Zomato Clone - Highlighting Features

Prospect for the food delivery process has some crucial features and these can be supporting the clients to get satisfaction.

Quicker delivery

In this food ordering application, the user can access the quick delivery facility within a demanded time.

Flexible booking facility

The user can book the Food item as per wish at any time and it can be achieved through online.

Order management

The users can manage their order easily from powerful mobile application or the responsive web application.

My Cart

The user can add as many as food items to the cart, they can check out and make the payment.

Commission Management

With the commission management the Admin can easily view and track the pending for the restaurants.

White Label Solution

Our platform is an entirely white label to put whatever brand you want. We will do the rebranding and lanuch the application online.

Zomato Clone - Advance Features

Multiple Cuisines

Using this option the users can filter easily go through websites of various cuisines.

Contact Driver

Once the driver accepts a delivery, The user can contact the driver through call or SMS.

Add to Cart

The foods have choose by the users will be added to the cart, he/she can open the cart and change the quantilty, he/she can remove the food which is added before, etc.

Special Instructions

The user can give instructions while placing an order on how they would like to have their meal sent to the, and the restaurant will have access to this information.

Login with Social Media

The user can sign up using social media like Facebook and not go through the hassle of signing up with an email ID or phone number.

Secure Payments

The user can pay for their order by using secure payment gateways like PayPal, CC Avenue, Stripe etc. It is easy to integrate different payment gateways into the system as well.

How Zomato Clone Script works?

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category

Add menus into cart, checkout and pay (online)

System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Driver, once accepted will move to restaurant. Meantime, restaurant will prepare & pack the order

Driver arrived and picked up your order

Driver delivered order at your location

Ratings and reviews



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Want to launch an App like Zomato?

The predominant factor of Zomato is to make sure each and everyone has a great meal every day. This has been achieved by allowing the people to best of restaurants in their vicinity and place an order for the delicacies which they would like to have. The team gathers the information from the best restaurants in the city and have it listed it on the site. Zomato is expanding at a phenomenal rate and infact it started testing food delivery by drones. All these aspects are essential to be successful in a business which is at present happening among the public. The site also displays the most trending restaurant in your city and you can give it a try if you feel like. There an option where you can search for nearby restaurants according to the type of meal you might be having for the day. Are you planning to start a business in this field? If you are an entrepreneur and would like to start a business similar to that of Zomato, then there is no need for you to give much of a thought as we are here for you. Food Go is a clone script which offers you to build an app through which you can start your own online food delivery service and you have the option to customize into your own choices as well. Launch now and start expanding like how zomato is expanding across the world. It is becoming a food delivery unicorn. Our clone script is filled with exciting and interesting features which you might have it on your site as well. Here is a list of features which you can give a look and then take the decision.

Sign Up/Sign In

There is an option available for the users to sign up for the service by using their email id and providing with certain personal information. If you think that might be time- consuming then the users can directly sign in with their credentials for their social account.

Search restaurants by location

Restaurants can be searched with the help of the search option by entering the name of the location. The site will feature with the list of restaurants which are available in the vicinity and provide food delivery through online orders.

Search with filters

Each restaurant which is enlisted has different varieties of cuisines and the price range varies from one to another. Just apply the filters for the cuisine and the price range which you would like to have for your meal and a clear list is made available for you to choose from.

Special instructions

When you place the order for your meal, you can instruct in which way you would like to have your meal. There are a few of us who have food allergies; our priority is to ensure you have a great meal. So, you can give the instructions and your meal will be delivered just the way you like it.

Cart function

If you like different cuisines on the menu of the same restaurant and would like to give it a try, all you need to do is select the cuisines and add it to the cart as simple as it gets.

Add & Manage Delivery Address

You can add addresses to your account for the delivery of the meal and manage them accordingly. A surprise meal for your loved ones to let them know that you care, the meal can be delivered their address.

Check out with PayPal & Credit Card

Once you have completed placing your order and adding your delivery address, you can go ahead and check out by making the payment through PayPal or use your credit card.

Coupon Code

A coupon code can be entered to avail a special offer with an add-on or get a discount for your meal as well.

Track your order

The system is integrated with Google Maps, so it will be easier for you to track down the time it will take for your food to be delivered at your door step with the help of the map.

Rating Option

Once the food is delivered to you and you have served it, if possible take some time out and rate the cuisines, so it will help the restaurants to serve you better.

Order History

There is an option for you to be able to check for the history of the orders which you have placed so far in the different restaurants or the same restaurant. With the help of that, you might try out a new cuisine and relish the exotic flavours as well.

Invite & Earn

You can earn credit points if you invite your friends and family to use this food app and give a great treat to their taste buds.

Manage Business Information

Let the customers have a tad bit of insight about the business which you are handling and the best of restaurants available on your app and how it will be a great meal for them to try.

Set Business/ Operating Hours

Business hours can be set, for you take in the orders for the different restaurants which are listed on your site, accordingly you can manage your service to the customers.

Go Online & Offline

Easily go online when the restaurants are all set for the day to take orders and cook out the best of the cuisines out for the customers. At the end of the day, when the business hours over, you can simply go offline to ensure that no more orders are coming in.

Ongoing Order request

Once the restaurants have taken the orders in, you can have a check on the ongoing request and which are still pending and the time it is going to take for it to be delivered to the customer.

Accept or Decline Order

When you receive an order, you have the choice to accept it or decline it, if there are too many orders and it is hard to handle, then, in that case, you can use this option. Set Food Categories & Sub Categories Create a set of food categories based on the cuisines which are being created in the restaurants and also, if the cuisines come under the similar category you can create it as a sub-category as well.

Adding Food Menu

If the restaurants have something new and exotic, it can be created as a food menu and have it listed under the existing cuisines which are made available.

Manage Payout & Earnings

When you are dealing a business, it is crucial to keep a track of the payouts and the earnings along with the profit which the business is incurring have to be well maintained.


You can provide a feedback on the experience which you had with the service and the things which might have found to be interesting as well.

Cuisine List

When it comes to a restaurant there is a list of cuisines available, right from Mexican, Lebanese, and Indian, Chinese, Continental and the list goes one. Create a list of cuisines which are available in the restaurants which are listed on the site.

Vehicle List

Have a track of vehicles which are ready for the delivery of the food to the customers and you can add new vehicles to the list to be updated with the vehicles which are available and the ones which are on route to the delivery.


The list of new orders which the restaurants receive will be listed out and once there is a confirmation of the order is taken down by the restaurant then it will get into the process. The driver will pick it up from the restaurant and have it delivered to the customer.

Coupon Code

Admin of the site can generate a coupon code for the customers, so they can avail any kind of special offers with the help of the app and enjoy their meal.


Admin has the privilege to give offers to the customers who are using the app for placing the orders for their meal. They also can view the offers, edit them according to festive seasons and remove it as well.

Cancellation Reason

Create a section where the customer can have the option to cancel a particular order if they have changed their mind. You also need to ensure the reason behind their cancellation, as it will be easier for you to provide a better service. Apart from the list, provide a section so the user can give the exact reason if not on the list.

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