Zomato Clone - Highlighting Features

The food delivery process has some essential features, and these can be supporting the clients to get excellent customer satisfaction.

Quicker delivery

Our food ordering application gives instant updates to both restaurants and delivery partners, so it will help the customer to get speedier delivery

Flexible booking facility

The users can schedule the booking for a later time using the book later option. Booking is completely flexible.

Order management

The users can manage their orders easily using the order management module, which will show you the list of pending orders & delivered orders.

My Cart

Users can add as many as food items as they want to the cart, and then they can go to check out and make the payment.

Commission Management

The Commission management module will help the admin to check the list of earnings made from every order.

White Label Solution

Users can Rebrand & reskin the app and launch the product instantly. It's a complete white label solution.

Zomato Clone - Advance Features

Multiple Cuisines

Users can use a filter and quickly go through the website to pick their choice from a variety of cuisine.

Contact Driver

Once the delivery partner accepts a delivery, the customer can contact the partner through call or SMS.

Add to Cart

Once a user adds the item to the cart, he/she can open the cart and change the quantity. He/she can also remove the item from the cart.

Special Instructions

Customers can give special instructions to the restaurant about the order where the restaurants will have access to this information.

Social Media Logins

Our application supports social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc..both during signing up as well as during login.

Secure Payments

The user can pay for their order using secure payment gateways like PayPal, CC Avenue, Stripe, etc. It is easy to integrate different payment gateways into the system.

How Zomato Clone Script works?

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category.

Add food items into the cart, checkout, and then pay online

The system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest delivery partners. Once the driver accepts the request, he will move to the restaurant. Meantime, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order.

Driver arrived and picked up your order.

The driver delivered the order at your location

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The predominant aim of Zomato is to make sure that each and everyone has a great meal every day. They achieve it by giving people faster access to the nearby restaurants in their vicinity through their app and place an order for the delicacies. The team gathered information about the best restaurants in the city, and they have listed it on their website. Zomato is expanding at a phenomenal rate, and in fact, it started testing food delivery by drones. The site also displays the most trending restaurants in the city. People can search for nearby restaurants based on the type of meal they want to have. Are you planning to start a business in this field? If you are an entrepreneur and would like to start a business similar to that of Zomato, then there is no need for you to give much of a thought as zoplay is here for you. Foodgo is a turnkey food delivery software. You can start your online food delivery service instantly with foodgo. You have the option to customize the website completely. Kickstart now and start expanding like how zomato is growing all across the globe. It is becoming a food delivery unicorn. Our clone script has some exciting features. Here is a list of features that you can look at before taking the decision.

Sign Up/Sign In

Users can sign up for the service using their email id or phone number. If you think that might be time-consuming, then you can directly sign in with your social media accounts.

Search restaurants by location

Search for restaurants with the help of a search option by entering the name of the place. The script will filter the restaurants that are available in the vicinity and provide food delivery with the help of delivery partners.

Search with filters

The food type, price, quantity varies for every restaurant. By using search filters, customers can find their favorite restaurant instantly.

Special instructions

When the customers are placing their orders, they can include individual instruction for every meal. Some people may have food allergies, so by giving additional instructions, people can have the food prepared based on their guidelines.

Cart function

After finalizing the food from the menu, all you need to do it to add it to the cart and complete the checkout process.

Add & Manage Delivery Address

You can add/edit addresses to your account for the meal delivery and manage them accordingly. You can also give a surprise meal for your loved ones anytime, anywhere.

Check out with PayPal & Credit Card

Once you have completed placing your order by adding your delivery address, you can go to cart to complete the checkout by making payment through PayPal, debit card, credit card, etc..
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Coupon Code

Coupon codes are promotional codes to selected users who visit the website frequently.

Track your order

The system has integrated Google Maps, which allows the delivery partner to track the customer's location using in-built GPS.

Rating Option

Both delivery partners and customers can rate each other in the app after the delivery. Customers can also rate the restaurant after receiving the order.

Order History

Customers can check the order history anytime. The history of the orders section will be helpful for the customers to place another order from the same restaurant.

Invite & Earn

Admin can offer users an option to earn money by inviting friends & families to use the app.

Set Business/ Operating Hours

Restaurant owners can add/edit the Business operating hours so that it will easy for customers to place orders accordingly.

Go Online & Offline

Restaurants can smoothly go online when they are ready to take orders. Similarly, when they are closing the restaurant, they can go offline to ensure that no more orders are coming in.

Ongoing Order request

Once the restaurant accepts the order, they can follow the status of the order step by step.

Accept or Decline Order

Restaurants can accept or decline requests based on availability. If they are not able to process an order, they can reject the request anytime.

Adding Food Menu

If a restaurant is introducing some new exotic dishes, they can add it to the food menu anytime from the restaurant admin panel.

Manage Payout & Earnings

When you are dealing with a business, it is crucial to keep track of the payouts and earnings along with the profit of the company. This module will help you to keep track of both easily.


Customers can give feedback about the delivery partners and restaurants in the app.

Cuisine List

There are a lot of cuisines available, right from Mexican, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, Continental, etc.. Restaurants can choose the Cuisine type and add the food variety accordingly.

Vehicle List

Vehicles can be added based on categories. Admin can modify the list by adding/editing the vehicle type from the admin panel.


Admin can always view the list of processed requests, canceled orders, pending orders, returned orders, etc..

Coupon Code

Both admin and restaurant owners can create promo codes to selective users based on their amount of purchase. They can also send those promo codes via notifications.


Admin has the option to send discount offers to all the users who are using the application. Admin can also add/edit the coupon codes based on festive seasons, Christmas, new year, etc..

Cancellation Reason

Customers can cancel the order anytime they want, and they have to select a reason for the order cancellation. It will help the admin to provide a better service to customers.