Postmates Clone

Postmates Clone is an on-demand delivery application which can be used for courier, food delivery, groceries delivery, alcohol delivery, etc. which can make postal deliveries, parcels and home deliveries easier, and it is a clone of an application called Postmates. This clone can be used to make a courier application, food delivery application, grocery delivery application, alcohol delivery application and many more types of applications. It has many features that make it, comfortable and convenient for the user.

What is Postmates?

Postmates is an application which is used to deliver goods like food, courier goods, etc. and they have a motto to empower communities to shop normally without waiting, empower and enhance the business through our API and to offer delivery. They also have a passionate team of engineers, designers, operation specialists and growth specialists which is the main reason for the success of the company.

How does it work?

This application acts as a helping hand, to the users to fulfill their needs. It has registered customers and registered clients, and acts as a connector or a connecting point. The customers come to browse the application to find the client who fulfills the customer by delivering it to them, their home or by putting them in the pickup as it has the options to do that too. It also has a feedback system; helps them to clearly understand the user’s preferences and also helps the user to trust the company and the application, more.

Why Should you use our Postmates like Application?

Postmates Clone is nothing but an On demand delivery app. Postmates to be precise, is an On Demand Courier Delivery Applicaiton. The applications and features are also similar to the original application. Even, the script of Handy for all is also similar to Postmates. This clone script can also be used by others who want to make a delivery application. Food Order Tracking, Driver Management, Track location, Map and Order tracking for customers are the services which both the original application and its clone have. Cloning is often judged to be an easy job but, it isn’t like that it is a difficult job. It is a process, making an application which is similar to another application, often it is a very successful application which is taken for cloning.

How can anyone benefit from the Postmates clone?

If anyone wants to make an application for some courier business, they can buy our clone Handy for all and make a courier application with the App like Postmates that the clone possesses. Now, they can use this for their courier service and make it better because every customer needs the process of registration to be quick and efficient and by using the On demand delivery you can accomplish it. It is not just an application, it is a revolution in the field of mobile application and it is a revolution in the normal world because the complex booking and dispatching process of the delivery services is replaced by just one application.

Features of Postmates Clone

Every application in the world is the same; the main difference between them is their features and design. Some features are important than the others as they are more useful to the user and they make the user’s experience, convenient and comfortable to use.

Feedback System

The feedback system is the system where people give their honest opinions, whenever or wherever they want, without any hesitation, which makes the bond between the user and the company. This is the most important feature in almost all applications.

Food delivery

This feature is about the food delivery that helps the customers to order food wherever they want and get them delivered wherever they want. This process eliminates the efforts put to go to a hotel, buy food and bring it back.

Grocery delivery

The process of delivering the groceries that the customers ordered, to the place they order to, is called groceries delivery. The user can use this process, using grocery delivery feature.

Alcohol delivery

A delivery process where the customer orders alcohol and we deliver it to the place the customer ordered to is called alcohol delivery. There is a feature with the same name which performs the process.

Chained deliveries

The process of delivering products like food, courier, groceries or alcohol in a route, to reduce the pressure over the delivery executive is called chain deliveries.

Batched deliveries

Delivering of any product like food, groceries, alcohol or courier done in batches, is a more organized way of delivering things and this process is called batched deliveries.

Personal delivery service

The service of getting free deliveries for a particular period of time by paying a particular amount of money is called personal delivery service. This service is profitable to regular customers so that, they need not waste money on delivery charges daily and is done because the regular customers are the people who give regular orders and are the major reason for the application’s success.

Customer GPS tracking

Tracking the customer, using GPS technology, where the customers must keep their GPS switched on, on their handsets to easily deliver goods and this process is customer GPS tracking. This feature, the real-time delivery tracking, and estimated time feature are used to easily map and deliver goods to the customer ordered and to the place they ordered too.

Real-time delivery tracking

The process of tracking the delivery, the distance it needs to cover before it reaches you, is called real-time delivery tracking and similar technology is used in most of the taxi dispatch applications to track the driver.

Estimated Time

After tracking the delivery, calculating the time to reach, and displaying it is essential and this process is calculating estimated time. This process is always used in collaboration with real-time delivery tracking to enhance the experience by keeping the user aware of their time to wait.

Easy Search

This feature which uses cookies to suggest something you regular select, or suggests something most people in that niche are selecting, is called Easy Search. This feature is useful to the type of people who order the same item, regularly.

Complete food menu

As the name suggests, the complete food menu is a feature where the user finds the complete food menu, where you find all the food products which make it convenient to the user to check out every dish available and then, select the best and favorable one to the user.


After any delivery or pick up, the money transaction completes the service, and the payment feature helps us do it. Nowadays, to make money transactions easier, mobile and internet transactions are also made, and this feature also has that provision.

Automatic Accept

In busy timings, delivery executives use this feature where the deliveries are accepted automatically, one after another, helps the executive to earn more and this feature is called Automatic Accept.

Pick up

This feature was recently added to the application because before that, there was the only delivery option of any of goods like food, groceries, alcohol or courier; and recently added this, this feature was added as a result of the feedback of many people and the success of the application.


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