Highlighting Features

Search Option

Customers can search for the products easily using the integrated search option. People can enter the starting letters of the products to get complete product details.

Offers Management

Admin can add promo codes to the backend admin panel to give promotional offers to customers. It will depend on the amount they have purchased or item-based offers or discounts on delivery charges.


Owners can add products from a variety of labels. Products can also be searched and filtered based on brands from our Supermarket Software.

My Cart

Users can add as many products as they want to the cart. After adding it to the cart, they can then checkout and make the payment.

Bootstrap Design

Our website is fully mobile-friendly, and that makes it easy for customers to use the site in all mobile and tablet devices.

Commission Management

Our commission management system is designed to comfort the transaction process of the entire system. With this, the admin can easily view and track the pending payouts for delivery partners.

Big Basket Clone - Features

Login / Signup

Users can sign up for the service with their social media accounts. They can also use their phone number and email id to sign up for an account.

Secure Payments

The users can make payment using the secure payment gateway integrated into the platform.


Users can leave feedback about the delivery, product received, and overall experience. It will help the business owner to perform better and improve the service.

Multiple Products

The stores can have various products under each category. Users can surf and purchase the products in a single click.

Online Payment Solutions

There are different ways through which the user can make the payment. They can use their e-wallet, debit/credit card, or PayPal to complete the payment.

Track Order Status

Once a user places the order, they can track the order in real-time. A notification gets dispatched to the customers with all the details of the delivery executive.

How It Works?

Easy steps to get your groceries

How It Works

Easy steps to get your groceries

Find the nearest shops based on the location and category


Add items into cart, checkout and pay (online)


System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Drivers, once accepted will move to shops. Meantime, shop will pack the order


shop arrived and picked up your order


shop delivered order at your location


Ratings and reviews





Features of Supermarket Script

Popup Menu

Whenever a customer opens the website for the first time, they will get a pop-up notification. It lets you choose the city first, where you want the groceries to get delivered. The pop-up menu comes along with the customer care information.

Search option

Product research is an essential aspect of an e-commerce site. With a large number of listed products, search plays the most vital role in any online grocery store. Our script comes along with the powerful auto-suggest feature.


Customers will have a lot of queries while using the website. To help the new customers, we have included a help section to the website which will take them to FAQs in a single click. They can also reach customer care service.

Filter search

Customers can filter products based on brands, deals, offers, and prices. They can filter out their desired stock from thousands of listings easily using this advanced filter.

Payment Options

Customers can make payments to the purchased products using their internet banking, cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, and PayPal.

Mobile Application

In the modern era of mobile usage, it has become necessary for all the online websites to have a mobile application on both Android and iOS platforms. It enhances the growth of your platform and makes it essential for the users to shop on the go.

Reviews from the customer

It is a known fact that when a customer purchases a product for the first time, they will give high importance to reviews and feedback. Having a review section not only lets the user provide confidence in buying the product, but it will also increase the loyalty of the brand.

Simple Sign-up Page

Creating an account is short and straightforward, where it needs only necessary information such as mobile number, Email id, and password. An option to register for an account using social media accounts is also possible.

New products

To make sure that the customers are well informed about the latest products, you can have a “new product” section. It displays the list of all new products entered the market.

5 Ways to Make More Money using a Big Basket Clone app

Same day delivery of products

You can boost your revenue using a Big Basket clone app by delivering products on priority. Customers order a wide range of products such as groceries, cosmetics, and much more. Among these products, some items' urgency may be more than others.

You can charge customers an additional fee for delivery within the same day or a few hours from placing the order. Most customers are happy to pay a small surcharge for delivery with 2-3 hours of placing the order. Other options to increase revenue might include deliveries during peak hours, bad weather, or public holidays.

Extensive product inventory

The number of grocery apps is growing by the dozen each day. These ventures are thriving owing to the demand generated by the ongoing pandemic. However, not every grocery app can achieve success without standing out from the competition.

One way to do it is to maintain an extensive product inventory. A one-stop-shop is more enticing for customers. It meets all their grocery and home demands in one place without having to use multiple apps or visit physical storefronts. Maintaining a robust inventory-led business model is healthy for growth. It ensures that customers always get what they want while making profits through price margins and commissions.

Partner with top brands and farmers

A customer finds value in shopping with a company that offers regular discounts. As a grocery app, this can be a chief differentiator in the industry. Create partnerships with top FMCG and other retail brands. You get the latest products earlier than others and get healthy margins on sales owing to the tie-up.

Meet with local farmers or unions to directly access fresh produce from the farms. Ensure that you have a robust storage and distribution network in place. As a grocery app, delivering fresh fruits and vegetables increases your reputation and loyalty with customers.

Introduce subscription services

Subscription services are a great way to increase loyalty and earn revenue with a Big Basket clone app. You charge customers a monthly or annual subscription fee to deliver exclusive services. After subscribing, customers become eligible for exclusives such as free delivery, special promotions, goodies, and more. Our eDelivery App lets you customize your choice of subscription services with ease. You can change the pricing, offers, and other membership details based on requirements.

The subscription revenue model is profitable when customers gain from it in the long run. Ensure that your subscription plan is reasonably priced and well-marketed to gain maximum subscribers.

Ad revenue through sponsors

Promoting other brands and retailers on your App is a proven model to earn income. Different brands can use your platform for advertising their products or services. Create and position video ads, banners, or personalized ads on strategic pages within your App. You earn a commission every time someone clicks the Ad on the App to purchase the retailer's product.

You can advertise other apps and websites on your Big Basket clone. You receive payments when a user clicks to install the App or visit the third-party website.

Why Should You Buy Our Big Basket Clone Over Developing Your own?

Faster time to market

The sooner your Grocery App is published and available, the more edge you gain over the competition. Getting your Big Basket clone app up and running soon is the most significant benefit of investing in our eDelivery App. You bypass the standard development route, which involves research, development, and testing by investing in us. Our App is built and tested to deliver all the Big Basket app features. You can customize it and launch it to the app store in just a few days!

Save big on research and development cost

App development is an expensive affair and takes anywhere from a few months to several years. For an App to be market-ready, it needs to undergo extensive research and testing. This irons out security and stability issues. Investing in a clone app eliminates this process and associated costs by delivering a ready-to-use product straight out of the box. When you buy our eDelivery Big Basket clone app, you can be sure that it complies with global development and security standards. Our App requires only fundamental developer expertise to implement and maintain.

Easy to scale and customize

We used open-source code and technology to develop our Big Basket clone app. You can effortlessly customize it as per your needs when your business grows. Keep or remove features that are not relevant. Customize colors, logos, and buttons to align with your brand identity.

Our App is easily scalable to handle increasing user volumes and advanced third-party integrations. We have tested our Big Basket clone app using the best tools to prevent stability and security issues under heavy loads. You can reach our proficient developer team for any assistance with customization or scalability questions.

Tested for security and compliance

The security and privacy of your customers online are of paramount importance to us. We have spared no expense to ensure that our Big Basket clone conforms to the highest global standards. We have tested the App using manual and automated software to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of customer data. You can immediately host the App to the App store of your choice after customization. We have tested the App to ensure that it passes all the necessary guidelines issued by the Google and Apple app stores. It is compliant with global data privacy laws and protocols.

Excellent customer support and maintenance

We pride ourselves on our customer service and proactive resolution to issues. We have an experienced customer support team who are well-trained and easy to contact. You can reach us by phone or email about various topics related to our App. Our support services include technical issues, billing, or refunds. Our technical support team is deft at handling a range of issues with the App. We follow a strict SLA and efficiently resolve all technical problems within the promised time window. We also release regular security patches to ensure that the App is up-to-date and easy to maintain.

Replicating Business Success for New Markets Using Big Basket Clone

What drives Big Basket's success?

Big Basket has grown into a behemoth among grocery apps in India. They boast a healthy inventory management system and a robust delivery network that lets people buy thousands of branded and non-branded food and consumer products.

Their success is defined primarily through their efficient business model. It is a model that thrives on an inventory-led methodology. The company buys goods directly in bulk from big retailers and stocks them in strategically located warehouses. They earn through delivery charges, commissions, and private label products. The App is used by thousands every day and hosted on a robust technology backend with a secure payment gateway.

Efficient delivery network

Our Big Basket clone enables you to set up a fail-proof logistics network to deliver products to customers. We have incorporated the best features of supply chain management in our App. You earn more when you can complete more deliveries per day. It takes minimal effort to set up your delivery network.

You can customize the App to modify driver and warehouse information dynamically. The seamless delivery ecosystem lets you track all orders and generate real-time reports about delays. You can use these actionable data points to fine-tune your delivery network.

Robust technology backend

Our App is a pitch-perfect clone of the Big Basket mobile app. You enjoy all the great features it has to offer. Our technology backend is sturdy and scalable while ensuring maximum security—your chance to beat your competition increases when you leverage these benefits.

Your revenue growth is directly related to your backend payment gateways' strength. Our payment systems and data protection firewalls ensure smooth and safe online transactions. The system can handle large volumes of online transactions securely at the same time.

Invest in private label brands

Private label brands are manufactured to compete with branded goods in the market. For example, a retail chain like Tesco can manufacture and sell their version of Cola or Chips. Private label brands help you increase your revenue by cutting out taxes and other charges paid towards branded commodities. Selling private label brands through your channel has several benefits. You get increased margins and help build your unique brand of products that customers will grow to love and trust.

Capture the local market

The best way to start making money with our Big Basket clone app is to get the word out in your city of operation. Invest in online and social media marketing to promote your App across various channels. Offer introductory discounts on products and subscriptions to build your customer base organically.

When your App delivers customer expectations, its reputation and loyalty grow through word-of-mouth publicity. You can show consistent revenue growth once you establish a solid local base of customers in your local area.

Why choose our BigBasket Clone Script?

  • Product delivery will be fast.
  • Secure payments can be made using various sources like a credit card, debit card, Paytm wallet, and much more.
  • Coupon Code lets the customer enjoy a variety of dishes at a discounted price.
  • Multi-Store Management lets the customer access several products in a user-friendly interface.
  • Quick Buy lets you purchase the products efficiently through the app.
  • The real-time tracking system allows the customers to track the delivery person easily and guide them to your location using built-in GPS.
  • The booking and delivery process is simple and secure.
  • The processing of Payment is completely smooth using the integrated third-party platforms.
  • The script comes with an integrated dispute management module.
  • Mobile-Friendly Store.

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How On-Demand Grocery Evolved?

The On-demand delivery craze is extending everywhere. Now it is proliferating in the grocery delivery segment. The technology is growing to a great extent, and people nowadays are moving towards a cashless economy.
In this busy world, many people are actively engaged in their work. They find less time to go shopping in a supermarket. Instead, they prefer to buy online using On-demand grocery software. Thus BigBasket evolved as the best On-demand supermarket software.
Many entrepreneurs have a dream to start an app like Big Basket. So we decided to develop BigBasket Clone for Android & BigBasket Clone for iOS as the turnkey applications. It will help deliver food items and groceries quickly.

Why Should You Start an App like BigBasket?

Everyone might have heard of BigBasket, India’s most famous food and online grocery store which has nearly 10,000 products and over 1000 brands. BigBasket sells products variety of products such as fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, staples, meats, personal care, home, and kitchen products. Big Basket revenue crossed $232 Million last year.
It is one of the most popular grocery shopping application for people who like to shop in a much-advanced and convenient way. It has the option of multiple shopping and multi-vendor approach. BigBasket is now operating in six cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and NCR. Its valuation crossed $1Billion.