Highlighting Features

User-Friendly Interface

We have designed the Deliveroo Clone interface in such a way that it is utterly user-friendly for the customers

Real-Time Announcements

Real-time notifications are sent throughout the delivery cycle to keep the user, driver, and restaurants updated on the delivery status.

Add to Cart

Users can add/edit/delete the food items they want to purchase in the cart. They can check out and make payment after adding to the cart.

Customer Data

The admin can keep track of all the customer details like New orders, Confirmed orders, Delivered orders, Cancelled orders, Denied requests, etc..

Continuous Support

The Customer and the delivery partner can contact each other with an SMS or call once the delivery partner accepts the delivery using the App.

Data Analytics

With the aid of the charts and diagrams, monitor the progress of the business, and measure the performance growth.

Advanced Features

Login Process

The user can sign up using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. The login process can also be done successfully by using an email ID or mobile number.

Order Food

Explore the restaurants, browse the food, build the order in the cart, and check out to make the payment instantly.

Delivery Tracking

Once the user places an order for the food from a particular restaurant, they will be able to track it immediately with the in-built GPS.

Rate and Review

Customers can rate and review the driver and delivery partner using the star system. They can also add comments about the delivery.

Multiple Categories

When it comes to restaurants, there are various cuisines, and they can be added and segregated into different categories, like starters, main course, desserts, etc..

Contact Delivery Partner

Customers can contact the driver to help them with navigation. You can also contact them to give additional details.

How It Works

Easy steps to get your food

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category

Add food items into the cart, proceed to checkout, and pay online

The system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest drivers. The driver once accepted the request will move to the restaurant. Meantime, the restaurant will prepare the order.

Driver arrived and picked up your order

Ratings and reviews

The driver delivers the order at your location

Ratings and reviews

The driver arrives at the restaurant and picks the order.


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FoodGo is a Clone of Deliveroo App

Deliveroo is the leading food delivery company in the UK with more than $1.5B valuation. Their mission is to bring the World’s local restaurant food into everyone’s home or office in a short time. Deliveroo allows us to order food in any of our favorite restaurants, even if they don’t have any delivery partners with them. With more than 30,000 riders, deliveroo is delivering across 200+ cities across the UK, and it is still expanding aggressively. They are working with hundreds of restaurant chains and providing the food individually to the office or home quickly. They have a fantastic team to deliver the order at the right time. Customers can place orders from noon to 23.00 on all seven days of the week.

How does this On-demand food delivery platform work?

Customers need to enter their postal code on the app, which in turn will display the list of nearby restaurants that deliver to their location. From that list, Customers have to choose the restaurant and place their order by adding their address and payment details so that they will their food delivered at their doorstep. Deliveroo’s list can range from the well regarded national burger chain to a top neighborhood restaurant. Deliveroo won’t add any low-quality restaurants to the list. They display the restaurants based on location. As the giant is backing up their company by pouring in more than $575M in recent funding, Deliveroo is planning for an expansion into other countries in upcoming years.
Deliveroo is a British Online food delivery company with the operation of the army of the drivers to deliver the food. Once the orders are placed through its website, the employed or self- employed bicycle, motor cycle or car courier transport of orders delivery to the customers. They allow us to place orders one day before and schedule the time when we want.

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Unique Food Delivery platform

Zoplay added unique designs to develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo. Deliveroo positions them as service partners where they will pass the orders to the restaurant, pick up the food, and deliver it to the customer’s doorsteps in no time. It gives customers a variety of choices to choose from with Deliveroo having complete control over the process.
Deliveroo’s main aim is to deliver high- quality food from the favorite local restaurant to the customer homes and offices quickly. The average delivery time taken by the drivers is thirty-two minutes. These are the main reason for their success in the market.

How Deliveroo make money?

Delivery time is crucial for the on-demand food delivery business. ’Let’s take an assumption that It will take twenty-two minutes before it gets ready for pickup and delivery from the time a person places an order till the time it takes for the restaurant to prepare a meal. Deliveroo needs to utilize the drivers well and place them typically within a 2.2 km radius to arrive within twelve minutes for the pickup, which leaves the cyclist with eight minutes to serve a 2.2 km radius. The average speed of the cyclist riding is 17km per hour on a heavy traffic road. They concentrate on the restaurants within an area where they can execute the plan of delivering the food and still leave enough time to serve in a well-sized area.

We developed FoodGo with all the features from Deliveroo along with some additional functions based on the client’s requirements. Contact us to get an app like Deliveroo today.