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Is It Worth Investing In The Gojek Clone?

Gojek is the first unicorn company in Indonesia. Users can book transportation services through private cars, motorbikes, send items from one place to another, order food online, pay utility bills, and order groceries or pay for repair services. They are rapidly expanding into Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam & the Philippines.

The Gojek clone will offer the same features for a cost-effective price. Instead of building a new app from scratch, the business owner can buy the clone software and customize it to launch similar services in the market. It is worth investing in the Gojek clone app designed by Zoplay. The clone app is called Zojek. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of using Zojek.

  • Customization We can customize the clone software to add new features, change the color scheme, including the business’s logo, and more.
  • Quick Launch It takes just a few days (at the most) to launch the new app since we have already written the entire coding.
  • Less Time and Effort Business owners do not have to invest a lot of money in developing the app. Also, it takes less effort to customize an app than create a new one.
  • More Chances for Success When you launch a business early into the market, the owner gets more opportunities to become successful.

Replicating Gojek’s Business Success In Your Market With Our Gojek Clone

Gojek started with an app that facilitates users to find motor taxi services to take them from one place to another. The company expanded the app to include many other services by turning it into a ‘super app.’

The company also has online wallets called GoPay and Ovo (Grab-invested wallet). Gojek gained popularity by introducing innovative features such as Top-up via Driver and BCA partnership.

Can the success of Gojek be replicated by using Zojek, the clone app? Yes. Here are a few ways to become as successful as Gojek by using the clone app.

  • Understand Customers’ Requirements By studying the market trends, the business owner can understand which services are demanded by users and offer those through the Gojek clone app. By releasing the app when the demand is high, the owner can make the most opportunities.
  • Make Use of Technology Technology has made it very easy to rely on clone software to launch a new app with all features in less time. You can use the time and money saved here to market the business and offer quality services.
  • Be Aware of the Competition A business owner who knows what his competitors are doing will have better chances of becoming successful by staying one step ahead.

How Can You Make Money From An App Like Gojek?

Gojek is a ‘super app’ that provides an array of services to users. It’s worth investing in a Gojek-like application as Go-Jek is highly successful, and its valuation crossed a whopping $10bn. But it is essentially an app used to hire motor taxi rides from one place to another.
The on-demand services app has grown by introducing new services that help users get things done, help service providers gain many customers, and generate employment for many people. The drivers and delivery agents are all earning a living due to the successful expansion of the Gojek app. But how does the company earn money? Which model should the business owner implement if he/ she is using Zojek, the Gojek clone app, to launch a new business into the market?

Gojek Earn Money Through Three Sources:-

  • From Businesses A business/ service provider should register with Gojek and pay a small commission to become a member of the network and every transaction that happens through the app. It will take the business closer to a vast audience and also bring income for Gojek.
  • From Drivers The drivers/ delivery agents get paid for each order they complete. Gojek deducts a small portion of this payment for enabling the driver to get the job. It doesn’t add much to the income.
  • From Customers The app users also have to pay a minimum usage fee for making use of the platform to order a multitude of services from their homes’ comfort. Users are more than happy to pay this amount as it is inconsequential compared to what they get in return.

Gojek Clone - Key Features

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Flexible Payment Methods

This module allows the customers to pay using any of their convenient payment methods like a credit card, debit card, wallet, PayPal, and stripe. Flexible payment options in attract customers.

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Sms Alerts

Automated SMS alerts get dispatched to customers and drivers/taskers instantly for every update. It will help them to plan accordingly and stay updated.

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Edit Profile

Users can easily edit the profile any time to add/remove the information they want to change, like adding photos, adding a bio, and DOB. The app doesn’t store any information without the approval of the user.

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Booking History

Customers can keep track of all the bookings made in the past like taxi bookings, services requested, money paid, payment method, tips, and taxes.

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Trip Fare Estimator

Using this Trip fare estimator module, customers can find the estimate trip fare before booking the ride. It auto-calculates the pricing based on the distance between source and destination.

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Schedule Bookings

Customers can make a service booking instantly, or they can also schedule later inside our app. The application will automatically trigger the request to the nearby taskers immediately to make a booking.

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Data Analysis

You can improve the services offered by the app through user feedback. The analytics feature of the app records user data to evaluate how to offer better services.

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Change In Payment Method

A user can choose to switch between modes of payment. Using this feature, a user can pay using a card instead of cash and vice versa. For users paying with cards, card details can also be changed using this feature, allowing them to pay using new cards.

gojek clone software gojek clone software

Save Address

Users might find it tiresome to search and enter an address every time. This feature allows them to save unlimited addresses in their account under different labels. Anytime they want to visit one of those places, they can use the label to fill the address field automatically.

Why Choose Zojek?

What Makes Us Unique?

Licensed Source Code

Building an app is no easy task. Even after building the app, there are responsibilities to take care of. Once the app is ready, it becomes yours to keep, forever. If you wish for any application modification in the future, we are here to deliver the completely editable licensed source code.

Rebranding At No Additional Charge

To us, you are the most important. So, we have designed the application interface, keeping in mind your company’s logo and name. We believe in giving you the spotlight you deserve, so the app looks and feels exclusively like your brand.

Free Online Presence!

With the entire world going online, you should too. We offer you a free official website to match the stunning app you will launch. Your clients can make service reservations online through the free website too!

Application Theme

Businesses can choose from an array of themes and templates offered by the application. We can customize the existing themes if it does not match with your business logo.

Document Records

Drivers and service providers must upload documents requested by admins for registration. The registration is approved when the admin is satisfied with the documents and verifies them as per the service policies. These documents are recorded so admins can be notified when these documents are modified.

Restaurants Under Premium Tag

A restaurant beyond the user’s set radius is marked premium. If a user makes an order at a premium restaurant, the food is delivered with an additional delivery charge added to the invoice.

Rides For Rentals

The app lets clients book a rental car for outstation rides, which can be driven personally. The rental charge gets generated automatically when the ride ends.

Credit Card Payments

Users can use their credit cards for easier payment.

Work Rides

Employees of organizations supporting their transport can utilize this feature. It sends the receipt of the ride to the organization directly. Organizations can also use this service for planning corporate trips.


The app allows users to enjoy gender-friendly features for an improved experience. Female clients can request the nearest female driver from the app while booking a ride. The admin monitors and manages this optional feature.

Cancelation Through Chatbot

The app AI allows users to interact using the chat feature to cancel booked rides. The booking is canceled upon responding to the chatbot’s questions.

Restaurant Subscriptions

Users can also subscribe to restaurants registered with the app. They can then enjoy subscription benefits like free delivery.

Tracking Features

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Users can keep track of the vehicle’s location in real-time after they have booked it. It allows them to see where the vehicle is and how long it will take to reach them. Users can also be assured of the route the vehicle is following to reach the destination.

Sharing Live Locations

Users can share the link of their live location with others. This feature is active when the user has boarded a vehicle and is on the way to their destination.

Location-based Services

Using a geofencing feature, the admin can set the location as one of the criteria for making and receiving a ride request.

Gps Tracking

Both taxi drivers and customers can track each other using the in-built GPS module. It will help them to calculate the time of arrival as well to find their appropriate locations. The tracking is entirely real-time, and it is fully seamless.

Available For Advertisement

Admin can tie-up with interested companies seeking ways to promote themselves through the app. By allowing such ads, the app can also help you earn extra income.

Canceling Rides

Users can cancel their rides any time after booking. However, the app will charge a fee against such canceled bookings. The cancelation charge will be added to the invoice of the user.

Security Features

Verification Services

The app sends order verifications after the user has requested service. This confirmation also includes service details and driver information.


Admin has access to monitor most things. They can supervise earnings, user and driver information, prices of services offered, locations, and more.

Call Privacy

Using the app, the drivers and users can make calls between one another. They can do it without disclosing their contact information to either party.

Geofencing In Unsafe Zones

You can set Geofencing in certain restricted or unsafe zones for security reasons. The app automatically rejects the pick-up requests from regions restricted by the admin.

Fraudulent Service Provider

The admin can approve blocking or blacklisting service providers. You can do this if drivers cancel rides often without appropriate reasons.

OTP Verification

For security and convenience, the app sends an OTP for verification to the user and the driver during registration. We use it to verify the user/driver profile.

Backend Dashboard Features

Role As The Admin

Admins interact with sub-admins to keep the app running smoothly. Admins can grant sub-admins limited access to the admin panel for handling specific application issues.

Admin Responsibility

The app assigns pre-defined rights and responsibilities to an admin for supervising the app.

Support Services

The app houses an in-app support service, making it easier for users to reach out for assistance. You can answer all app-related queries over chat, mail, and call.

Admin Control

The admin control feature aims to help an admin manage and keep track of user and driver activities. The feature is developed extremely carefully for this purpose.

Service Provider Status

Drivers or service providers can update their status by switching between available/unavailable. You can also update the time of availability for the convenience of the users.

Geofencing Restrictions

The admin can make geofencing not available in certain locations. It ensures security, whereby the admin can set the application to allow drivers to reject pick-ups from unsafe regions.

Schedule Bookings

Users do not have to book a service only when they need it. The users can also schedule the bookings in advance to avoid last-minute rushing or waiting. The app will invoke the booking as per the time mentioned in the scheduled order.

Service Records

The app collects user data, such as their selected destinations, trip charges, and other information. The data is then saved against the user account for future references.

Services On-Demand

The Gojek Clone app will let users choose from an extensive list of services provided. The app interface has a list containing all the categories and subcategories of services provided. Users can browse and choose easily from the categories.

Add-on Features

Wheelchair Friendly Rides

Rides that support wheelchairs can also be booked from the app. Vehicles that are “wheelchair friendly” can be registered by drivers for special service requests.

Airport Pick-ups

This feature helps users to book a ride with drivers nearest to the airports. Admin can geofence the area to allow the drivers’ requests closest to the airports only.

Child Friendly

A car driver can get it registered as child-friendly if the car has a child seat option.

Lost And Found

Users with a misplaced possession after a ride can inform the admin through the app. The app records the description of the misplaced item, along with the time and date of the ride. The admin can look into the user request with the item detail and booking ID of the user.

Ride Supervision

The admin can keep a watch over all the transport service providers using the fleet management feature. This feature also allows the admin to approve and align cars belonging to other companies to streamline the process.

Toll Fees

Drivers and service providers can add the tolls during the ride directly into the app. The final invoice received by the users will have the toll charges included.

Office Rides

The application can be beneficial for companies that arrange for rides for their employees. The app offers a corporate ride feature for employees whose rides are supported by their companies.

Conflict Resolution

An admin can diffuse an in-app dispute raised by a user or a service provider. The app allows users and service providers to manually raise disputes over previous rides that can be resolved by the admin.

Marketing Features

Subscribing To Newsletters

The admin can approve any user wishing to join the app newsletter for regular updates. The business admin manages these newsletters.

Promotional Discounts

The app can offer promo codes to attract new users and promote the app amongst existing ones.

Referral Benefits

Application users and service providers can share invite codes to new users as referrals. They can then enjoy cashback when a new user joins using their invite code.

Added Benefits

Google Play Store Availability

After Apple, you must be thinking about all those who prefer Android. We can still come to your aid. Having launched numerous android apps over the years, we can assure you a safe entry to Google Play Store as well!

Design For Counting On

Our Gojek clone scripts make it readily accessible for all. Our experts can help you design an app that is dependable and accessed by any smartphone or laptop, irrespective of their model or platform.

Itunes App Store Availability

If you’re interested in launching your app for iPhone users, you need to register it through the Apple store. Don’t worry! Our team will help in submitting and getting your application approved so you can reach out to Apple users!

Zojek - User App Features

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking is the process of tracking the vehicle seamlessly & continuously. It is made possible in our app by using an in-built GPS. Real-time monitoring is available for all users at free of cost.


With the Gojek app, users can share their live location with others using a link. With that link, their friends can task real-time from any part of the world. Customers can also share their rides, service experiences in social media.

Booking History

Users can keep track of their orders and bookings in one place. Under the booking history tab, users can check how many times they have booked a vehicle. You can also find the payment details in the same section.

Rate Card

The rate card feature allows users to check the pricing table before booking a service. It will help them have a proper idea of how much a service would cost through the Gojek clone app.

Multiple Currencies

Along with the standard USD, our app has nine different currencies. You can thus launch this clone app anywhere in the world.

Address Saving

Customers don’t need to search and enter the address every time as the app has an in-built memory to save unlimited addresses. They can save many addresses under different labels.

Easy Subscribing

There are a wide variety of subscription plans to choose from for the service providers. They can register to a plan, perform the tasks as per the set rules, and get paid accordingly.

Estimated Time Calculator

This module auto-calculates the time to reach from source to destination. It also adjusts time-based on traffic using the in-built google maps. So the calculated time will be more precise and accurate.

Zojek - Restaurant App Features

Restaurant Conveniences

Users can book rides to different restaurant outlets by browsing for specific brands directly from the app. Food items can be added in advance for easy checkout too.

Restaurant Benefits

Regular app users can enjoy exclusive benefits from registered restaurants when placing an order. Restaurants can offer discounts and coupons to regular customers.

No-disclosure Policy

We respect your privacy and hence handle your data with discretion. Our team follows strict privacy policies when it comes to company portfolios. You can rest assured that your company secrets are safe with us!

Zojek - Delivery App Features

Edit Profile

Users can edit their profiles on the app to add or remove their personal information such as the profile photo, date of birth, and bio. The app does not store the information without prior approval from the user.


There’s no need to worry about application language, for we have you covered. Other than English, the app will include nine additional languages for your target users. The app also supports local language integration to make it available to users all over the world.


Users can provide feedback and suggestions after they have used a service through the app. It allows business owners to make the necessary improvements to provide better services. It also creates a positive impression on the users.


How to Make a Successful On-Demand Multi-Services Application like Gojek?

  • Gojek is a successful company that offers around 20 different on-demand services through the app. It is also one of the top Fortune’s 50 companies in the world.

  • The company grew to offer various services from starting as a call center to help customers connect with courier and two-wheeler ride services. Gojek operates in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand as well.

  • Owning to the app’s success, many entrepreneurs are working on creating a similar app. Using the app, you can offer a wide array of services to the customers in the market.

  • At zoplay, we have come up with a ready-made app that works similar to Gojek. It will save time and money for those who are looking to develop an app like Gojek. You can also customize it based on your requirement.

Some Challenges Faced by Gojek

  • Gojek, too, has its share of challenges to battle and overcome. While the Indonesian market seems profitable for the company, the same cannot be said for the Singaporean market.

  • Singapore already has Grab, a leading ride service provider in the country. After Uber’s exit, Grab took the primary position in the market. It led to most drivers registering themselves with Grab, leaving Gojek to find a solution to the drivers’ lack of availability. The Singaporean laws to regulate the ride fares may also cause some trouble for the company.

  • Also, attracting customers in Singapore would not be as easy as attracting them in Indonesia. The same strategies may backfire due to the difference in the perspective of the two markets.

  • To get its share of customers, they have to create a distinctive difference between itself and Grab. Also, Gojek has to concentrate on offering more versatile services.

  • Newer companies are entering the market every year. So, Gojek has to revamp the services and re-launch the brand with increased services.

How Does Gojek Clone Work?

Customer End
  • It starts with the customer choosing the kind of service required and proceeding with booking the service such as Grocery shopping, Medicine, Courier, Taxi booking, and more. They can choose more than one service when they are linked to each other.
  • Then customers have to pay for the services. While Gojek promotes online payment, cash payments are also accepted. You can also charge higher for cash payments using the app.
Driver End
  • Drivers are supposed to register and verify their accounts with Zojek. Then only they can offer their services through the app.
  • Then they create an account and start offering their two-wheeler ride services to customers.
Merchant End
  • The order placed by customers reaches the said merchant. The merchants fulfill the order and hand over the package to the drivers to deliver it to them.
  • Online payments are mandatory for merchant-to-driver transactions. The money will get transferred from the merchant’s wallet to the driver’s wallet. Zojek app will automatically deduct its commission from the merchant’s wallet.

How To Make Money Using Our Gojek Clone App?

Service Charges

Customers pay a minimal amount of service charges to use the services offered by Gojek. The amount is integrated into the customer’s bill and can be paid through Go-pay.

Commission from Drivers

The drivers pay a commission to the company for every order. The more orders the drivers accept, the more they earn.

Commission from Merchants

Similar to drivers, the merchants also pay a commission to Gojek for every order placed by the customer. It is the primary source of revenue for Gojek.

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Gojek Business Model

Gojek is the super app launched by the first Indonesian

unicorn company with the same name. It is one of the most used apps in the country due to the variety of services it provides to the customers.

What started as a two-wheeler motorbike taxi service became a household name with many services through the same app.

Go-Ride, Go-Send, Go-Food, Go-Bluebird, GoBills, GoPulsa, GoGlam, have made it easy for the app to become a permanent part of every family.

Millions of Indonesians use the Gojek application.

  • They use it to:
  • a) Order groceries
  • b) Buy medicines
  • c) Buy cosmetics
  • d) Send parcels from one place to another
  • e) Book a taxi service (Bluebird)

Go-Pay made it easier for customers to take up online payments and limit the use of cash. In Indonesia, only half of the people have bank accounts & a small portion of them have debit/credit cards. So, Go-pay played a crucial role in making people accept & use online payments for various services.

Gojek helped the drivers open their bank accounts when registering and creating a driver’s account with Gojek. It helped the drivers to save their money and streamline their income.

Entrepreneurs inspired by Gojek are planning to implement a similar model to cater to the various needs of the customers. Zojek is a ready-made clone app of Gojek. By purchasing Zojek, entrepreneurs can speed up the launch of their services.

Zojek is an on-demand service app created by Zoplay. Due to its features and functions compared to Gojek, you can launch the clone app in around two days. Entrepreneurs can customize Zojek to add their business logo, change the color themes, and include new features.

The app works on iOS and Android operating systems and is useful for entrepreneurs. By buying Zojek, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort to develop a new app from scratch.

The Gojek business model is effective and is easy to implement with proper planning. Entrepreneurs can boost their return on investment and success rate by buying the Gojek Clone app from us. It will help them to launch the app instantly and start offering multiple on-demand services to customers.