Grocery Delivery App Features
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Grocery Delivery Application

Zobasket is an independent, efficient, user-friendly, and readymade grocery delivery app that allows store owners to track various store items, manage and handle store inventory, orders, and deliveries.

edelivery software edelivery software

Multilanguage Support

Zobasket supports multiple languages and allows store owners to launch their apps in their preferred language choice to better connect with their users, delivery drivers, and delivery agents.

edelivery software

Multicurrency Support

We can help you launch your application and different countries as we support multi-currency. Your business will not be limited only to the country. You are a side angle, but you can go internationally with our app.

edelivery software edelivery software

Quick Access to Several Grocery Stores

You can offer your customers the choice to select and choose from multiple grocery stores available in the market. The more choice you offer your customers, the more reliable your store will be considered.

edelivery software edelivery software

Earn by Referrals

Your customers can refer your app to other people and earn a variety of discounts and special offers. This approach will help your business gain more customers as it works as an effective marketing tool for you.

edelivery software edelivery software

Real-Time Tracking of Goods

Our script allows your app to let your customers track their goods in real-time. It helps in increasing transparency in delivery and improving user experience.

edelivery software edelivery software

Add Products to Basket

Customers will be able to place orders and buy groceries of their choice, right through your store application. This feature prompts users to pay and purchase the items via secure payment gateways.

edelivery software edelivery software

Choose your payment mode

Our app script supports the major payment gateways across the world. Your customers can securely transact via card, cash, and in-app wallets.

edelivery software edelivery software

Tracking in Real-Time

This feature allows you to instantly track driver or delivery agent status as “waiting for a response, accepted and order successfully delivered.

Why Choose Our Edelivery Application

Zero-Cost Server Installation

As soon as the purchase is completed, our script is installed on your server, free of charge. We, then, assist you in making your script live quickly.

No-Cost App Submission

We help you in submitting all the apps that you buy from us to the iOS App Store and Android Play Store, completely free of charge.

Navigation Support

We offer reliable integration with Google Maps allows your customers to find out the exact location of the delivery agent or driver. This feature allows the customers to track the live location of their ordered food.

Register and Login Only Once

Your users will now be able to login with Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They will need to login only once and order items of their choice as many times as they like.

Instant Search Option

This feature is designed to take care of your food cravings. Search, customize, move to the cart, make the payment, and relish your food. It’s that simple.

Multiple Categories

Several categories and filters help you locate the nearest store by brand, location, and type. You can save a lot of time while locating the right and the best store for your needs.

Order Tracking

The inbuilt map in the app helps your customer track your order status in real-time after you place an order. It helps in avoiding confusion about the delivery time, driver details, etc.

Checkout Cart

Our script allows merchants to create efficient and extremely user-friendly carts that allow the customers to add or remove as many products as they want. The customers can review all the products in the cart before making the payment.

Easy Referrals

The referral system allows you to refer your family and friends to shop using your app and get rewarded. It will help you increase your user base as more people will use your app.

Multi-City Addition Option

Our script allows your business to increase your delivery-geographical area by letting you add multiple cities or locations for delivery. It will help you expand the reach of your business.

Multi-Vendor Management

Our script allows you to manage multiple vendors and sellers operating across your platform, review the supplier credentials, and set commission per sale.

Multi-Store Management

Our script allows the single merchant to manage multiple stores, all their products, deals, and offers that are going on. This feature offers a deeper control to you and helps in managing your eCommerce business

Discount Coupons

This feature allows the customers to apply coupon code while placing the order to avail discounts and other promotional benefits. Discount coupons always help in making your customers revisit or reuse your app, giving a boost to your revenue

User-Friendly Cart

The simple cart allows the users to add multiple products from various stores and add or remove the number of products. Users can also add specific notes to each item added to the cart.

Dispatch System

The customers are given a choice to choose their preferred dispatch system for the delivery of the products. It improves the user experience.

Straightforward Checkout

Our script allows you to create an extremely simple checkout process that allows you to add the delivery address of your choice and easily make payments after reviewing your cart items.

Reviews & Feedback

Both Users and the delivery partner can submit their feedback along with ratings after the service.

Cutting-edge Features

Account Page Console

The account page gives you the control to customize your basic profile settings. Using the available referral options, you can invite friends and gain redeemable shopping reward points.

Order Page

For your easy reference, the order page displays the history and important details of all the products that you have purchased to date.

Wishlist Page

This feature allows your customers to create a personalized collection of items they want to buy and save them in their user profile for a later reference. Out of stock items can be added to the Wishlist too.

Notifications Page

This page instantly updates you about the status of the items you ordered. Notifications also keep you updated about the latest offers, discounts, new products, and deals. It helps in improving the user experience of your customers

Product Specific Page

Our script allows you to create a dedicated page for each product that talks more about the product and offers details about the seller, along with the user reviews, feedback, and ratings of the product.

How We Differ from Others?

iOS and Android Compatibility

Our application script is lightweight and is compatible with iOS and Android. So, regardless of your application’s native source code, our script will work seamlessly with your app.

Source Code Is Licensed

You can customize the source code that we offer as it is licensed. You will never have to depend on us for making any changes to the code whenever you require to do so.

Delivery Boy App Feature

This feature offers options like live tracking of orders, order management, a chat system accessible to delivery boys, admins, and customers to ensure the safe and timely delivery of the ordered products.

What Can You Expect After Purchase?

White Label App Solution

Our application is a white label solution that will help you launch your app with your brand name and your logo. Zobasket allows complete rebranding of your app for you.

Free Technical Support for Bug Fixes

Our product is high-quality and completely bug-free. But should you face any critical bugs within the support period, we fix all the bugs free of charge and provide you require technical support.

Entire Source Code

Whatever package you choose, we offer you the complete source code that you can customize as per your need to attract visitors to your site. Customizing the source code, you can add any type of features you need.

Timely Support

We are always available to offer you our support for any technical or other issues that you might face with your application. We also teach you tips and tricks to maintain optimum performance from your app.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Responsive and relevant answers for exclusive queries

About Services

Yes, the installation process is completely free of cost. You have to furnish the hosting details. Kindly check the server requirements which are clearly mentioned on our website.

Yes, our professionals help you with the approval of the app. We need the credentials information such as iOS app store login & Google to play login details. Our exclusive team communicates with the user via basecamp or Skype to procure the essential data to submit the app successfully in the app store.

No, we do not provide any support for the testing on the local host/simulator.

It varies on hosting companies and it takes about one day. There are no extra charges for the installation process.

Payment Options

If a user modifies source code, then it will be difficult for us to troubleshoot the bugs. Hence, kindly do make any changes to the script. If any changes are done in the software, do not expect any support from our side.

Before making every purchase a demo version of the product is examined to check its performance. If you face any problems in the process of purchasing, our technical team can guide you to find a solution by connecting platforms like live chat, base camp, email, etc.

Yes, our support team can take care of any complexities after purchase. Get the customization changes at the best hourly rate and free for bug fixing.

No need to worry about charges!! Yes, if you require customization changes our support team can help you to fix it with the best hourly price. In case of such a situation please connect with us at [email protected].

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