Just Eat Clone - Highlighting Features

Advanced Features

Realtime Tracking

Users can track the driver in realtime once the driver sets out for delivery from the restaurant.


The order history tab will list all the completed, canceled, ongoing, and pending delivery personnel jobs.

Search Restaurants

Users can browse through the restaurants near them using GPS. Or they can also enter a custom location directly onto the app.

Profile Creation

Users can create, view, edit profile, and manage all the information directly from the mobile app. They can also change their details by logging into the user panel dashboard.

Special Instructions

While ordering the food, users can add special instructions to the restaurant. The app will send these notes/instructions to the restaurants directly.

Contact Service

The user and the driver can contact each other using the integrated voice calling feature. They can also chat with each other using the in-built messaging module.

How Does It Work?

Six Easy steps to get your food delivered at your doorstep in no time

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location, cuisine, and category.

Select your favorite food, add it to the cart, checkout, and make the payment online.

Our system auto dispatches the order to the nearest delivery-partner. After accepting the offer, the partner goes to the restaurant to pick the order.

The restaurant prepares the order and keeps it ready for delivery. Then, the driver picks the order from the restaurant.

Using the in-app navigation module, the driver can easily navigate to the customer location.

The delivery-partner delivers the food and rates the restaurant and the user. Also, the users can rate the restaurant and delivery partner and leave their feedback.


Start Making Money With Just Eat Clone Through These 7 Ways

Are you looking to start a viable business? Then, kickstarting your own food delivery business would be a perfect decision. Nowadays, people are more interested in trying out new recipes by sitting at their homes. That is where the food delivery business gains significance. The food delivery business has its target audience ready. The only challenge for you is to bring those audiences to your app. This article will how many ways you can make money by launching your food delivery app.

Advertisements & Promotions

Being a food aggregator, you would have many restaurants signed up with you for selling their food. Among them, some will show interest in getting highlighted in your app. You can charge a premium from such interested parties and boost their visibility. You can achieve this by featuring them on top of the search results page in our Just Eat clone app Dinedoo. Likewise, you can make restaurants advertise their food in the form of banners, videos, and more.

Fixed Commission

Fixed Commission is perhaps a solid revenue form in the food delivery business model. Food delivery firms charge customers around 10% of the order value as commission. The Dinedoo app allows you to fix the commission of your wish. Likewise, you can charge a sign-up fee from restaurants for displaying their food on your app.

Delivery Charges

The most basic yet steady form of revenue is the delivery charges. This charge is premium customers pay to get food at their doorstep. You can fix the delivery charge depending on the distance delivery persons travel. The more distance a delivery person has to cover, the higher the delivery charge would be.

Premium Plans

Motivate your customers to sign up for premium plans. Paid plans offer free delivery, personalized offers, and exclusive coupons. Customers who frequently use your app will see value in the proposition. Many of them will not be reluctant to pay a premium to enjoy the benefits.

Third-party Ads

Another steady source of income that you can bank on is Google AdSense. This Google program will display advertisements in your app targeting your users. While Google will manage the ads, you will earn money based on clicks and impressions.

Extra fee & Surcharges

Some customers prefer faster delivery but do not mind shelling out a few extra bucks. Being a food aggregator, you can use this opportunity and make extra revenue. You can also charge customers extra during peak hours and bad weather conditions. But, surge pricing may backfire on your company if you don’t play your cards right. If not done right, your customers may move on to other food delivery apps. It will happen if they feel that your company is exploiting them.

Charging Upcoming Restaurants

The rise of food delivery apps opened up new avenues for entrepreneurs. Tonnes of restaurants have mushroomed solely relying on food delivery apps. You can charge a premium from restaurants that want to kick start their business using your app.

Readymade or Tailor-made Food Delivery Apps?

6 Things That Help In Deciding Which One Entrepreneur Should Go For

Gone are the days when developers have to sit together and ponder to develop an app. Times have changed. Today, if you have an idea, there are readymade apps available in the market, pretty much for any business. All an entrepreneur needs to do is polish up the clone script, white-label it, and launch his/her business. In this section, we will see the reasons one must go for readymade clone apps.

Saves Time

Successful businesses do not deny the fact that time translates into money. New online businesses are sprouting up at a rate like never before. Given this fact, it would be unwise to wait for a prolonged time to launch your online business. Buying Dinedoo will save you months and months required for coding an app from scratch. Our Just Eat clone app is a plug-and-play software that you can customize and start using in just a few days. You can save the valuable time you are planning to invest in developing the app and marketing it.

Cuts Down Investment Cost

Developing an exclusive app for your food delivery app requires a deep pocket. Developers have to pay keen attention to building the app to run flawlessly on iOS and Android. But, readymade clone apps are relatively affordable. You can save the resources needed for market research, the app’s design language, and more. When it comes to Dinedoo, we already put in all the efforts and resources required. Hence, the app is free from glitches and ready to go.


People are so used to the functionality and navigation of popular food delivery apps. Hence, it is quite tough to accustom them to a new interface. It would be a prudent move to go with the flow. Hence, we developed Dinedoo after taking inspiration and visual cues from Just Eat.

Customizable, Compatible & Feature-rich

Though readymade, Dinedoo is customizable as per your business needs. Dinedoo has its roots in Bootstrap, a responsive open-source CSS framework. The framework makes front-end web development faster and compatible.

White labeling

Buyers of Dinedoo can rename the app and make it appear as their app. Right from the logo to the app name, everything is changeable.

Technical Support

Companies that sell clone apps extend after-sales technical support. The user base of clone apps is quite large. Hence, the technical team will have quick solutions to address common issues. Buyers can make use of the tech support given by the clone app developer. It will save their expenditure towards forming a dedicated technical team.

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The app also comes with a slew of features that you can use to capture the market. Below are some features that deserve special mention:
  • Real-time tracking of delivery personnel
  • Special Instruction To Restaurant’ text field
  • User profile creation
  • Order history
  • Reviews
  • Ability to search nearby eateries using GPS
  • Driver auto dispatch
  • Order management dashboard (for restaurants)
Buyers can make use of the tech support given by the clone app developer. It will save their expenditure towards forming a dedicated technical team.

A Rapid Increase in Demand for the On-Demand Food Delivery Model

An increasing number of people from all walks of life in urban areas with busy lifestyles use the Internet’s power to save time and effort in cooking. They order at least one meal a day from food ordering apps while also savoring various cuisines. All you need to do is:
  • Download the app
  • Select the dish from your favorite restaurant
  • Pay securely via your preferred mode of payment, or pay upon delivery.
This trend has seen the emergence of many successful food delivery apps like Just Eat. Just Eat is an online food ordering app that acts as an intermediary between you and food outlets. Just eat acquired practi an iPad POS system to get into the restaurant platform. Just Eat provides convenient and easy access to a wide variety of delivery restaurants. It helps restaurants improve their business by increasing their exposure and providing new revenue streams. Business ventures like Just Eat see exponential growth in the industry. If you ever wanted to break into the promising F&B industry, starting your food delivery app like Just Eat now!

Setup Your On-Demand Food Delivery Script

Our clone app comes bundled with all the Just Eat app features. Our app is affordable, ready-to-use, and conforms to the industry’s best development and app testing standards. The app is user-friendly and is highly secure for online payments and protecting user’s personally identifiable information. We ensure that you receive prompt customer support for any issues you may face. We have in-house dedicated teams who will help you with regular updates and maintenance of the app. Our app boasts many sought-after features in food apps like:
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Add-to-cart-feature
  • Easy restaurant integration
  • Attractive UI design
  • Secure mobile payment
  • Table reservation options
  • Loyalty scheme options
  • Easily deployable on multiple platforms
  • No technical knowledge required
Our app lets you dive right into the food delivery app business without spending time and money on app development. It often involves enormous costs and time. Our developers have performed considerable research and testing on the app. We assure you that that the app has all the features of other major food delivery apps. We have ensured that it is easily scalable if you choose to expand your operations. You can use our turnkey solution to build a successful food ordering business online. Kickstart your dream business instantly by ordering our Just Eat clone app today!