Highlighting Features

Search Option

The search bar on the website is for the user to enter the details of the product which they are searching for and the search results will display the information of the product.

Offers Management

Admin can add offer for example: offer based on amount , item based offer and no delivery charges etc.


Groceries from multiple brands can be added and products can also be searched and filtered based on brands from our Supermarket Software.

My Cart

The user can add as many as products to the cart in BigBasket Clone, once done with it, they can check out and make the payment.

Bootstrap Design

Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. It is mainly made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes.

Commission Management

Our commission management system is designed to comfort transaction process of the entire system. With the commission management the Admin can easily view and track the pending for the drivers.

Advanced Features

Login / Signup

The user can sign up for the service with their social media login credentials or simply fill in the form with the required information and in no time you will be up for shopping.

Secure Payments

The users can pay through online using the secures payment gateways integrated in the platform of BigBasket Clone.


The user has the privilege to leave a feedback for the service, product received and the delivery. This will help the admin to perform better and make it even more hassle-free for the customers.

Multiple Products

The stores have many number of products under each category, where the users can surf and buy by a single click in BigBasket Clone.

Payments Option

There are different ways through which the user can make the payment, they can use their e-wallet, debit/credit card.

Track The Order

Once a user places the order, they can track the time when their order will be delivered to them, a notification will be sent to the user will all the details of the delivery.

How It Works

Easy steps to get your groceries

How It Works

Easy steps to get your groceries

Find the nearest shops based on the location and category


Add items into cart, checkout and pay (online)


System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Drivers, once accepted will move to shops. Meantime, shop will pack the order


shop arrived and picked up your order


shop delivered order at your location


Ratings and reviews



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In the present world, digitalisation employs the whole business approach; we have got a lot of choice for almost everything practiced in online, which also includes delivering of food and home based products. The food firms and restaurant industry have grown to a great extent and has taken its route online to be known by its existing customers, which opens a new path for the future customers too. Hence, they take up the chance of selling through the online website.

The technology is growing to a great extent and people nowadays are moving towards a cashless economy. Hence, in this busy world, many people are actively engaged in their work. They find less time to go shopping and another sort of work like purchasing in the super market, etc.

To make these people feel good, the concept of BigBasket Clone for Android & BigBasket Clone for iOS came into existence. It is especially helpful in delivering of food items, groceries, and other home needs.

About BigBasket App Clone

Everyone might have heard of BigBasket, India’s largest food and online grocery store which has nearly 10,000 products and over 1000 brands. The reason for its great success is that it has a number of acquired features which is good in both quality and quantity. BigBasket sells products in several types such as fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, staples, meats, personal care, home and kitchen products.

This is one of the most popular e-commerce sites for people who like to shop in a much-advanced and convenient way. It has the option of multiple shopping and multi vendor approach. Hence, the consideration is much to do shopping in a big basket. BigBasket is now operating in six cities which include Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and NCR.

Features of BigBasket Clone Script

  • Product delivery will be fast.
  • Secured payments can be done using various sources like a credit card, debit card, paytm wallet and much more.
  • Coupon Code lets the customer enjoy various dishes at reduced cost.
  • Multi Store Management lets the customer access several products with a user-friendly interface.
  • Quick Buy lets you purchase the products easily through online.
  • Real Time tracking system offers on time delivery to the customers.
  • The process is simple; Fast & Robust Billing is achieved easily.
  • Security Feature takes care of the payments done using this application.
  • The customer can easily clarify the doubt with the help of customer care service.
  • Mobile Friendly Store.
Planning for an initial start up in this field?

Considering all the features of Grocery Delivery Solution, many enterprise people like to start a website like a big basket to earn more income. For these people, we offer Big Basket like cloned scripts which have all the relevant features as that of Big Basket.

Some of the most important feature includes Quick Buy, Multi Store Management, Real Time Tracking, Payment Methods, and much more. This paves way for getting more customers and a relevant hike to the enterprise people.

Every enterprise likes to be one or some other way the same and if you like to start a website and if you are preparing to let the consumers straight away buy goods or services from a merchant over the online shopping using a web browser without any loss. So, this is a great way for all your hidden thoughts.

We have over 150 skilled developers and designers with more than 5 years of experience, who is readily available; to make the customer ideas come true and run their business to the top. Apart from that a lot of mobile application designs are offered with a user-friendly interface in Multi-vendor Grocery Script.

Build your own Green Grocery Store website that looks like BigBasket, Grofers, ZopNow, and much more with the assistance of this incredible script. Online shopping is made simple and easy with this Multi Vendor Grocery website. The user can buy from several supermarkets by using a single checkout process. The user can pick his favorite grocery store and products to purchase all the items in one step using protected purchase process.

To make your dreams come true, we offer Uber for Grocery Script application FoodGo for the online food delivery with reasonable cost.


FoodGo is a clone script application which works similarly like the Bigbasket application with some extra features. We are completely responsible for the quality of website which is expected from the enterprise side.

We modify and deliver websites that are expected as per the client requirement. We examine your requirement completely and the need to record the scope of the project. We made it possible with our hard working and experienced website developers who can able to able to do it as per the client need.

With our Online grocery delivery apps, you can able to pick up a wide range of options in each category entirely preferred to assist you to find the better quality accessible at a lower cost. All your selected items will be delivered to your doorsteps by selecting a time slot for delivery. You are having multiple modes of payments like credit, debit card, etc.

Benefits of FoodGo cloned script

Using BigBasket Script you can walk away from the struggle of grocery shopping and get an easy and comfortable way of shopping in online. It is very much easy to discover and shop for all your food and supermarket needs from the well-being of your home or office.

Now, you can no longer get perplexed in traffic jams, paying for parking, waiting in long queues and carrying huge loads to get all that you need, right at your doorstep. Food shopping online is now simple as every product on your monthly shopping list, is now available online at our website.

Features of Supermarket Script

Easy customisation:

With the help of Grocery delivery script, one can modify their own features like website development at an estimated cost.

Popup menu

Whenever the customer opens the website for the first time, they will be welcomed with a pop-up notification. This lets you choose the city where it can only offer to people from a selected locality. The popup menu is often provided with customer care information to the customer for getting back the queries.

Search option

Product research is an essential aspect of an e-commerce site. With a large number of listed products, search plays the most vital role in any online grocery store. Along with the intense auto suggest features, your site can even have the service of summing up products to the cart from search history with just a single click. This eliminates the difficulties of going to the product page. This is something exclusive and valuable adding in your cloned website.


It is essential to make sure that audience is the new concept of the online grocery store and they wanted to have a lot of queries. In an effort to help new customers, you can offer a help section will take them to FAQs and also to the customer care service.

Filter search

After picking up the grocery part, the user can be offered with a product listing page with enhanced options to filter the products with the help of user preference based on brands, deals, offers, price and special features.

Payment Options

Payment for the purchase of online products can be done in various modes such as internet banking, cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, pay and so on.

Furthermore, to create loyalty amongst the customer’s one can have a feature like virtual points which gives a reward for the customer when they make any purchase.

Mobile Application

In the modern era of mobile usage, it has become necessary for all the online websites to have an alternative mobile application. This enhances the growth of your platform and makes it essential for the users to shop on one go. This is the major reason for your investment in developing the mobile application for several platforms.

Reviews from the customer

It is a known fact that when a customer purchase product for the first time he pays great importance to reviews and quality. Having a review section not only lets the user have confidence in purchasing the product but it will increase the loyalty of the brand. One need to make sure that the customer comes to know all about the offer right from the homepage so that the website will have a good impact on revenue.

Simple Sign-up Page

The sign-up process is made easily allowing the customer to have user-friendly experience. Creating an account is short and simple where it needs only basic information such as mobile number, Email id, and password. You can add the product delivery details at a later stage. An option to register the account through a social network is welcomed.

New products

An e-commerce website is appreciated if it has the continuous process of discovering new products. To make sure that the customers are well informed about the new products, you can have “new product” section. This displays the entire new products which are available in the market.

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