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If you’re looking to create your own video conferencing app then, we’d like to share it with you, Jizby: Zoom Clone Application. It encompasses all the best parts of Zoom video and Google Meet with a much more customizable and extended feature set.

As an entrepreneur, you can get it up and running inside two days. It means you save on months of development time as well as money. Our Zoom Clone App is thoroughly optimized to work on both iOS and Android platforms. You can also customize the features or UI of our Zoom Clone Application as required.

High-Quality Video Streaming

Our zoom clone application has high-quality video streaming in the world. Jizby is the best video conferencing software available in the market today. We can customize our software for every growing business. It will adapt perfectly to all business types.

New Meeting

Create an unlimited number of New Meetings using Jizby. You can instantly create and share the meeting id to multiple people.

Turn Off Video

Users can turn off video options from their setting to join meetings without video. You can do this both before and during the meeting.

Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

For every meeting, Jizby will generate an automatic meeting ID for users. This meeting id gets generated instantly, and it will be unique.

Share Images/Screenshots

Our app comes with a screen sharing and in-built screenshot option that captures screenshots instantly. Share unlimited images through Jizby.

Overview of Zoom Clone Script

Waiting Room For Participants / Host

The host has the option to send some of the participants to the waiting room. This feature will restrict outsiders from joining the meeting.

Mute Participants Before Entry

The host has the option to mute all participants before entering the meeting. You can also go to settings to change the default settings.

Recurring Meeting At Any Time

The Personal ID will be static for all, and for non-recurring meetings, the personal ID will expire. You can also Edit/Delete the schedule anytime.

Adjust Calendar Date & Time

Calander comes as a built-in option on Jizby. The host can change the date and time in the calendar and send notifications to participants.

Join With/Without Sound

The participants can make use of screen-sharing options to join screen sharing with/without sounds. The host has control over the user's audio.

Video Conferencing Software with Wide-range of Features.

Launch an application like Zoom at an affordable price with attractive features.


Participants can use this feature during the meeting. They can use this to give their opinion without disturbing the ongoing conversation.


Any User can create Polls for Users to Vote in the Sessions. They can see the results live even during the session. 

Attentive Time

You can notify the participants to spend more time on the meetings. We use an advanced attentive model to calculate the time spent by users.

Private /
Group chat

Users can instantly chat with the participants during the meeting. They can chat with anyone individually or in the group, even during the session.

Join meeting with a link or
personal ID

Anyone can use the personal ID and join the session instantly. The meeting ID will be unique so that it won't clash with other sessions.

Schedule Meeting In

You can schedule both one-time meetings and recurring meeting on the same date and time. Plan the meetings with our Zoom clone application.

Meeting Video

Set the default video mode using the options in this section. You can also go to the Audio tab & check/uncheck the Always mute option.

Advanced Option

Using this advanced options setting, you can check the computer Audio and video. You can also test the speakers/headphones from here.


Jizby comes with an automatic status indicator. Users can add their status in a single click. You can also add a custom status to it.


Our app supports lots of smiley and emoticons. You can use these both during audio and video calls. You can also mark a few emojis as favorites.

Auto Generate
Personal ID

The hosts can auto-generate Personal IDs instantly. The meeting ID will be unique, and you can Toggle it anytime before the meeting/webinar.


The hosts can block the users from turning their video ON/OFF. They can also control other factors like audio, screen sharing, and more.

Join Before
The Host

The host can enable this feature. It will allow all participants to join a webinar/meeting without permission. You can change this option anytime.

Sync with Google Calander & Outlook or Yahoo Calendars

Users can sync the meetings and schedules with their Google Calander. They can also sync it with outlook and third party calendars easily.

Record / Delete
Cloud Recordings

Jizby app can record the meetings and webinars and store them in the cloud. Later you can log in to check or delete the recording anytime.

Jizby App Extended Features

Our zoom clone application is the only app that comes with a cloud recording option. Check more features from our Jizby app.

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Web Panel

How our Zoom Clone Works

Sign in
Sign Up

In the Jizby app, you can allow the users to sign up for an account. We have also integrated Google account and Facebook for easy signup. Users can use the same to login to Jizby.

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