TaskRabbit Clone - Highlighting Features

TaskRabbit Clone Script is a marketplace that connects taskers with customers. It's an elegant method to find experts in your region. By using Quickrabbit, you can start your task marketplace instantly.

Responsive Design

Advanced Search Option

Private Messaging System

Social Sharing

Social Sign-in

Responsive Design

Advanced Search Option

Private Messaging System

Social Sharing

Social Sign in

Responsive Design

Smartphone and tablet adoption is increasing rapidly, and the importance of mobile-friendly websites is increasing day by day. So our team has come up with a responsive version of TaskRabbit clone.

Geo-Location Based Service Listing

Taskers will be able to view the task based on their Geo-Location. Our script will assign a task to experts based on their GEO location (IP), and it will help them to get a specific job based on their location.

Google Maps Integration

Quick Rabbit Script has Integrated Google Maps, which will give the exact location to the user.

Payment Using Credit Card

Our Quick Rabbit script supports payment through credit card. With our Advanced Payment module, the client can complete payment using a Credit card seamlessly without any hassle.

Google Analytics Integration

The quick rabbit script allows the user to integrate Google Analytics into the script. It helps you to monitor the user flow & website traffic continuously.

Bootstrap Design

Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. It is for taskers of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes.

Banner Management

We integrate Web-Based banner management software for rotating banner ads. Our Advanced Banner Management will give you valuable experience for the user.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly URL structure will help the site to rank higher in the search results. So quick rabbit script automatically generates SEO Friendly URLs to rank higher in search engines.

Services Ratings

After completing a Task, the tasker can collect ratings and reviews from the customer. It will help the tasker to increase tremendous value by improving customer confidence and increase credibility.

FAQ Management

FAQ Management module is a Knowledgebase section where customers can search and get instant answers if they have any queries.

Email Messaging System

The script comes with an integrated Email Messaging System. It will help to communicate with Users and Taskers Easily.

Email Templates

Quickrabbit comes with some predefined Email Templates which helps website Administrators to compose and send email quickly.

Quickrabbit’s Advanced Features

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Our script supports multiple currencies. It allows the user to switch to their local currency to make payment.

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Social Sharing

You can share the task in your social media accounts, which will help you to get high-quality social traffic to your website. In just a single tap, users can share the content on social networks.

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Social Sign-in

The quick rabbit script allows new users to create accounts by using their social media accounts like Facebook. Our social sign-in option will enable users to sign-in using FB, twitter instantly.

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Advanced Search Option

With the Advanced search option, Taskers can search by using Keyword, Category, Price, Location, etc.. this can save their time and will get the exact results quickly.

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Our script has an Integrated Manual Translator, which translates the site into your desired language. So it helps you to launch your website in your local language based on your convenience.

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Private Messaging System

We have introduced an advanced message communication system between the tasker and the user. With this Message communication system, the tasker can communicate with the user easily and quickly.

Quickrabbit’s Dashboard Features

TaskRabbit Clone Script comes with an advanced dashboard that has highly advanced features and functionalities.

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