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Overview of Zotok

Analytics & Insights

Tracks the performance of your channel in real-time. Our app will also allow you to see historical traffic. These insights will help you to make a market and analyze your metrics.

Video Preview

Review the video once using a Preview option before publishing it on your channel. It will help you to avoid mistakes and redo the video before posting it.

Popular Soundtracks

The admin can upload popular soundtracks into the app. It will help users to find your favorite songs from the app to make their videos.

QR Codes

For every account, there will be a unique QR code available inside your profile. Users can use that QR code to invite their friends to their channel.

Geo-location Data

By default, The application will display the videos based on the location you are using. It will increase the engagement rate and show relevant videos to the users.

Extensive Offerings

Allow Others To See

Do you want to hide your profile from others during the search? You can do it by going to settings and change your privacy from public to private account.

Block Any User

Users can block/unblock any user within the application. It will prevent others from spamming your channel. You can go to the block list and unblock the user anytime.

Slideshow Videos

Use the predefined templates that are available in the app to create a video slideshow. Create a super cool slideshow and add background music to the video.

Record Using Timer

The time delay will help you to record a video by yourself easily. Click on the timer icon and select the time delay. Time delay ranges between 10 seconds to 60 seconds.

Restrict Kids

Our app comes with the parent control feature. Parents can restrict their children from using that app for more than a certain period. Keep your kids away from inappropriate content using this feature.

Manage Screen Time

Our screen time management feature will help users to reduce the time spent on the app. Calculate the time spent on the app every day to manage your time effectively.

Report To Admin

The report admin feature will help to restrict hate speech, harassment, and much more. The backend team can check all the reports from the dashboard. They can also take action against the users.

Pair Your Family

Parents can pair their account with their kid's account inside the application. It will allow them to take control and put restrictions on their teen's account.

Set Preferred Content

Set the preferred language using the content preference section. It will give the best viewing experience for every user in the application. This feature will help you to beat your competitors.

Script Package Includes

iOS App

Android App


Admin Panel

Video-Sharing App - Top Features

Update Profile

Users can update their profile any time by going to the edit profile section. Increase your engagement rate by changing your profile pic regularly.

Change Your Username

Changing your username is just a three-step process. First, you need to go to the profile section and then click on change the user name. Type in your desired user name in the section and click save.

Verify Using OTP

We provide extensive security to the application by allowing valid users. We have integrated the SMS platform into the app. It is one of the cost-effective ways to verify users.

Invite Your Friends

You can offer affiliate commission to users to invite their friends. A unique discount code will get generated for every user inside the application.

Save Any Video

Do you want to save a video to watch it later? Users can save any video in just a few clicks using the app. This feature will increase the engagement rate and tempt users to come back again.

Admin Control Panel

The admin can log in to the backend Control Panel using a username and password. The admin can Block/Unlock any user from the backend dashboard.

Short Video-Sharing App - Extra Features

Unlimited Video Scroll

Our application comes with an endless scrolling feature. It allows the user to see the videos without any limit. It will increase the addiction rate and bring in more visitors to the app.

Rewatch Videos

Some people may like to watch some videos at regular intervals. It will increase the engagement rate of the app. It will also make the users come back to the app regularly.

Control Your Profile

Every user has the control to disable/delete the comment on their channel. The admin can restrict certain words from posting in the comments. It will increase the safety of the app.

Record a Duet

Record a duet video and make it go viral. You can record two videos where the users will see both the videos at the same time in a split-screen. You can also record a duet with other users.

How Our App Works?

App Screenshots

Technologies Used

We have used the latest technology to create this video sharing application. Please take a look at the trending technologies that we have used to develop this application.

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