Readymade OLA Clone Software

Completely customizable online taxi booking software with Driver & Passenger Apps

  • Interactive Map
  • Split Payment Option
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Vehicle Management
  • Fare Calculator
  • Profile Verification

Commission from trips

You get to charge a commission from all the customers for every trip they make using Ola Clone app. Let’s take a look at the various factors that influences that amount

Total time of the trip:

The total fare varies depending on the total time of the trip from pick-up to drop off.

Distance per kilometer fee:

After leveling the base fare, you can charge the customers based on the distance they travel. This amount changes with location and type of car.

High demand for cabs:

You can increase the fare per kilometer when there is a spike in demand for cabs. Though the increase in fare varies with the types of cars, it will ensure more revenue for you.

Advanced booking:

Just like Ola, you can also charge an extra fare when customers book their rides in advance.

Toll and parking fee:

The amount depends on the toll junction crossed and the parking services used.

Features of Cabily

Features make cabily unique from any other application in the market. Communication between the customers and the drivers will be completely secure. Most of the features of this application are attractive & useful:

Vehicle Tracking

The vehicle tracking feature helps the user to track the driver, and it also helps the customer to know the estimated time of arrival.

User Tracking

User Tracking is an advanced feature where customers can share their rides with their friends so that they can track the trip seamlessly.

Time Estimator

Time Estimator is the feature used to calculate the estimated time to cover the distance between the source and the destination.

Fare Calculator

Fare Calculator is the feature used to calculate an approximate fare. It is calculated based on distance and time from source to destination locations.

Rate Card

The customer will expect to know the charges of the ride before booking the request. So we have integrated the Rate Card into the dynamic mobile app.


The customers will be happy with this flexible payment methods option, as it helps the user to pay online or offline anytime.

SMS alerts

SMS Automatically dispatches to the customer on every pickup and drop.

Email alerts

An email automatically dispatches to the customer with complete trip details and trip cost. It will also have surcharges and tips details.


Sharing the trip has revolutionized the taxi industry. It saved lots of money for customers, and it also reduces traffic to a greater extent.

Vehicle Options

Customers can choose their vehicle type from the list of various car types ranging from hatchback, sedan, SUVs, etc..

Schedule Booking

Cabily app supports Schedule Booking option where customers can Schedule a ride on any time, date, place easily.

Address Saving

Customers don't need to search or type in the address every time as this feature allows them to save the place instantly.

Booking History

Booking History module automatically saves your trip details like the price of the trip, source, destination, etc. and this helps the user to record all the trips he/she has traveled.

Edit Profile

With the edit profile module, people can update their photos, add gender preferences, birth date, update email id, phone number, etc..


Feedback is an essential module in the taxi application. People can register an opinion about the trip along with star ratings, and it will be helpful to evaluate the drivers.

Convenience fee

Some Ola cabs offer in-cab entertainment. Customers booking such cabs pay more than the normal fare. By including such features, you can avail yourself of the extra money.

Base fare

It is the initial fare. It remains constant.

Waiting time

You can penalize the customers if they make the drivers wait.

Airport fees

By using the Ola clone app, you can charge extra from customers traveling to/from any airport.

Service charge

The total fare includes the service charge and some other taxes.


4 Ways to Make More Money using an OLA Clone app

Ola’s revenue model includes several sections that ensure a constant flow of money. By using its Clone App, you get to benefit from all those facilities. Take a tour of the various modes of revenue


The Ola clone app gives you an opportunity to advertise various brands and products. During rides, you can distribute brochures and leaflets to the passengers. This apart you can play advertisements. For every promotional activity, you earn a commission from the companies concerned.


Just like Paytm and Freecharge wallet, Ola has its own wallet. Similarly, you can have a Cabily wallet. Encourage customers to make payments to cab drivers and other vendors. Tie up with several merchants so that they can pay bills and do online shopping using the wallet money. And every time they do so, you get to charge a commission from those vendors/ merchants.

Leasing of cabs

By using the Ola app, you can buy and lease cabs to drivers for a minimum non-refundable joining fee. This way you get to create jobs and promote your brand while securing extra revenue.

Tie-up with corporates

You can enter into deals with several corporates using the Ola clone app. Provides your cabs to its staff at subsidized rates. Apart from offering special packages, reduce the rate when there is a spike in demand. These B2B tie-ups will help you have a stable additional income.

Why Should You Buy Our OLA Clone Over Developing Your own?

You may have several ideas that you want to incorporate into your website app. But do you have the resources? Developing an app needs both money and time. The waiting period can eat up your profit. Why allow such issues to crop up when you can enter the transportation industry with our Ola clone app? It contains all the features of Ola and you can also personalize it to suit your needs.

Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy by procuring our Ola clone app

Immediate launch

By developing your business using Cabily, you can launch yourself immediately. Since Cabily follows Ola’s model, you will hardly find any bugs. Everything is pre-coded. Also, we have tested the app before its launch to ensure it meets your needs. On the other hand, if you want to develop your own cab app, you need to take care of every detail. From panning to strategizing and dealing with errors, everything will be your headache.

Access to technical support

Zoplay offers maximum technical support for Cabily. You can easily go through our levels of support. We offer you training and troubleshooting services so that you face no problem using our app. Besides, you will have access to regular updates. This will keep you aware of all the latest trends and technologies in the industry. When you develop your app, the third-party developer may not offer you these services.

Fewer efforts

When you use Cabily, you do not have to make any effort to plan, research, and design the app. You get the app readymade. Neither do you need coding knowledge nor do you have to keep a tab on cutting-edge technologies. We are here to support you in all possible ways. Hence, you not only save energy but also time. As a result, you can focus on other aspects of your business.


Developing an app does not come cheap. At times, you need to break a bank to get an expert developer. This is always not possible for start-ups and small-scale businesses. Cabily saves you from these expenditures. Opt for this clone script and avoid unnecessary hiccups. Also, Zoplay offers installation for free.

Personalization options

The clone app gives you enough room to customize your app and highlight your brand. Just inform Zoplay of the changes you want and you will get them at the best rate possible.

Scalability and license

Cabily is future-ready. Scale-up your business and make the necessary changes in the script to suit the change. While buying Cabily, you get a single-user license. In case you want multiple licenses, you can contact us at any time.

Replicating Business Success for New Markets Using OLA Clone

When Ola was first launched in 2010, it hardly had any competition. This situation went in its favor. And thanks to its reasonable rates, it found many a customer. Initially, customers had to book cabs by making a phone call or through the website. Soon, the founders simplified the booking process by embracing digital technology. Now, thanks to the Ola app, drivers and customers can easily find each other.

Irresistible Discounts

What clicked in the initial days was the discounts it offered. Its referral program also was a hit, especially among students. According to this, a person earned Rs.50 and a free ride for referring Ola to someone else. Soon, Ola polished its services and became a trustworthy cab service provider. Now, with Ola Play and easy payment options, Ola aims to make traveling even smoother.

Easy-to-do Business Model

Another factor that contributed to Ola’s success is its business model. Ola does not own any cars. Rather, it gives job opportunities to lakhs of cab drivers/ owners. It offers services like auto-rickshaws, bicycles, boats, share cabs, prime cabs, and electric vehicles. With time, it has only strengthened its ecosystem of passengers and drivers. It has also entered new markets like Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Easy-to-use app

Just like Ola, Cabily focuses on user experience. Since people are familiar with Ola, they will not find any difficulty using Cabily. Whether it is finding a cab or making payment, the process is similar. Customers can also rate and review the services. From multiple stops to fare estimates, you get every facility in Cabily.


Zoplay developed Cabily using the latest technology. Hence, you do not find any glitch; every bug is also taken care of. Besides, if the app needs any upgrade, you will do it for you. This ensures that your customers and drivers have a smooth journey.

Customer support

Customer support is just a few clicks away in Cabily. Similar to Ola, the clone app gives customers a chance to report every problem. Whether you are wrongly charged a cancellation fee or the driver denied to come, you can raise the issue. You can replicate the success in your business by using our Ola clone app. Cabily follows both the business and revenue model of Ola.

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About Ola Clone

Taxi Industry is one of the fast-moving industry in the market as there is a massive demand for the same. Taxi services based on mobile apps were introduced in the city of London and in the city of New York to comfort taxi services to passengers individually.

Nowadays many of the taxi services are on-demand taxi services as they provide better connectivity to the customers. Many are using clone script applications, and they are pretty fantastic. The customers can get various types of amenities and facilities along with taxi rides. Some of them are GPS tracking, On-board entertainment, and online payments. Let’s take a look at some of the successful taxi companies like Ola, Grab, Uber, etc..

Ola is the top taxi service provider in India. Ola valuation crossed $6Billion in 2019. Their application is robust to handle thousands of requests at a time. Apart from providing cab facilities to the customers, Ola also offers other add-on benefits like onboard entertainment, free wifi, etc.. It has gained a good reception among the startups. Entrepreneurs celebrate this app, but sadly, it is one of the hardest applications to clone. Ola expanded operations to Australia & UK in 2018. The app operates in a completely automated way, where the users need to turn the GPS ON to locate themselves on the map.

Ola Ready Made Clone script is available at zoplay in the name of cabily, which is the next generation taxi dispatch software. You can add taxies of various varieties. For example, you can add sedan, hatchback, SUVs, etc.. for the customers.

Customisable Taxi Software

Cabily is a mobile application like Ola to book taxis to take a ride. It is an Ola Clone software with similar functionalities that does the job identical to Ola. It also saves time in the development of the mobile application. The Cabily has very alluring features that are in the prototype of the original app. The customers can customize the application according to their business requirements.

Cabily can deal with numerous requests simultaneously, and it is one of the robust applications that can be able to compete with some sturdy apps in the market. It is a cloud-based software that helps people to manage a lot of customers effectively to provide taxi services. This Ola app clone has got a lot of features, and the app offers various solutions under one roof.

Cabily has lots of features. Some of them are promo codes, friend referral, wallet payment, etc.. Once the GPS is ON the app will automatically detect the user’s current location and will locate the user in the map along with displaying the cabs that are waiting around the user’s location. The app supports various kinds of car categories like Micro, Mini, Sedan, Prime, etc.. Users can choose to go for the ‘Ride Now’ option or ‘Ride Later’ option.