Uber Clone Application

Uber Clone is a fully automated ride-hailing application that comes with all the latest features, including Intelligent Routing, Surge Pricing, ETA, In-app notifications, SOS Panic Button, and more.

No other competitors are providing a highly optimized, scalable, and User-friendly app like ours.

Intelligent Routing

We have developed the script with an Intelligent Routing Module. It will help you to stand out from other taxi software applications in the market.

Our Privacy Policy

We value your privacy more than anything else. Also, we will ensure that you get the protection you deserve with our non-disclosure agreement. We will not mention your brand/app name anywhere on our page. And we won’t use any of your details in our portfolios or email.

Free Language Integration

Apart from English, we can also integrate more languages into the app at no extra cost. Regardless of the region where you are using, the app will function seamlessly without any issues. You can integrate any language, including French, Spanish, Arabic & Italian, into our Uber Clone App.

Free Currency Integration

Our app switches the currency based on the browser’s IP address. Users can make transactions in their local currency using the app. Cabily comes with an inbuilt currency converter module. It automatically converts international currency to local currency.

Localization for Free

Taxi business regulations differ from country to country. You can change your car type, fares, units of distance, and surcharges based on your convenience. You don’t require any coding knowledge to make these changes. With the localization feature in place, our app stands out from our competitors.

Guaranteed Approval on IOS App Store

We have an excellent approval rating in the iTunes app store. We assure you that your app will get approved in a few days. We also offer a free app store approval for your application. Our team will guide you through the process. Please contact our support team to know more.

Guaranteed Approval on Google Playstore

All Android apps developed by us comprehend Google’s technical standards. We offer our complete support to get your app approved in the Google Play Store. Along with the purchase, you will also get free app store approval guidance. Contact our technical experts for a successful launch.

Free Installation & Cloud Deployment

Our technical team will take care of the installation process. Apart from the manual dispatcher panel, our team will also install the driver’s web panel, rider’s web panel, billing administrator panel, and company web panel on your server. We also offer cloud deployment at no extra cost.

Uber clone's - Admin Panel Features

Uber Clone Operator Panel Features

Multiple ways to scale up the business

Create and Update Profile

Companies can create and manage their profiles in the app. They can add/edit all details, including name, email, mobile number, and address.

Map View

The admin can see the list of all online taxis on the map. The app fetches data using the real-time GPS tracking system. Also, it will show the status of those taxis [busy or empty] in different colors.

Add Multiple Drivers

Operators can add multiple drivers to the dashboard. They can edit, delete, and see the current status of drivers in the admin panel.

Ride Estimate

Operators can provide free fare estimates to the riders. The users can see the ride estimate before booking a ride. They need to add the pickup location and drop location in the app to see the estimate.

Book Rides

Using the web panel, operators can book rides manually for users by adding their pick up and drop locations. Operators can also schedule bookings in the app.

In-app Notifications

In-app notifications are an easy way to send updates to the users when a ride is in progress. Admin can also use these alerts for special events and promotions.

View and Manage Ride Requests

Operators can see all rides irrespective of the ride status. They can track the ongoing, completed, canceled, expired, and scheduled rides in real-time.

Operator Panel

Multiple ways to scale up the business

Separate Panel and Login

Operators login to their exclusive panel designed for them using their unique credentials.

Create and Update Profile

Operators can create and manage their profile with rights to edit all details including name, email, mobile number and address.

Map View

Using map view operators could view the users and drivers with their status like online, offline and on ride.

Add Multiple Drivers

Operators can add multiple drivers and could able to view, edit, delete them. They can view the current status of drivers in active dashboard.

Ride Estimate

Operators can view and provide fare estimates to the users after selecting pickup location and drop location using operator panel.

Book Rides

Using the web panel itself operators can book rides for users with pick up and drop location. Both on-demand and later bookings are possible


In-app notifications are the best and cheap way to convey updates and activities when a ride is in progress. Admin can also use these updates for special events or promotions.

View and Manage Ride Requests

Operators have access to view all rides irrespective of status. Starting from on trip, completed, canceled, expired, and scheduled ride.

Company Panel

Multiple ways to scale up the business

Separate Panel and Login

Companies login with their exclusive panel designed. Every company has a separate login panel.

Create and Update Profile

Companies can also create edit and manage their profile in the dashboard. They can edit their name, email, mobile number, and address.

Manage fleets and Drivers

Companies can add their fleets and drivers using the admin panel. They can manage their earnings and payouts easily.

Earnings Module

Earnings are the key part of the business. Companies can check their own earning details, including all necessary information.

Map View of Drivers

Using company login, one can view the exact status of their drivers in map view. The status includes online, offline drivers.

View Ride Status

The company panel has access to view all rides irrespective of status. They can see the ongoing ride, completed, and canceled rides. Both the list and grid view of ride status is possible.

Uber Clone Company Panel

Choose the best-suited engagement model for your business

Create and Update Profile

Companies can create and manage their profiles in the app. They can add/edit all details, including name, email, mobile number, and address.

Manage fleets and Drivers

Companies can add their fleets into the app using their login. They can also add/edit/delete the drivers, see their earnings, send notifications, and more.

Earnings Module

Earnings play a crucial role in every business. Companies can check their profits, including the individual driver’s commission and payouts.

Map View of Drivers

Using company login, you can see the exact status of your drivers on the map. The status will show both online, offline drivers.

View Ride Status

Company panel has access to track all rides [list or grid view] irrespective of the ride status. You can track the ongoing, completed, and canceled rides easily.

Highlights of Our Uber Clone Application: Cabily

Unlimited Drivers, Riders, Sub-Admins, and Rides

There will be no limitations on adding drivers and fleets. You can add an unlimited number of drivers and fleets and use the system seamlessly. Also, you can add any number of sub-admins/moderators to manage the application.

Complete Localization Feature

You can set different car types (Sedan and SUV) for each city. You can add varying rates, cancellation charges, waiting time charges, and more. Also, you can set the unit of measurement in km or miles. You can set different driver document requirements for each city.

Emergency Contact

Cabily comes with an SOS button similar to Uber. In case of an emergency, the rider can press this button in the app. It instantly sends an emergency message/call to their emergency contacts. Also, it triggers an automatic SMS to those contacts with his/her location.

Document Verification and Approval process

Admin can add/manage documents from all drivers & vehicles listed. Admin can also add/delete the driver & vehicle documents in the app.

Favorite Location

Users can set any location as their favorite if they want to travel frequently to those locations. They can also label it as home or office.

Multiple Service Type

The driver can accept rides from any users irrespective of the car category they have opted for. It benefits the drivers to achieve more number of rides every month.

Dynamic Email Templates

Using dynamic email template management, the admin can edit the email content/text in the system. They can also add new templates to the system.

SMS Authentication

Drivers and users can verify their mobile numbers with an automated SMS option [powered by Twilio] in the app. This module will eliminate fake users from the system.

Multiple Language Integration

You can start/upgrade your taxi business with our app from any part of the world. We can customize/add any local language of your choice to the application.

LightWeight and Less Battery Usage

Our apps are lightweight and are optimized to work even if the battery is running low. It consumes less battery on both android and iOS devices.

Complete White Labeling Solution

We know the importance of branding, so we won’t charge anything to remove our brand name and logo. Also, we will add your logo on both web and mobile apps.

Advance Statistics and Analytics

Admin can check the reports in an attractive graphical format. Our statistical reports will help the admin to plan their business accordingly. You can also export your standings instantly into excel.

White-label App Solution

Get your taxi business more profitable with our white-label apps

Customize the mobile app with your favorite color. Web reskinning feature can help in increasing people’s interest and effective use of the app.

Increase customer reliability by launching your app on both android and iOS. Compatibility and ease to use are the primary goals of incorporating this feature.

We can handle the bugs and errors effectively with our 24/7 technical support team. You can contact our technical support anytime through email/phone.

As we use Paypal and Stripe as our payment gateway, security is not a concern for us. We can also add/customize new payment gateways into the app to make smooth transactions.

Cabily App Screenshots

4 Ways to Earn Money Online with the Uber Clone App

Define The Target Market for Your App

Your business depends on your customers. So this is true for a ride-sharing app too. More customers mean profit. So launch your app in an area where people need it and space for your app to do business. Choosing the ideal market is your priority. The number of ride-sharing apps in the market is increasing.

To stand out in the market, you need to improvise. Before launching your app, survey the socio-economic conditions of the target area. Study the commuting pattern of the residents in the area. Rush hours and average traveling distance also count towards profit. To make money, launch your business after defining your target audiences.

Right Vehicles for Your Ride-sharing App

Done defining your target market audiences? Now choose the right vehicle for your Ride-sharing App. Getting into the ride-sharing market means two things. First, you provide safety, and then you provide comfort. Keep your customers safe yet comfortable. Let them feel at home when they use your app.

You will eventually make profits from better service quality than your competitors. As owners, choose cars spacious to travel in and have premium safety features such as airbags and automatic brakes. People would always choose their safety over money. People will use your ride-sharing app more likely if you let them decide which car they want to travel in.

Right Place to Get Customers

When you survey your locality before app launch, make sure to know the areas that will get you more customers. Shopping centers, sporting hubs, and food hubs are some of the places you can get loads of riders. Make sure to identify those places via your ride-sharing app. Mark those places with a tag or a color code, as it will help your drivers know where they can get rides.

Getting customers for your app will be easy if your app has features for your drivers and riders alike. People will use your app more likely when you have features such as nearest pickup spots, estimated arrival time, and more.

Profits from Dynamic Pricing

Surge Pricing or Dynamic Pricing is a common practice for most ride-sharing apps. When ride demand exceeds supply, Dynamic Pricing happens. During festivities, downpours, or sporting events, ride demand increases. Hence, ride prices also go up. Sometimes it could go up multiple times the normal fare for a ride.

So be attentive to such openings. Implement surge pricing in the case of sporting events and downpours when customers want to get to their place first. Such scenarios will help you make quick money through commissions. Make sure to uphold your premium service tag during those hours.

How to Save Your Time & Money Using Our Readymade Uber Clone App?

It is Legal and Safe

App Cloning refers to making an app taking inspiration from a similar app in the market. It’s not copying the whole app or the website. It’s taking a similar concept to make another clone app. Many people misunderstand this as copying. App cloning is legal until there is a breach of copyright with the existing business.

Our Cabily: Uber Clone app is legal and safe. Yes, we have taken inspiration from different apps to make our new ride-sharing app. Our cabily application is customizable and has its own set of unique features.

Save Your Development Time

Making a new app from scratch is not easy. It requires time, money, and patience. Launching an app with minimal use of those three things is the best way to do business. A readymade Uber clone will save you your development time.

A clone script is customizable and easy to process. You can customize your app and its interface the way you want it to be. You can always upgrade and update as per your need. Our readymade app will help you achieve your product with minimal effort.

Budget-Friendly Option

Developing a new app from scratch is not exactly an economical option. So using a readymade clone script for your app is the cheaper way to launch an app. Your goal should be to use minimal resources for your app launch. So the total cost would be less by using a clone app for your ride-sharing business.

Our cabily application is pre-approved. We have designed it with care by taking inspiration from other ride-sharing apps. Hence, it is wiser to use our ready-to-use application rather than making it from scratch.

Error-free and Adaptive

One of the headaches that every businessman faces every day is “how to make my app bug-free?”. If you want to avoid that, our customizable uber-like app will help. One of the issues with making an app from scratch is that there will be errors. There will be technical bugs and mistakes.

Now when we use a readymade clone script for your app, it will resolve those issues. Our cabily app is pre-approved. Hence, it is bug-free and adaptive to any OS (Android & iOS) in the market. It eliminates the chance to make separate databases for iOS and Android.

Less the Business Planning, Faster the Launch

The solution we provide you reduces your expenses and time and sorts out your marketing strategies. The readymade app is tested and fully functional. We will double-check it before we deliver it to you. A new app from scratch needs proper business plans and a marketing framework.

Our Uber-like application eliminates the need for any pre-launch business strategies. It gives you the latest in trend user interface designs to use before you launch. It also ensures that there is ample demand for these apps in your target market. Hence, a faster time frame for your ride-sharing app to launch.

Why Is It the Right Time to Launch an App like Uber?

Crisis Calls for Action

This year has been a revelation for our current society. We are now more aware of our health and safety than ever. With such a deadly disease on a roll, it has been impossible to get out of our homes. The pandemic has hit the traveling industry the worst. People are more cautious about which service to choose for their daily commute.

It’s the perfect opportunity to be the one ride-sharing app with the necessary safety and hygiene features. Innovative ideas to make customers choose your app will work in these times.

Stand Out as a Unique Brand

In these times, there is ample opportunity for a new app to market its brand value. You can acquire more customers with your quirky one-liners in marketing. As fewer people are traveling, it’s an opportunity for you to serve them with unique practices before and after rides.

You can add features like on-ride sanitizer for your riders to use. You can create events such as giving away masks for first-time users. Such features will only boost your credibility. Hence, it will engage more customers to use your ride-sharing app over others.

Try Out Your New Features in the Market

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to try some of the experimental features on your app. Let the reviews of your riders dictate whether you will be keeping those features or not. Your sample size will be less considering the travel restrictions are on, but it will give you an idea about what users want while traveling with you.

Review and feedback are the most important things to improve the features of your app. So to do beta-testing of your ride-sharing app, this pandemic is the ideal opportunity.

Clever Market Positioning

If you launch your app during these pandemic times, people will know your name and brand more. As many as 97% of internet users are online today. Since users are increasingly spending more time on the internet, it is wise to promote your brand online via social media and other digital platforms.

Digital promotion of your brand in the lockdown period will give you an edge over other Uber clone apps in the market. Once the pandemic is over, your market value will be sky-high. More individuals will use your ride-sharing app with knowledge of your services.

No Time is The Best Time

Launching a business in these times is a daunting task for anyone. As they say, there is no ideal time to launch your business. Make this crisis an opportunity for your growth. Follow all the safety and privacy regulations before your ride-sharing app launch.

We at “Zoplay” are always trying to serve you with the best Uber clone app. We ensure to customize your ride-sharing app as per your demand. We provide you with the best in class designs and features for a quicker yet confident launch of your app.

How Can You Replicate Uber’s Success Using Our Uber Clone App?

Strong User Interface

Our cabily app is one of the many Uber clone apps globally, but none with a better User Interface experience.

  • We provide you with customizable UI/UX options.
  • You can add or remove various features as per your app demands.
  • We have a robust group of 70 User Interface designers working with us.

They will help you modify your app and its UI the way you want it to.

Better UI/UX will result in a better market value for your app. It will attract more customers in your target area and will make you more money.

Simple Marketing Strategies

Our ride-sharing app will provide you with simple marketing strategies as per your target area of operations. Our app will provide users with options such as on-demand priority membership for a nominal price.

We can customize it into monthly, quarterly, and yearly membership plans. Members will get a certain number of discounted rides for their plan-tenure. You can earn some quick money from it.

Other strategies such as referral rides are also available with our app. It would make your app grow and gain more customers in no time. It will enable your user to choose you over other ride-sharing apps.

Effective and Easy to Use
  • The big advantage of using our uber-like app is its simplicity. Ease of use is important to any user of a ride-sharing app. Our app simplifies the cab-booking process.
  • It ensures a user to pick any available rides they want to travel in.
  • It reduces the uncertainty of what type of car will arrive and when.
  • It will decrease the chances of fare bargaining, thus giving you the whole amount.
  • It will make it easier for passengers to split their fares.

Hence, no hailing, no calling to get a cab anymore.

Credibility and Usefulness

As a car-pooling service, it is important to uphold your brand value and credibility. It will create more opportunities for taxi drivers to join your ride-sharing app. It will also attract more people to use your app to book their traveling plans.

Our cabily app enables both riders and drivers to rate each other. Hence, it will improve the quality of your service with every ride booked on your app. Automatic e-receipt at the end of the rides will also serve your customers with hassle-free traveling.

Brand Expansion with Additional Low Cost

Our Uber clone app will benefit your business in maintaining a steady flow of incoming customers.

  • It will provide you with a low additional cost for every new user added through your app.
  • It will increase the pace of your business expansion.

You can remotely control your expansion online with the help of our support team on-demand. Our support team will provide you with strong lobbying and PR for your ride-sharing app. Hence, the cost of providing service to 100000 users will be the same as providing service to 1000.

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