GrubHub Clone - Key Features

Google Map Integration

Both mobile & web applications come with an integrated Google maps module. Customers & delivery partners can track each other on the app.

Multiple Access for Booking

Users can order their food through the website. They can also place the order using their Android or iOS application.

Responsive Design

Users can access the website, front end panel, restaurant panel, and admin panel anytime, anywhere from their web or mobile browsers.

Restaurant Information

Customers can see a particular restaurant's information like the name, photo, address, operating hours, and more. They can also browse through the menu and customer reviews.


Admin has the option to add/edit/remove the score anytime. The users can rate the restaurants and delivery partners after the delivery.

Favorite List

Users can mark any restaurant as their favorite. The preferred list will display the list of restaurants that you have marked as favorite.

Advanced Features


You may prefer a specific restaurant or a particular dish from the list. In that case, mark it as your favorite and use it for future orders.

Discount Coupons

Admin can send notifications via email or SMS about the new offers or deals from their restaurants. Offering Discount Coupons will increase the sales of the restaurant.

Rate and Review Restaurants

Users can provide ratings and reviews for the restaurant after the delivery. Users can also give ratings on the delivery partners.

Place Order

Users can easily place their orders by choosing their favorite food from the menu. In a single click, the restaurant will confirm the order instantly.

Special Instructions

Customers can add special instructions to the restaurants if they want to customize the food. Restaurants will cook the food based on their feedback.

Contact Driver

Users can contact the driver/delivery executive using the internal voice call feature. They can also send SMS or chat using the integrated chat module.

How Does It Work?

Our app finds and lists the nearest restaurants based on the location and category.

The users can add their favorite food to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Our food ordering system will auto dispatch the order to the nearby drivers. After accepting the order, the driver will drive to the restaurant. Meantime, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order.

Driver arrives at the restaurant and picks up your order.

The driver delivers the order to the user.

The user can rate the restaurant and the delivery partner simultaneously.


4 Easy Ways for Everyone to Make Money with Our Grubhub Clone Application

Grubhub is a famous app that allows you to order food online. It helps users and restaurants find each other across the city. Restaurants can increase their customers without investing in building new infrastructure. Users can get food delivered at their doorstep from a restaurant of their choice.

As the app became popular, it created a market for more such applications. Many entrepreneurs are investing in similar apps and making a name for themselves in the competitive world. But building a new app from scratch is cost-intensive and time-consuming.

Our Grubhub clone application:

Dinedoo, solves this problem with ease. Entrepreneurs can buy a copy of the clone app and get it customized. They can launch a new food delivery app in very little time and with only a fraction of investment.

Before we talk about our Dinedo app, let us take a look at the business model. After all, generating revenue is the ultimate aim of every entrepreneur.

Commission from Restaurants

Restaurants have to pay a commission of about 12.5% to register [You can change the commission percentage] with the app and use its services. It contributes to a large portion of income. As more restaurants become a part of the app, the entrepreneur will earn more money as a commission. The commission rate can, of course, be decided by the application owner.

Delivery Fee

It contributes to a minor portion of income. Most of the delivery fee is paid to the agents. Agents take the food parcels from the restaurants & deliver them to the customers who placed the order through the app. This fee is the salary for these agents. But a small portion of the fee is credited to the app owner’s account.

Extra Commission from Sponsored Listings

Sponsored listings are a good way to add more income to the business. If a restaurant wants to appear more frequently when users search for new places to order food, it has to pay an extra commission to the app owner. You will decide the extra commission on where the restaurant wants to appear on the sponsored list.

A restaurant or diner that chooses to pay less commission will have lesser reach. It will not be displayed in the top search results on the app. Similarly, a restaurant that pays the highest commission set the app owner will appear at the top in the search results.

More Restaurants, More Users, More Income

We can deduce that the best way to make money using the Grubhub-like app is by having as many restaurants as possible to register with the business. It will bring income for the app owner and help the restaurants reach out to more customers.

When the famous restaurants and diners in the region tie-up with an app, they invariably show more interest in registering with the app and using the services. It also gives employment to more delivery agents and gives them a chance to earn their living by delivering food.

The entrepreneur will benefit by creating a platform that connects the customers to restaurants and provides a means for the delivery agents to earn money. Regular advertisements and sponsored lists can bring more money to the owner.

Our Grubhub clone app helps many new entrepreneurs make money without taking too much risk with the business. Since you can decide the commission percentage, you can easily adjust the risk factor.

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Start Your Business Quickly: Save Time & Money With Our Turnkey Grubhub Clone Application

Why is it that many people with an interest in starting their own business hesitate when it comes to putting their plans into action? Two factors play a vital role here- time and money. Not everyone has the financial condition to invest in creating a business.

Take mobile applications, for example. Creating a new mobile app from scratch is expensive. It is also time-consuming since every aspect has to be decided by the owner and the developers. What if an entrepreneur can start a business and launch an app in just a handful of days?

Our turn-key Grubhub clone application does exactly that. It helps establish and start a business without spending too much time and money developing the app from scratch. In a scenario where food delivery apps are in demand, isn’t it the best choice to start a business and attract users from across the market?

But can we make use of clone apps? Of course, we can. Take a look at some of the other advantages of using the Grubhub clone app to understand how it can help start a business in a quick time.

Reach Market Faster

For a business to be successful, it needs to reach the market on time. When there is a high demand, releasing an app will naturally generate better results than releasing it long after the demand has gone down. Using the Grubhub clone app is the easiest and safest way to bring out an application and attract users.

The aim is to make the most of the market conditions and establish the business as a worthy competitor. It is possible when the entrepreneur uses the clone software to launch an app in less than a week.

Scalability of the App

You can scale the Dinedoo app to meet the increasing demands of the business. As more and more users and restaurants become members, the business will need to develop better and update versions.

By using high-quality clone software, entrepreneurs can get the required updates done by the software provider, Zoplay, to match the business needs.

Customize the App

Just because a business owner decides to use the Grubhub clone app, it doesn’t have to mean that the app will be a replica of the original. We can customize the software to change the layout, color scheme, and features.

We can add the logo of the business to the app. We can also include new features to make the app even better and offer more to the users. The business owner can truly own the new app created using the Dinedoo application.

Less Effort, More Returns

When we say less effort, we are talking about the hours spent on building a new app from scratch. The Grubhub clone app doesn’t require all that work. The software provider, Zoplay, will customize the app for the business with ease.

Replicating Grubhub’s Business Success for New Markets With Our Grubhub Clone

Matt & Mike felt that they could create a platform where users could order food from their favorite restaurants in less time.

Instead of calling the restaurant, asking for the menu, choosing a dish, and sharing the credit card details for payment, what if the user could directly order a food item after checking the menu online?

What if you could order food easily through a website or an app? It is way better than making phone calls and waiting in line for the order to be confirmed.

Today, Grubhub has a little less than 10 million active users in the US and the UK in about 1100 cities. The company stands as an inspiration to many entrepreneurs who want to provide value-based services and attract users.

Grubhub did not start with the commission-based revenue model when it was launched. The duo charged for premium placement on the website. But when they realized that it did not bring the required results, they have adopted the commission model.

Planning revenue sources is crucial when starting a business. Entrepreneurs need money for daily operations, marketing, and other expenses. So how can an entrepreneur replicate Grubhub’s success by using the Grubhub clone app?

Launch the Business in Less Time

By using the Dinedoo application, business owners can enter the market easily. There is no need to wait for the app to be ready. It creates more opportunities to attract new users and make the most of the market trends. It will also give the business an edge over competitors who are still in the initial stages of developing the app.

Make the Right Investment Choices

Investing in the right area can amplify the returns for the business. The Dinedoo app allows the owner to save a lot of money. They can invest it in creating an attractive promotional strategy. Or they can hire efficient delivery agents to deliver food to users.

With more time and money in hand, the business owner will not have to make desperate investment decisions and put the business at risk.

Focus on Offering User-friendly Services

Ultimately, it’s the quality of services that decides if a business will be successful or not. A food delivery app is no exception to this rule.

By using the Dinedoo app, entrepreneurs can customize the app to include special and exclusive services for their users. Paying a little extra for customization will not hurt the budget either.

Be Innovative and Smart

Even when a business owner replicates an already famous and established app, it is necessary to bring something unique to the table. How else will the business attract users?

The ultimate success would lie in convincing Grubhub users that the new business following the same model will offer even better services.

Why Today Is the Best Time to Invest in Grubhub-like Food Delivery App?

There are many reasons to start investing in Grubhub-like food delivery apps, especially in today’s scenario. Of course, we know how the pandemic has been threatening the world for the past year. But we also see an increase in dependence on third-party services.

Our professional lives are taking more and more space, leaving little time for personal life. Whether cooking, driving or cleaning the house, we have little to no time to do it independently. Even calling the restaurant to order food seems to be time-taking.

In such instances, a food delivery app like Grubhub is coming to the rescue. Ordering food through the app is easy, and it hardly takes any time.

There will always be a demand for apps that make life easier for society at large. The market is expanding. Businesses are relying on each other to build a stronger system to increase the chances of survival. Countries are looking for more entrepreneurs to invest in the markets.

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More Opportunities

An active market is a growing market. And this gives various opportunities for businesses to establish and expand.

The pandemic has left the markets in a slump. But, we see how people are doing their best to stay afloat and do their bit to help others. It gives businesses like Grubhub a chance to grow strong against the adversities.

A food delivery app is going to be in demand for a long time. Also, business owners can innovate & come up with new services to encourage customers.

Need for Quality Services

No matter how many similar apps already exist in the market, users will always look for quality services. It is a sad truth that not every business delivers the services it promises. It opens the door for other entrepreneurs to enter the market and offer something of value.

Quality customer service will never go out of demand. It is the reason small businesses can give a tough fight to big brands.

Economic Growth

The world needs to get back on track. The economy needs to be revived. Starting new businesses, especially in the service sector, is a great way to bring money into the market. A food delivery app like Grubhub will make restaurants eager to function again without worrying about accommodating customers on-premises.

Customers can order their favorite dishes from the safety of their homes. Unemployed people can get jobs when new businesses open. It gives them a chance to earn a living and will automatically increase their spending capacity.

Technology at the Fingertips

Never before did we have technology the way it is today. Almost everything is possible using technology, that too for affordable prices. Isn’t that why the Grubhub clone app is so much in demand among entrepreneurs?

An entrepreneur can start his/ her own business with minimum investment and expand as more customers join. With proper planning and investment, business owners can achieve success in today’s market.



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In today’s world, there is no field that technology has left untouched. Technological inventions have played a major role in every industry. It has increased productivity by saving time & money. Technology makes everything possible at the touch of a button. Whether it is complex tasks like medical procedures or hailing a taxi on the go, you can handle it easily. The food industry is not far behind to catch up with this trend. Many cutting-edge advancements have taken this field by storm. It has changed the way of preparing and serving the food to consumers. The food industry modernizations increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. It frees up the valuable workforce. One such marvelous innovation in this field is the on-demand food delivery apps. These apps allow users to choose flexibly from various restaurants in the vicinity. It helps them to get their favorite delivered to their doorstep. These Apps provide customers with more efficient service. So, the customers are getting limitless options to choose from their favorite restaurants. There are also several discounts and loyalty benefits for consumers.

A Sneak-Peak into the Pioneers of the Food Delivery Era

GrubHub is one of the greatest wizards in the US. They are creating magic by instantly making food appear at your doorstep in just a snap of a finger. GrubHub has consolidated its position as a front runner through strategic mergers & acquisitions. GrubHub’s valuation is now at $7.3 billion. The latest addition to their shiny portfolio is the Eat24, which had a niche market in itself. GrubHub is now delivering more than 668,000+ orders per day. It has meant that despite the immense competition in the online food delivery business, GrubHub has managed to keep the lion’s share of this market. The secret ingredients in this successful recipe have ensured resource optimization for the restaurant partners & consumers. It includes:
  • Removing the scope for errors during the order process
  • Efficient flow of information between the restaurant and diners
  • One-step checkout
  • Faster delivery
  • Hassle-free payment.
There is a colossal business war going on between GrubHub & Doordash. See who is winning the war.

Start the Ball Rolling with GrubHub Clone

There is vast revenue potential in the food delivery industry. Also, there is always room for new players because of the ever-increasing demand of consumers. With our GrubHub clone application on your side, starting an online food ordering business is now as easy as ordering food online! The three-step easy process consists of:
  • Purchasing the ready-to-use app
  • Making simple tweaks, and
  • Going live
The savings in terms of time and revenue offered by this dynamic solution is exponential. This App-like GrubHub is affordable, and our team is always available for your support. So let us promptly embark on the successful journey towards becoming the most sought after online food delivery platform.