through the technologies and the logistic platform. These are the main reason for their unique name in the market.

Deliveroo Clone - How does it make money?

Delivery time is crucial to this complete operation. Let take an assumption that from the time a person places an order, it takes the time to the restaurant to prepare a meal, it will take twenty-two minutes before it ready for pickup and delivery. Deliveroo will need to well utilize the drivers and typically within a 2.2 km radius to arrive within twelve minutes of the pickup, which leaves the cyclist with eight minutes to serve 2.2 km radius. The average speed of the cyclist riding is 17km per hour in a heavy traffic road. They concentrate on the restaurants within an area where they can execute the plan of delivering the food and still leave enough time to serve in the well -sized area.

Income made by Deliveroo

The constituents of Deliveroo’s earnings, 2.50 pounds as the delivery charge from the users and also get commission fees from the restaurant. They charge the commission as ten percent of the order; will the average order being around thirty pounds. Therefore from the order, they generate around 5.50 pounds and within an hour Deliveroo can generate around 16.50 pounds per driver from delivering the food. From the rough estimate of Deliveroo earning we can say two hundred million dollars has been raised from the private market.

Clone scripts of Deliveroo - FoodGo App

Deliveroo is successfully run their company from 2013, according to the recent information they spread their service around twelve countries. They have the lots of features for the customer; they make the people get the food in an efficient manner. The customers and the food lovers mesmerized by their service at the peak time. So, our company Zoplay now ready to make the clone scripts for the Deliveroo for the clients who are in need of the Deliveroo like Food Delivery App.

Let see the operation and the features of the clone scripts which we are developing in the name of the product as FoodGo. It has the features similar to the Deliveroo but there are some additional functions are integrated according to the client’s requirement based on the area.

Features and functionality of FoodGo Delivery Application

To place the order through the website or the application of the user’s handheld device, the users need to register themselves to create an account. We allow the users to log in and logout, once they create the account. It asks for the postcode to view the list of the restaurants in a particular area. It searches the restaurant in the location based on the users. The user gets the lists of the varieties of the restaurant in there is and narrow their list in the desired manner through the certain filters. The filters like cuisine and the price range of the food. If the users wish to see the restaurants in the order of the previous customer’s ratings and the delivery time of the ordered food in the peak hours.

Rating and food categories

The ratings are based on the quality of the food of each restaurant and the affordable price for each item of the food. The menu of the restaurant will be arranged the food in the order of the food categories. Both the vegetarian and non- vegetarian restaurant will be listed and according to the choice of the user display restaurant’s menus. Every food in the restaurants is categorised in the menu details in Deliveroo like Food Delivery App.

Cart functions and handle multiple functions

Now the users have to play their role as they wished, they have the lots of option to choose the food with base packs and add-ons’ if they needed. The users are allowed to add the food to the cart, while adding the food to the cart they have the option to give some special instruction for each food. They have the space to share their idea or thought about the particular item with the previous experience or they may eager to taste the food with their friend’s advice.

There is more chance to get many orders in the same restaurant, so the cart function helps to handle the multiple items. It cleared the cart list once the customer confirms the order and proceeds to the payment. This cart function usually attaches to the cookies or query strings of the websites. In FoodGo, there is an option for the users to add one or more address to deliver the order items. It is also in the efficient manner of managing the delivery address.


In the restaurant perception, once the customers confirm the order, the new orders are sent to the restaurants. The order will be processed and the nearby drivers are automatically assigned to deliver the orders. For this, the driver reaches the restaurant and picked up the food. Sometimes there are the chances to deny the orders by the restaurant due to the lack of materials to make the food. If the users cancel the order, they have the option to tell the reason for the cancellation.

Coupon code and payment options

Special offers and the coupon code for the regular customers based on the restaurants for occasional events. FoodGo payment mode: it allows the user to pay either in the Paypal or credit card. These apps are integrated with the map by using this map track the orders with the live tracking facility.

Maintain the favourite list and invite links

FoodGo has the option for the admin to contact the drivers to execute the plan of delivering the product in the correct time. Once the customers get the food, they era free to rate the service in the app. The customer’s order histories are maintained in their app. It helps them to order the previously tasted food instead of searching the restaurant and also prevent the wasting of time. Once the users add restaurants in the favourite list, it will be available in this option ever. Users can invite their friends and earn some points for the offer. The invite link will appear after the customer made orders using their accounts.

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