Zomato Clone - Highlighting Features

Our Zomato clone app comes with all the necessary features out of the box. Let’s see the features one by one.

Real-time Updates

The app can give real-time updates to restaurants and delivery personnel. The immediacy ensures quick delivery.

Order Scheduling

Customers have the option to book their food in advance. This feature comes in handy for those who plan their meals.

Order Management

Under the Order Management tab, users can view their pending and completed orders.

My Cart

Customers can add multiple dishes from a restaurant to their cart. Once added, they can head to the checkout page and make the payment.

Commission Management

Admins can check the commissions they earned under the ‘Commission Management’ option.

Whitelabel Solution

Our Zomato clone app is 100% re-brandable. Buyers can change the app’s look and feel by adding their logo, brand name, and other details.

Zomato Clone - Advance Features


This option is for choosy customers. Using the filter option, users can modify their search results to pick the item of their wish.

Contact Driver

As soon as a delivery staff accepts an order, the customer can contact him/her over call or message.

Add To Cart

The food items added to the cart are editable. Customers can decrease or increase the quantity of the dishes. They can also remove the food items from the cart.

Special Instructions

While placing an order, customers can leave instructions for the restaurant. The restaurant will get to see the instructions.

Social Media Login

Those who want to use the Zomato clone app can use their Facebook/Twitter credentials to sign up.

Secure Payments

Users can pay through all major payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and CC Avenue. Buyers of our app can add the payment gateways of their wish.

How Zomato Clone Script works?

Users can use the app to find nearby restaurants to order their favorite food.

Then they can add the food items into the cart, update the quantity and proceed to checkout.

The users can make payments online using their credit/debit cards. The app also supports cash on delivery option.

The food delivery software will auto dispatch the order to the nearest delivery partners. Once the driver accepts the request, he will move to the restaurant. Meantime, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order.

The driver will arrive at the restaurant to pick up the food.

He follows the in-app navigation to proceed to the user location and deliver the food. The user can rate the driver and the restaurant in the app.


Make Money from Our Zomato Clone App with These 5 Techniques

Commission from Food Deliveries

One of the main revenue streams for companies like Zomato is the commission from food deliveries. You can use our Zomato clone app to earn money by following the same model. Tie up with local restaurants and delivery partners. You can leverage this partnership to charge a commission for every food delivery.

When a customer places an order, they are charged a delivery fee. You can net a portion of this fee by providing the logistics needed. You also get a small percentage of the order value from the restaurant. Food delivery is one of the most profitable ways to earn revenue through our food delivery app: Dinedoo. You can customize the app with commission rates of your choice.

Local Restaurant Listings

The simplest way to gain attention for your Dinedoo app is to list local restaurants. People often look for information about local restaurants. The lookup information such as pricing, location, timings, and menus. You can start by doing this.

You can tie-in with restaurants to book tables or answer queries. Once your service gets popular, you can bring in other features. You can charge restaurants to feature their business on the app. The app will feature Their restaurants prominently by paying a fee to your app platform. Restaurants can also pay to feature special events and discounts on the app.

Curate Dine Out Experiences

The dining out space is a lucrative option to increase your revenue. Despite the current slowdown, this is already picking up again. There are several ways to gain revenue through this model.

Some of these are:

  • Charge for table bookings
  • Special dine-in offers and discounts
  • Complimentary food and drinks to select members

In addition to these, you can curate special menus with restaurants to attract customers. For example, a Thai restaurant can offer a traditional Thai menu on festival days for you to promote via the app. You can charge a commission for every customer who buys the dine-in entry from the Dinedoo app.

Subscription Services

Subscription services are a great way to earn money through our Zomato-like app. It's a simple but effective business model. You charge a monthly or annual fee to customers.

In return, they can get any of the following premium benefits:

  • Waive off delivery charges
  • Complimentary food and drinks
  • Access to curated events
  • Discounts on holidays and festivals

Restaurants can be charged for any business you bring in and for live tracking services. You can provide analytics and consulting services to restaurants. It helps them in understanding which dishes are popular and what they need to work on. Our Dinedoo app allows you to customize your subscription services.

Event Ticketing and Advertising Platform

You can use our Zomato-like app to be an event partner for local cinemas and events. It is a good way to increase your app visibility while earning money. You can help local event promoters to advertise on your apps. It could be live events such as music concerts or food festivals.

Revenue comes in by charging the promoter a commission for every sale through the app. Promoters also pay a fee for using your platform to market their events. You can also use the Zomato clone app as a diverse advertising platform. You can use the ad spaces in the app to display Ads for local businesses and brands.

Four Awesome Reasons Why Using Our Zomato Clone Can Boost Your Food Delivery Business

Save on Development Costs

Building an app from scratch is a long and tedious process. It involves UI/UX designs, coding, and testing. It is an expensive process and can suffer due to delays and other issues.

You bypass all these possible issues by adopting our Dinedoo app. It is a turnkey solution that has undergone the complete development life cycle. It is built to the highest standards of coding and security.

You save various costs with our Dinedoo app. It includes the cost of investing in development and testing software licenses. We use premium tools to build an app that delivers on quality and stability.

Tested for Stability and Security

Our Zomato clone app has undergone extensive testing. We follow an Agile model of development. It means that the app is tested at every phase to rule out any issues. Each feature is tested using manual and automated testing tools.

The app undergoes rigorous tests to rule out any security issues. You can rest assured that the app is secure from cyber-attacks and other vulnerabilities. It is safe for online cash transactions. We test our apps against crashes and heavy user volumes. We have ensured that the app is free from bugs and remains stable even with high user volumes.

Customize as per Requirements

The biggest benefit of our Dinedoo app is its customization capabilities. You can change the look and feel of the app to suit your needs. It offers a lot of flexibility for the business owner. There may be featured in the app that you don't need or wish to add new functionality. Our app makes it easy to do this with general coding knowledge from your team.

You can choose your logo and branding style to reflect your company values. Choose your unique look and feel to stand out from other competitors. Our easy customizations reduce the time to market to days as opposed to months with traditional development methods.


Our strong team of designers and developers have made our app future proof. You need not worry about the technology getting outdated in a few years. Our food delivery app is adaptable to any future changes. It is developed keeping in mind trending security and coding practices.

It follows a modular approach. It means that we can easily update one portion of the app without affecting the overall functioning. It provides your development team more control over the app. It also helps them check for any issues by isolating the app section, which may be responsible.

Another benefit is the ease with which you can integrate third-party software and API. Our app provides a secure method to do it as and when a need should arise in the future.

Scalable as Business Grows

Our food delivery app is designed to accommodate growth. It is scalable to meet growing business needs. The code used is flexible to allow large user volumes. The app is proven to be safe and stable under heavy loads.

Making changes to the app for scalability is simple. Your team can scale it as per growing needs by changing a few lines of code. You get access to our skilled support staff and regular security updates.

You can make the scalability changes quickly so that the user experience is not affected. It adds great value to your business by preventing app downtime and increasing the ROI from the app.

How Can Your Business Replicate Its Success?

Identify Customer Needs

Understanding user needs is key to enjoy the success of Zomato. Deploying the app without user research adds no value. Conduct extensive research in your area of operation. Get inputs from users on what they want to see in the app. Not all features that work for Zomato may be useful to your users.

Identify the key features that will drive revenue and provide good value to your users. Customize our clone app as per these needs to reap its benefits. Some of the must-have features to replicate Zomato's success are:

  • Local restaurant listings with menus
  • Food delivery
  • Dine-out offers
  • Annual subscription model
Build Reputation Locally

Your app must grow in popularity to start earning revenue. It should be known to your local users, who should place their trust in it. It builds credibility and reputation. Your app gets visibility when people start to talk about it with their friends and family.

To gain visibility, invest in online marketing. It helps in promoting you as a new player in the local market. Use avenues like social media and local directories to engage more users. Canvas your app at popular local restaurants to get more users to sign up. You can also gain users by advertising your app on other apps and websites.

Integrate Seamless Payments and Logistics

Your success comes from the quality of your services. For a food app, it's key that you maintain a strong delivery network. Your reputation grows when your services are prompt and professional. Integrate secure payment systems to gain customer loyalty. Customers will never trust a company if there is a data leak or if the orders are not delivered on time.

Have a good customer support team in place. It is key to delivering a smooth user experience. Make sure to address all customer logistics and payment issues on time. It builds trust and loyalty among new users.

Seek Reviews and Ratings

Customer feedback is important when you start a new food delivery service. Ensure that your app lets users provide ratings. Constantly seek user reviews to find out service gaps and areas of improvement. Feature top comments and ratings in the app and online. It builds visibility and trust.

Track reviews online for your company. Get in touch with users who have added a poor user experience. It tells them that you take your business seriously. It can turn a negative experience into a positive one. Work on customer feedback without compromise. Diligently following up on customer issues help you replicate the success of Zomato and other similar players.

Why This Is the Right Time to Invest in Zomato-like Food Delivery App

Convenience for Users to Order Food

Mobile devices are everywhere. People have become used to ordering products and services on apps. Food is no exception. Many people find it convenient to order food on mobile apps. It's easy and saves time.

It helps working people to order food than step outside to grab a bite from outside. It's also a safer alternative in the age of the ongoing pandemic.

Once you start delivering quality service at great prices, your users will increase. A safe and easy to use app grows popular soon among people. The biggest advantage is that you can target different age groups for a food app.

Reduces Travel Risks During Pandemic

People are avoiding travel as much as possible. It can be risky for people to dine out at restaurants like before. People would love to enjoy their favorite foods without risking travel. A Zomato clone app is the perfect way to bridge this gap.

By investing in the app now, you enable users to connect with their favorite eateries. A strong and reliable logistics network ensures that food is delivered on time. You can introduce other values added services such as pick and drop of small items. It could be things like electronics, groceries, or documents. This service brings in revenue and helps the user get what they need at the doorstep instead of traveling.

Advertising Revenue Opportunities

A mobile app is a great platform for Ad revenue. Companies and brands love to advertise on apps that are popular with users. It gives their brand visibility while generating income for you.

Traditional Ads have reduced as people don't travel as much as before. Mobile apps have grown in popularity and are a great medium to get the word out about your product or service.

Investing in a mobile food app now lets you capitalize on these revenues. You can charge restaurants to feature their eateries prominently or run special events.

Give Customers More Choice

People flock to your food delivery app when you give them more choice. It could be the choice of cuisines or restaurants. You gain users and revenue when you have a tie-up with a large network of top eateries. Customers can use the app to check out a wider range of restaurants. They can browse places with special offers or discounts.

Offering a wide choice drives trust and revenue. Investing in our Zomato clone app makes this seamless. We have all the scripts in place to add as many restaurants or categories as needed. Our app is easy to use, and customers can easily filter their choice to order food.

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Four Ways for Replicating Zomato Business with Our Zomato Clone

Zomato's Business Model

Zomato connects restaurants to their loyal customers. They have a diverse revenue model. They make money by offering various services that involve the food industry. Zomato is expanding at a phenomenal rate, and in fact, they have started testing food delivery by drones.  The primary source of revenue is food delivery. It charges customers a delivery fee and restaurants a small cut per order. It has built an efficient supply chain that ensures a smooth ordering experience.  It offers a subscription service called Zomato Gold. People who sign up receive many benefits. Some of these are:
  • Free delivery
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Exclusive invites to food events
  • Special discounts
Zomato also does event ticketing and cloud kitchens for corporates. Zomato is growing at a rapid pace all across the globe. The combination of all these streams makes it one of the leaders in the industry.