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Gojek Clone is a taxi booking application which can be used to book a taxi at any place/ time, we want, and it is a clone of an application called GoJek. The script of this clone, can be used to make taxi booking and dispatching applications. In order to make it more comfortable and convenient for the user, this application has a list of efficient features which also act as the medium of communication between the user, and the taxi service company.

What is GoJek?

GoJek is an application which is used mainly to book and dispatch taxis. It is a successful company, mainly because of their team, which has experts who are specialized in every possible field needed.

They also encourage the users to order things without waiting, empower and enhance the business through our API and our delivery services, so, they also have a delivery business which means they book and dispatch taxis, and they also deliver goods to the place and within the time, they order it.

How does GoJek work?

Wherever and whenever any user needs a taxi, he/she can use this application to book a taxi and then, the taxi is dispatched to the user as soon as possible. The folks can access the application, fill the source and drop location, a taxi which picks the user from the source location and drops him or her to the destination. GoJek also has a feedback system; which is used to understand the user and their preferences clearly and as they are trying to make it compatible to the user, it also makes the user trust the company and the application, more than before.

How is Cabily, a GoJek clone?

Cabily is the clone of GoJek; the features in this application, Cabily, are also similar to the original application, GoJek. By seeing the script of Cabily, anyone can say that it is similar to the GoJek. This script of the GoJek clone can also be used by others who want to make a taxi booking and dispatching application. Driver Management,Track location, Map tracking and travel-time tracking for customers are the services which both the original application and its clone have. Cloning is a difficult job but, is often judged to be an easy job and let’s break the bubble by saying it isn’t like that at all. The process of making an application which is similar to another application, often cloning is done to a very successful application.

How Can benefit from Taxi Booking Application?

Yes, the GoJek clone is beneficial and first of all, similar to all clones, the Taxi App scripts can be bought and used to create a similar taxi booking application, GoJek app clone. The usage of these clones helps to make the taxi business better because the process is quick and efficient. These GoJek app clones have made, taxi services easier, and those scripts make the process of building this GoJek app clone easier, which is one of the most important parts of the business.

Flexible vehicle options

Flexible vehicle options are available on this application so that, the user can decide which vehicle to select according to the number of passengers from his side. If the number of co-passengers is less a small car will do but, the number of co-passengers is more then, large vehicles are booked so that the user and his co-passengers have enough space and be as comfortable. The main point is according to the size of the vehicle the fare price differs.

Advanced Features

Features, the most important of the application as the features are the face of the application and also they are one of the bridge or medium for communication between the user and the taxi service company.

Edit Profile

Edit Profile is the feature which enables the user to add or remove the information he or she doesn’t want on the application, which proves that the application doesn’t store any information without the approval of the user.

Address Saving

Address Saving is a feature which enables the user to save addresses which he or she uses regularly, for example, if the user is saving his or her address is used as they need not type every time, they travel home.

Schedule Bookings

Schedule Bookings is the feature which helps the users to book a taxi in a schedule so that, the user need not book a taxi regularly, to go to the same place regularly. This feature played an important role in attracting and impressing the daily office going people.

Booking History

The feature that saves the history of the user which includes the price of the trips, the places he travels using the application, etc. It helps the user to keep the record of the places he traveled to and this feature is called booking history.

Flexible Payment methods

This feature allows the user to have flexible choices to pay for the taxi service like cash, card or any e-commerce payment applications and because of these flexible payment methods, the process of taxi booking has become easy.

Rate Card

Sometimes, when the user or passenger doesn’t know the proper destination but, books a taxi, the rate card shows us the rate according to the distance; it is similar to the trip fare estimator but, is not the same.


Sharing is the feature which has increased customers for every taxi booking application, as this feature enables two or more users who are going on the same route to share the taxi, which made it inexpensive to people traveling alone.

Real-time vehicle tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking is the process of tracking the vehicle, the distance to cover before it reaches the user; a similar application is used by delivery service applications to track the delivery.



Feedback is a platform given by the application to the users, to voice their opinion or suggestion without hesitation which leads to a good understanding between the application and the user. This feature is what makes the taxi booking application different from the traditional way of booking taxis.


Estimated Time calculator

There is a feature which calculates the estimated travel-time in the application, using the source and destination location and that feature is called estimated time calculator.


Customer GPS tracking

The process of tracking the customers, using GPS technology, where the customer has booked a taxi and kept his GPS switched on, on their handsets to easily reach there and pick up is called customer GPS tracking. This feature, the real-time vehicle tracking, and estimated time feature are used to easily map the vehicle and customer.


Trip Fare estimator

Trip Fare estimator is a feature where the application calculates the estimate trip fare from the distance to be traveled which is calculated, using the source and the destination locations.


SMS alerts

The feature which enables the company to update or alert, information about changes in plans or any information needed to the customer or via SMS is SMS alerts.


Email alerts

Email alerts, the feature which is totally similar to SMS alerts where everything is the same except, the medium of information is via email.


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