Instacart Clone - Highlighting Features

Groceries At Your Doorstep

The ordered groceries get delivered to your specified address with the help of a GPS tracking system.

Products From Nearby Store

You can order the products from stores that are nearby to the user's delivery location.


Once a user places the order, they can track the order status with the help of the map on the app.

Convenient Payment Methods

Payment can be made through a credit card option or by cash option. There is also a provision for reimbursement from the wallet.

Promo And Referral Codes

Admin can send promotional offers like coupon codes through push notifications or email.

Push Notifications

The push notification services are entirely real-time. It sends the booking status, individual messages to the users and drivers simultaneously.

Advanced Features


Users can sign up for the service by providing certain information. Users who have an existing social media accounts can log in with those credentials.


Add unlimited products to the online grocery store. Users can browse through these products easily with the search functionality.


Add groceries from multiple brands. Products can also be searched and filtered based on brands.


Stores can provide promotional offers on particular items or based on the amount of purchase.

Rating & Review

A user can leave feedback on the service which they received through the website and rate the experience as well.

Secure Payments

The user can make payment through online or offline, and it will be completely safe and secure.

Instacart Clone - How It Works

Easy steps to get your Groceries Delivered


Find the nearest store based on the location and category.


Add groceries into cart, checkout, and pay (online)


The System will auto dispatch the order to the nearest drivers. The driver, once accepted, will move to the restaurant. Meantime, the store will pack the order.


Driver arrived and picked up your order


The driver delivered the order at your location


Ratings and reviews




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On-demand Grocery delivery solution

Shoppers worldwide are growing increasingly comfortable with grocery shopping using on-demand grocery delivery apps. This exponential growth, which was previously untapped in the supermarket industry, has led to the emergence of large players who are using mobile and online technology to meet the ever-increasing demand from consumers worldwide. Shoppers are growing comfortable using apps that feature an intuitive interface that lets them select the grocery or household essentials from a category or list and drop it into their virtual cart. They can then choose additional options like delivery date/time and preference of payment methods (online or upon delivery).

Instacart is one such app that is a global leader in pioneering the online grocery shopping revolution. It is valued at $7.6B now. They operate through an on-demand grocery delivery app.The company has a massive network of suppliers and warehouses, which are well-networked and form an efficient supply chain that can deliver the selected products, sometimes in less than an hour from the time of order. Instacart’s primary focus is on providing groceries and home essentials, and customers can choose from a variety of favorite stores like Safeway, Stanley’s, and Costco. Instacart started grocery pick up now.

If you have dreams of entering this growing business, we have developed the perfect turnkey solution for you. We have built a world-class Instacart clone app that features all the functionalities of the original Instacart app. Once purchased, you can get started with your online grocery shopping business instantly with minimum setup or technical knowledge. Our app is built with the highest coding and testing standards and is ready to use immediately. Our app saves you considerable time in researching, development, and testing costs. It features an attractive and user-friendly UI and is secured with the highest encryption standards to ensure a safe online payment transaction.

Our app has all the top features like shopping lists, spending tracker, grocery shopping list reminders, coupons and loyalty features, detailed product descriptions and secure gateways for an online credit card, debit card, and digital wallet payments. Our app is available for use on any mobile platform of your choice.

Get started with building a successful online grocery shopping and delivery platforms like Big Basket, and Grofers with our app. You have complete freedom to customize the app with your special offers, coupon promos, and loads of other attractive features. We will ensure that you receive prompt customer support for any issues you may face. We also have a dedicated in-house team who will help you with regular updates and maintenance of the app.