Just Eat Clone - Highlighting Features

Advanced Features

Real-Time Tracking

The user can track the driver in realtime once the driver sets out for delivery from the restaurant.


The order history will list all the completed, cancelled and upcoming jobs of the uers.

Search Restaurants

The users can find restaurants near him using GPS or by entering the location directly in the app.

Profile Creation

User can create, view, edit profile and maintain all the information simply from the mobile app or the web dashboard.

Special Instructions

You can give special instructions at the time of ordering your food,this app which has the features to give special instructions and all the instructions that are given by you will be viewed directly by the restaurants.

Contact Service

The user and driver can contact with each other through each other with SMS or call once the driver accepts the delivery.

How It Works

Easy steps to get your food delivered on time

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category

Add menus into cart, checkout and pay (online)

System will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Driver, once accepted will move to restaurant. Meantime, restaurant will prepare & pack the order

Driver arrived and picked up your order

Driver delivered order at your location

Ratings and reviews



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Just Eat Clone script

Nowadays, the mobile application is dominating the world by its performance with respect to the technology. For the purpose of ordering food also, there is an availability of some mobile applications to achieve the task. If the person is tired of ordering the food items directly, they can move towards the online mobile application. Through the mobile application, the executives will take our order and there are so many mobile applications are available to order the desired foods.

Coming to the Just Eat website clone, which is used to order the food is effectively performing towards the desired task of the user. Each and every restaurant’s website is interconnected with this mobile application to deliver the details about the food items which are available currently. There are certain terms and conditions are available to access this service through online. This is mandatory to follow those to achieve the desired task towards ordering the food items.

Normal and social signup/ signin

Initially, the people should select their favourite restaurant to order the desired food to have. It could be achieved through online and most of the mobile applications are distributing some offers to the users. After selecting the food item through online, the people can dispatch the respective amount via an online payment. There are some indispensable procedures are available to have a delivery process of the demanded product. Some of the mobile application is asking the user to send the feedback about the service.

The people can order the food through the Emails what are interconnected with the social media and it leads to having more number of customers to access the respected mobile application. For this food ordering process, the mobile applications are acting as an instrumental tool with different profiles of the particular restaurant. It leads the customer to mention the desired food items through online and the demand of the user.

The required of the detailed list of the food items are the important one to the user who is looking for it to have. With respect to this detailed list, there will be the statistics and implementations of the mobile application are occurred. Creating the corresponding domain name and the hosting facility is very much useful to the website which is supporting the service to be flexible and user-friendly.

Sort using the rating option

On the platform of mobile application itself, the complete details of the specific food item will be provided. By using the location also the user can search for the restaurant to order the tasty food. This is the easiest way to track our order through online and finally, the user can submit the reviews about the performance of the restaurant. The online restaurant order script of Just Eat is providing an option for the smart ordering system.

With the help of smart ordering process, the people can order the number of food items at the same time. The table booking in the particular restaurant is achieved through an online mobile application which reveals the feature in accordance with the food items. While comparing with the ancient days, nowadays there are different options and items are available on the mobile application for ordering the food.

In our world, most of the people are food lovers who are all looking for the tastier recipe to have. The user can select the desired recipe through the mobile application by accessing the corresponding options. The person, who is seeking for spending a time with family or with their loved ones, can prefer these kinds of mobile application to have a time with best restaurant service. The facilities which are distributed through the mobile application are supporting the user to order the food.

Favorite restaurant option

On the website of justeat.com, the person can gather the complete information about the particular restaurant and its food facilities. The online booking will be very much profitable one ever and the user can create an account on the website. To increase its standard and strategy, the clone script of Just Eat is improving the features and specifications which are available in its mobile application. The investment should be moderate and the user has to get satisfied with the performance of this service.

This mobile application facilitates a bigger marketplace to order a food item what the people deserved to taste. There are so many restaurants are projected on the website to select as per the wish of the user. The payment for the order is integrated through online with limited restrictions. After completing the online order, the people can receive the confirmation through the text message or emails.

Those are optimizable and the customizable one for the mobile devices to access and having the benefit through the mobile application. Easy and secure checks out processes are available for the proper performance towards the process of food ordering through online. The notifications are distributed on the platform of an Android and the internet operating system. It will be helpful for the online food ordering business which is developing and implementing the mobile application with respect to the project.

Standard food ordering system

The foodgo arrives from the script of more number of mobile applications which are used for the food ordering service. A survey is stated that the Food ordering mobile application is comparatively high than other service’s mobile apps. Within a particular time after booking the desired food item, the user can receive that by paying the corresponding amount. Each and every booking are generating the coupon code for the user who is ordering the food. Eventually, we have to know that the clone script of Just Eat is revealed as Foodgo mobile application to order and deliver the food items through online.

The ordering history will be stored in the service at the same time; rating options with respective status will be displayed to the used to select their desired food items. The user can have a general sign up and sign in a facility to provide an easy accessing process through the mobile application. The people can find the Zip code to receive the product in the current location. The service will sort the projects depends on the delivery time and the demand for the food category.

There is an availability to pay the amount for the registered food item by using the PayPal or credit card service. The service will distribute some special instructions to the user who is all looking for a mobile application to order the desired food item. On the website of food delivery services, there is a possibility to invite the other people to look into it and also having the benefit through this service. If there is an availability of any new food items, the service will establish about the specific product on the mobile application.

Order tracking facility

We can track the order status with the delivery details of the particular restaurant which are accepting or discarding the demands of the user. It will be very helpful for managing the business information with the limited restrictions through online. This facilitated mobile application for the process of food delivery is available in the different countries where the people are accessing this through online. It will lead to the simple business model for the delivery of the desired product from the particular restaurant.

Online ordering foods have to undergo the quality checking process to verify its special than other products. The food lists are properly updated with the mobile application and the offers are directly updated by the admin of the restaurant. Just Eat is attaining successfully on the perspective restaurant. We can cancel the order which is made up on the Food ordering website. The user should update a reason for that and this kind of mobile application will be user-friendly which was accomplishing the desired task.

Always the clone scripts are very much advantageous one than the original application. Similarly, Foodgo distributes the same features what are available on the Just Eat mobile application for the food ordering process. The foodies may get the good satisfaction towards the demands and desired projects. With respect to the location also, the people can search the restaurant to order their favourite food items. The mobile applications are expanding the online food orders with some terms and conditions.

Order history

Ongoing order request is possible while ordering the food through the respective mobile application. For the ongoing order, the user can directly contact the driver to deliver the demanded product. The details are stored in the main memory of the service which is performing the tasks towards the food delivery. In the mobile application of the food delivery process, the people can have an option for a base pack. In the online marketing service for the food ordering projects also facilitates the low budget performance too.

Order confirmation acknowledgment will be distributed to the each and every user from the corresponding restaurant. The mobile application of Just Eat is delivering the registered food item after verifying the acknowledgment of the user. The mobile application will be active on the platforms of an Android and internet operating systems which are available in the handheld devices.

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