Instacart Clone - Highlighting Features

Groceries At Your Door

The ordered groceries gets delivered to your specified address with the help of GPS tracking system.

Products From Nearby Store

Products can be ordered from stores which are nearby to the users delivery location.


Once a user places the order, they can track the order status with the help of the map on the app.

Convenient Payment Methods

Payment can be made through either by credit card option or by cash method. There is also provision for payment from the wallet.

Promo And Referral Codes

Admin can send promotional offers as coupon codes through push notifications or email.

Push Notifications

The push notification services are for the real-time communications by sending the booking status, special messages to the users and drivers as well.

Advanced Features


The user can sign up for the service by providing certain required information and the users who have an existing social media account can log in with the credentials for the social media account.


Millions of products can be added to the online grocery store; the users can browse through these products easily with the search functionality.


Groceries from multiple brands can be added and products can also be searched and filtered based on brands.


Stores can provide promotional offers on particular items or based on amount of purchase.

Rating & Review

A user can leave a feedback on the service which they received through the website and rate the experience as well.

Secure Payments

The user can make payment through online or offline and it will be completely safe and secure.

Instacart Clone - How It Works

Easy steps to get your Groceries Delivered


Find the nearest store based on the location and category


Add groceries into cart, checkout and pay (online)


Driver System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers, Driver once accepted will move to restaurant. Meantime, store will pack the order


Driver arrived and picked up your order


Driver delivered order at your location


Ratings and reviews


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Instacart is nothing but an online food ordering app in which how the people shop and buy the foodstuffs and food keep on transform in today’s fast paced global. As the mobile technologies have made better, the failed attempts of on the demand of delivery with foodstuff delivery application appear to be a far memory.

Working on App like Instacart

The working of Grocery delivery script is simple and it is easy to use for those who are new to the application Instacart lets the shop the user from the local grocery stores through online, then the app sends a personal customer to pick up and deliver the order of the user to them by the same day. Unlike the other food delivery app services, the firm doesn't supply the fresh produce in a large warehouse; rather, it lets the user can shop the major food stores like the Whole Foods, Shaw's, and Costco through its online website, and then the service sends the order of the user to one of its part-time workers. This personal shopper goes to the near store and picks up everything on the list which was given by the user, and then drives it to in their car and supplies it to the user within the mentioned time. One of the simplest method to order and it helps to save your time.

About delivery cost of Instacart app

In this application, the delivery is free for the first order of the user. After the first order, it starts at 4 dollars for two hour delivery of the product and 6 dollars for a one-hour delivery charge when you spend 35 dollars or more than that. Delivery prices of the app for the individual order of the user are detailed shown at the checkout. There is also an option for the user to join in the app’s Instacart Express membership club, which gives the free delivery within 2 hours of booking and scheduled food deliveries over the 35 dollars for 99 dollars per year, after a free trial over a couple of weeks. So when comparing to other food delivering application it is the better one and sometimes it gives a special offer to the user.

Thing needed to use the application

The thing which is needed for the application is given here. The users have an application from where the user can order the foodstuff by selecting one or more stores. The user can even order the groceries from a desktop or laptop using a web based interface instead of using a smart phone. Users have the option of the payment that they can pay online for their order and they can tip their customer in advance during the checkout. One of the main options is to shop from any of the stores which are available in their area. An order can even be established by connecting the items from the different stores. Users can schedule the orders for a specific day and time without any disappointments.

Benefits of the application

By using this Grocery Delivery Solution the user can save their time. During window shopping, the user has to wait in the line for the bill payment but here the user needs not to wait so the user can save their time and they can get their product on their door step. The main advantage is the user can save money by using this application and it is one of the traditional methods. As they have the option to create their list for shopping and the user can go to the deal section in the service and they can find the sale. By using this idea the user can save their money. The application has the ability to order from multiple locations at once by using the services. There are these are some of the advantages while the using the application.

Have an idea to start food delivery business?

In recent days the online application plays an important role among the people because everyone is busy with their work and no one has the time to shop. So most of the people prefer online shopping and thus saves their time. The main advantage of the online shopping is that they can order from any place. If you have any idea to start the online business here the FoodGo will fulfill your needs. The FoodGo app is nothing but the clone script of Supermarket Software and it has some additional features than the original app. Here we provide you a trustworthy clone script which helps your business. The features and the advantage of the clone script are explained below and the detailed explanation about the coupons, order, offers and so on.

Features of Instacart Clone applications

The application is available on both app store and play store so that the user can download the application from that. The login option is easy by giving the general details and the application has the other option by you can login or signup through the social medias application like Facebook and so on. It has the option that the user can search the restaurant through location so the search mode made here is easy. It shows the option that you can sort over by rating and delivery time and this thing added the advantage to the app. Here the restaurant menu will be listed which is based on the categories of the food and the user have the option to choose the food with the base pack and they can add the food to the cart. The cart can handle multiple items. The payment is easy and it is done through the both PayPal and credit card option. The user can track the order by using the map and they can contact the driver for the ongoing order at any time. So by using the entire feature, the owner can get profit for the business.

Features which helps the owner

You have the option that you can manage your business information in a secure manner because we provide you with a fully encrypted script to help your business in a better way. You have the option that you can set the business time and working hours. The owner can have a special feature that you can use the app even on offline. These are the some of the features which help you and yours business in better way.

About orders

If the user has ordered anything, first of all, the order will send to the restaurant and once if they received the order they will go through it and the restaurant confirms the food order and the order will be go in processing and then the nearby chauffeurs will be allowed automatically for the order. And here some of the basic thing during ordering and this will help both the user and the owner of the app.

Order pickup

Once the order is done then it will go for out of delivery and therefore the chauffeurs reached the restaurant and picked up the groceries which the user ordered.

Delivered Orders

In each and every application the order will take place by the driver and therefore, here also the orders will be done through by the driver.

Decline Orders

Sometimes the orders are declined only by the restaurant and no other can decline it.

Cancelled Orders

The order can be canceled only by the user and the restaurant will not be responsible for that. So the user can cancel the order at any time.

Sometimes the restaurant will provide the offers to both the users and owners. By this offers the owners can get high profit because it catches the users’ involvement. So the offers can be added by the restaurants or the admin that can add a new offer which is based on the area and by this offers the restaurant will gain the more customers. The owner has the option that they can view the offers which are given by the restaurant and they have the authority to delete the offer after some days. So with the clone script, we can give all the authority which you need for your business. The owner has the option to know about the reason for the order cancellation by the user and this will help for further orders and this feature added one of the advantages to the application.

Therefore we give you an excellent clone script with the flowing feature with is mentioned above and these features can help your business in better way. We can support you during and after the installation of the application and you can contact our customer care at any time to clarify your doubts regarding the script. We provide you the demo videos along with the full pack so that you can get the entire thing by seeing the videos and this will help you a lot. So if you are aiming to make you business in highest level, you are at the right place and this is the correct time to take the action and our company will assist you in a better way.

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