Highlighting Features

Our mobile and web applications have some attractive features that differ from other Swiggy Clone contenders.

Real-Time Tracking

Users can track the status of their order through the map using GPS function and it can be updated through notifications

Find the Nearest Restaurants

Users can search nearest restaurants based on their current location and city

Create Profile

User and driver can create, view, edit profile and maintain all the information simply from the mobile app or the web dashboard.


The order history lists all the completed, cancelled and upcoming deliveries made on the platform.

Add to Cart

The users can select food from the menu of the restaurant and add them to the cart and can make changes to it accordingly.

Multiple Access for Booking

Users can order their food using website, Android and iPhone applications.

Advanced Features

Log in with Social Media

The user can sign up using social media like Facebook & Not go through the hassle of signing up with an email ID or phone number.

Special Instructions

The users can give instructions while placing an order on how you would like to have their meal sent to them and the restaurant will access to this information.

Multiple Categories

A single restaurant can add multiple cuisines to its menu and users can also filter restaurants based on this cuisines.

Contact Driver

Once the driver accepts a delivery, The user can contact the driver through call or SMS.

Secure Payments

The user will be able to make secure payments through the app using their debit/credit card or e-Wallet.

Invite & Earn

The user can earn money by referring other users and the referral amount will be credited to their e-wallet.

How It Works

Easy steps to get your order placed and delivered

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category

Add food from menus to cart, checkout, and pay (online)

The system will auto dispatch the order to nearest drivers. Drivers will accept the request and make a move. Meanwhile, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order.

Driver arrives at the restaurant picks up the order

Driver delivers your order at your location

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Swiggy clone


Generally ordering food which we love is a sign of great pleasure. Each and everyone have a special love for food where we cannot give up on what we eat. The one who loves food does not indeed think about any other delight other than food. Hence to make their dreams come true a lot of sources are available that lets you seize your preferred food using online at anytime and anywhere.

In today’s world, where digitalization occupies the whole business strategy, we have got the choice for nearly everything practiced in online, which in turn even includes delivering of food. The food firms and restaurant industry have grown itself; it has taken its route online to be known by its present customers, while opens a new way for the future customers also. Hence, they sell using the online website.

But whenever you think of ordering food in online, do you compare the rates of different dishes in different the hotels and websites. I don’t really think that we often do this and thus come an application that lets you know everything that you need, and it is known as the Swiggy application.

Swiggy application:

Al, though we have a lot of option to order our food, why should we consider Swiggy as most important one? Yes, Swiggy has a lot of interesting features which are worth valuable to the customers. The features are listed below:

The swiggy App lets you order food online from any location in your area. All you need to do is to pick your favorite hotel and place the order for your food.

The characteristic of the Application makes it ideal for the customers to order a lot of food items. This marks the food items that count the required bill amount.

For placing an order, just browse the menu of your preferred restaurant, personalize the order, and order it in with a single click.

This smart food ordering app measures the several deals afforded by food dealers online and shows the appropriate results on the top of the screen.

The real time tracking feature is also available that lets you track your order from the time you place it. So instantly, you no more need to call the restaurant and ask about the progress of your order.

Swiggy comes with a fast food delivery speed, so need not have to wait to taste your preferred food.

You have an option to reward for your order both by cash or card, making all the options available towards the better service.

Swiggy coupons – A better way to save money:

If you like to enjoy your beloved food with your friends and family at your desired restaurant then Swiggy tops the first. It helps you to save your money by offering Food coupons to your favorite food. Eating outside with friends and family often brings a great pleasure. Somehow, no one likes to give their earned money in the restaurant where it is not valuable to spend. There are a lot of options are available to eat out and greater options to save your capital. Food & Dining Coupons are the vouchers that are offered by the business person to have the meal at your comfort. How does it work?

Swiggy has been brought with a motive of bringing people closer to their loved food. Home delivery for food has never been very simple as that of Swiggy. Let’s known more in detail about what these people do for the customer.

Swiggy has a great deal with top and small food enterprise in a city.

Whenever you order your food using swiggy application, the delivery personnel would move close to the preferred food destination and pick it up to distribute it to you.

It’s a fact that swiggy keeps its own speed of delivery people; it delivers food to the customers in a very little time.

Even if you place an order for a single chocolate, you need not pay a double amount to it. Just order for free with the help of swiggy.

One more thing to know about Swiggy is, the delivery personnel efforts one order in one goes, so you need not wait for getting your food late to your doorsteps.

Reason Why Swiggy place a major role in food delivery There are several reasons that help the user to make use of Swiggy Application each time you wish to place an order for your favorite food.

Either you live in the large city or a small one, the food delivery service is applicable everywhere. It even offers you the most appropriate way to order your favorite food.

The app with its characteristic is very simple to understand, as the same is outlined on a user- interface. It lets you fulfill your order in a limited time; your order is handy to go. Order personalization feature is a special, mix and match to acquire what you can eat. To make it easy for the users, the firm lets you easy payment options. You can both prefer a cash or card option and pay with extreme comfort.

Interested to start a food organization with desired benefits?

We offer you a great cloned script product with attractive benefits as that of Swiggy. With the applicable features, you can make your dreams come true by earning huge capital. It accordance with the benefits from Swiggy we also provide you with extra features that will make your business to reach to the top of other businesses by using our FoodGo application. Some of the features are being listed below, they are: Normal/social sign up and sign in: FoodGo comes with the desired feature where the customer can sign in with normal FoodGo application or by using other social media applications. It is user-friendly where the method of using the application is much simpler when compared to other applications.

Filter search options:

After logging in to FoodGo you can straight away filter your search options such as price range, type of food, restaurants and much more. Options are available like one can sort restaurants using ratings given by another customer. Here the restaurant menu will be listed at the top related to the category of food. It includes a brief description of the food which you are going to order. Customer will get an option to pick up the food with basic value pack if required. Specialized option:

Some people will have restrictions like they may not prefer to eat some foods or the foods which may cause some illness to them. For people like them, we introduce an option where one can give special instructions like to add some foods and omit some other food before adding to the cart.

Fast delivery:

Using FoodGo application the customer can get their ordered food at the desired time. Several options are available which you can add and manage your delivery address. The orders can be tracked with live tracking features by using maps. You can even contact driver for an ongoing order.

Payment options:

Several payment options are available that makes the customers pay their amount without any trouble. Users can use the options such as Paypal, credit card, net banking and even debit cards. Coupon code

Coupons offer you with a great option that lets you manage your cash. If you go on to a restaurant with your friends and family then by using the coupon code you can save money. A lot of users are busy with their personal work and for them to be benefited Coupon code has been bought in this application. Personalized options:

Using personalized option one can add and edit their favorites in the FoodGo account. You can manage your profile by personalizing the account. Options like rating, order history, and marking your favorite restaurant option helps the customer to maintain a healthy profile.

Other options such as inviting more users and earn can be made possible using this application. Search restaurants using location: With the help of Google navigation menu, customers can search the restaurant, verify it and order the food item which they like. Hence, the application makes it easy for the customers to search restaurants. Cancel orders:

If you think that you have made mistakes in ordering your food, then there is an option called “cancel orders” by which you can cancel your food.

Benefits for the enterprise person:

With all the above-desired features and offers, business people will be benefited by getting more number of users. Hence, they have a greater chance of earning more money by using the FoodGo cloned script application. Conclusion:

Choosing FoodGo is a better option for both the customer and the enterprise people. Customers can be benefited by the quality of food given by different restaurant, facilities offered, and the several options that help them to save money. Enterprise person will be benefited by the features provided by our cloned script if you are planning to earn income through food websites.

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