Highlighting Features

Dinedoo - Swiggy Clone is nothing but a food delivery software that comes on both mobile and web platforms. It has some attractive features that differ from other Swiggy like app contenders.

Real-Time Tracking

Users can track the status of their food order in real-time using the in-built GPS module.

Find the Nearby Restaurants

Users can easily search for nearby restaurants based on their current location using GPS.

Create a Profile

Users and drivers can create, view, edit profile, and maintain all the information directly from the mobile app or on the web dashboard.


The order history lists all the completed, canceled, and future deliveries made on the platform.

Add to Cart

Users can select food from the restaurant menu and add them to the cart. They can also make changes and modify the cart anytime.

Multiple Access for Booking

Users can order their food using the website, Android, and iPhone applications.

Advanced Features

Log in with Social Media

Users can sign up using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. They can also sign-up without any hassle with an email ID or phone number.

Special Instructions

The users can give instructions while placing an order about their meal. The restaurant will access that information and prepare accordingly.

Multiple Categories

A single restaurant can add various cuisines to its menu, and users can apply filters to restaurants based on these cuisines.

Contact Driver

Once the driver accepts a delivery, the user can contact the driver through a call or SMS.

Secure Payments

The user can make secure payments through the app using their debit/credit card or through e-Wallet.

Invite & Earn

Users can earn money by inviting their friends using a unique code. The referral amount will be auto-credited to their e-wallet.

How Does It Work?

The customers can use the app to find restaurants nearby. They can filter the restaurants based on cuisine, ratings, and more.

After selecting the restaurant, they can add the food items into the cart and proceed to checkout.

Our on-demand food delivery app will auto-dispatch the restaurant’s order and instantly send a request to the nearby drivers.

The driver will accept the order and drive to the restaurant to pick up the order.

The driver delivers the order to the user location.

The users can leave their feedback in the app.


Top Tips To Make Money With Swiggy-like Application

Delivery Charges On Food

The main avenue for significant earning is through delivery charges. That is where you are likely to make a huge profit. But you should take care to price it appropriately. Having this too high will discourage people from using the app.

The key is to look at it in terms of numbers rather than high delivery charges. Having more people on your app can improve profits. Like most on-demand services, you can deal directly with the restaurants to decrease charges. It will increase profitability and make it easier for you to expand.

Advertising To Targeted Audience

Another way on-demand food apps make money is through advertising. A lot of vendors use advertising effectively to increase their income. They do this by tapping into what their target audience wants.

For example, having deals on sporting events ads is a great way to encourage people to buy. Hosting ads on your app is a great source of income. Another method to use advertising is to have paid ads on other platforms.

Swiggy has gotten 11k new orders per month from Snapchat alone. It is important to find the right message to send.

On-demand Pricing Strategy

Another area where you can leverage the power of your Swiggy clone app is pricing. There are times in the day when the demand for delivery services shoots up. Here, you can choose to enforce surge pricing.

In high demand situations, it is customary to increase prices a bit to improve the bottom line. You can set the percentage increase, but you need to make sure that it does not seem excessive. Because rather than ordering from you, your customers might opt for another service. Swiggy has a surge pricing of up to 10% on delivery charges due to their surge pricing.

In-app Options

People love the ability to customize their delivery. So make sure that there are options that can help them accessorize their delivery. It is another great option to get better value from your Swiggy clone app.

Options account for more than 30% of the total price, and you can do it on a case-to-case basis. Some restaurants might have a lot more options to consider. Our Dinedoo app is highly scalable and can deal with any degree of customization.

Off-peak Discounts

Another way to make sure your income is steady is to issue discounts when orders are low. Our apps can monitor orders in real-time and let you know if they drop below the threshold.

  • It lets you decide if you want to issue discounts.
  • It can alleviate flat spots in your daily revenue.
  • It focuses on selling more at a lower price to get a better profit.
  • You also can automate this process through our app.
Membership Fees

Something new that on-demand companies have introduced is the membership program.

  • It allows people to pay an amount as a fee to lower their costs.
  • It has become successful with most on-demand services, as it can improve revenue significantly.
  • Top brands in the market, including Swiggy, follow this model. You can find that our app also has this feature. You can set your membership fees easily.

Get More Done With Our Time & Money-saving Swiggy Clone App

Short Development Time

One of the most significant factors for opting for your app from us is the savings you get. Instead of wasting time and money with months of development, you get ready to deploy the app from us. It means you have a shorter turnaround when it comes to implementation.

Our expert team at Zoplay can also help you get underway as quickly as possible. It will give you the competitive edge you need against your competitors. And the best part is you get all the features of the best apps in the market.

Customizable UI

One of our development process’s main features is that we can customize every aspect of a customer’s app. It ensures that you get a product that is as close to your brand image as possible.

We have the expertise to ensure that we can deliver a tailored Dinedoo app just for you. It includes simple changes from UI to other functionality, like payment gateways. We can do this because of our iterative process. We constantly incorporate feedback and changes in our system.

Live Tracking

Tracking is one of the most critical parts of a Swiggy app experience. No on-demand service can be profitable without a comprehensive tracking system.

We have built our on-demand Swiggy clone app on a robust live tracking system.

  • It can estimate distances accurately.
  • It also comes with up-to-date navigation through the best possible route in your city.
  • It can help your delivery agents save time and get more deliveries done in less time.
  • It can improve your bottom line.
Real-time Updates

Zoplay only uses the latest technology to build our on-demand apps. It means that it will connect you to your agents and customers in real-time.

Our app conforms to the highest standards in the market. It means you’re assured of great performance, regardless of external conditions.

Extensive Order And Menu Display

Some restaurants have a large number of dishes on their menu. We can include that in our Swiggy clone app without any problems.

Another thing to note is that customers like being able to refer to their past orders on the app. It makes it easy for them to decide on orders or check their budget. Since our app is connected to the server at all times, customers get all their orders on tap. We believe this is a feature that Dinedoo implements well, and it adds to the user-friendliness of the app.

Payment Options

Any on-demand app needs to focus on offering as many payment options as possible. The reason is that customers might not prefer to use payment methods they are not comfortable with.

Rather than losing their business, offering them an alternative can help. It also adds to the flexibility of the app. If one of the payment gateways are down, people can use the other working ones. The more gateways you have, the better chances that people prefer your app.

Replicating A Successful On-demand Food Delivery Business Using Swiggy Clone

Platform And Device Independent

The first thing an on-demand app should be able to do is to work on as many devices as possible. Compatibility is a huge prospect today because of the number of devices that are available on the market. Our Dinedoo application runs great on all the most popular platforms available today. It is available on both the App Store and Google Play. And because it uses dynamic architecture, it can work on different display sizes. It ensures that your customers have a consistent experience regardless of the device they use.

Customer-Centric Development

At Zoplay, our development processes are focused on the needs of the customers. And this gives us the edge over our competitors. Our development cycle always incorporates feedback internally and from our clients. It helps us get better as time goes on. It has allowed us to become one of the key players when it comes to on-demand app development. We make sure to align everything to empower the customer.

Turnkey Process

The biggest advantage our swiggy clone app has when compared to other clones in the market is automation. You can automate several things in our Dinedoo app. You can set triggers for various elements, including traffic density, surge pricing, and weather conditions, to name a few.

  • It means a hands-off experience when you purchase our app.
  • It also means there are fewer mistakes that happen because of negligence.

Automating several parts of your on-demand service ensures your business’ profitability.

Customized For Different Markets

As a company, we are known for providing tailor-made solutions for our clients. And this also extends to market-level customization. Not all regions are the same when it comes to on-demand apps. Some places might require a different approach when it comes to food delivery. We make sure to check all boxes to deliver robust and customized solutions for our customers. We will help you fine-tune your Dinedoo app just as you want it.

Easy To Access Reviews

Word of mouth marketing is the big thing these days. Customers are always interested in reading what other people feel about a service before they buy. So an on-demand app has to make sure that it includes reviews in its app. Our apps come with clickable reviews and stars displayed right next to the restaurant’s name. It saves users time while going through places to order from. You can also customize this to how you want it.

Works Even With Low Connectivity

We understand that not all places will have the best internet coverage. We have designed our app to work at all levels of internet connectivity. So you don’t have to worry if your agent or your customers will lose track of the order We have tested it to work with as little data as possible. It can help you expand your brand, even to suburban areas where good connections are difficult to find.

Is This The Right Time To Invest In An App-like Swiggy?

Growing Demand

Demand for online food delivery services and aggregators are at an all-time high. In the US alone, there has been $10 billion worth of orders carried out. It is an incredible amount of money. And food aggregators have also grown rapidly to incorporate other types of deliveries as well. It includes medicines, essentials, and groceries. On a global scale, Swiggy has been able to accomplish 500 million orders.. And this is notwithstanding the pandemic that we are going through.

Cheaper Investment

While making a Swiggy-like app was expensive earlier, the costs have come down significantly. You can get started with very little investment and without wasting time. Because the main app framework is ready to go, you don’t have to wait for months to get underway. It means you’re saving a fortune on development costs as well. All this adds up to a much lower cost of entry into the segment. And with us, you get a completely customized delivery app solution, Dinedoo.

Highly Scalable

At Zoplay, we intend to create apps that can give you the best value for money. It means that it needs to be part of your pipeline for a longer period. We recognize the demands a modern business puts on apps. Our apps are easily scalable to your needs, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do so. It is because of our iterative and modular approach to building app solutions. We can add in any functionality you desire.

Safety Measures

In times of outbreaks like this year, we need to make sure that everyone using the app is safe at all times. Because Dinedoo is an extremely customizable ecosystem, we can add in a lot of safety features. It includes image authentication before and after food delivery. You can get real-time updates on the situation at the hotel and the customer. It also includes the shortest route to avoid traffic and increase the risk of contamination. Apart from these features, you can also request additional features.

Extensive Coverage

We have experienced app developers who have been in the niche for a long time now. It means we have the knowledge and means to give you the perfect delivery app - Dinedoo. Our app has extensive coverage of your local routes, and it can adapt to whichever city you want quickly and easily. Our route finding algorithm is of the highest standards. Your agents will spend less time waiting in traffic and improve their rate of successful food deliveries.

Accurate Location Services

An aggregator app needs to have accurate location services if they need to be successful. Our app uses the best-in-class locator techniques to give agents and customers the most accurate results.

  • It is also continually updated with the new changes to routes and traffic in real-time.
  • It means fewer turnaround times and more deliveries per day.
  • It can save you a lot of money and improve your ROI.

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