iFood Clone - Highlighting Features

Referral System

Users can invite other users into the system by sharing a unique referral code to their friends through their social media accounts.

Online payment

The customers can pay for food orders through secure and efficient online payment gateways.

Accessible to multiple Platforms

Customers can access the app from both the Android and iOS platforms. They can also access it using the website.

Create a Profile

Customers can create a separate profile for them using the app. They can upload their photos and other personal information in the app.

Create Coupons

Admin has the option to add/edit coupon codes anytime. Customers can use the coupon codes to get flat or percentage discounts on their purchases.

In-App Messages

Customers, delivery partners, and restaurants will receive push notifications for every update taking place in the app.

Advanced Features

The customers can pay for their orders through secure and efficient online payment gateways

Star Ratings & Feedback

A user can rate the experience or leave feedback about the service after the delivery. They can rate both restaurants as well as the delivery partner.

Social Login

Users can log in/register using their Email id. They can also use their Facebook/Twitter accounts to signup/login.

Individual Instructions

By using this feature, the user can send special instructions to the restaurants to prepare their food as per their wish.

Improved Search

The user can browse the map to view the list of all restaurants. Automatically The restaurants will appear as you move through the app.

Past Order History

Users can check their previous orders in the order history tab. Customers can also check the order history and reorder them anytime in just two clicks.

My Favorites

Customers can make their favorite restaurants in their wishlist. It will help them to refer back to it later easily.

How It Works ?

Turnkey Food Delivery App

Find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category.

Add food items into the cart and move to checkout to complete the payment online.

The system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest drivers. The driver once accepts the order will move to the appropriate restaurant. Meantime, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order.

The driver will arrive at the restaurant and pick the order.

After delivering at the appropriate location, both customers and delivery partners can rate and review each other.

Ratings and reviews



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Introduction to iFood app

The food delivery market is proliferating every year. In today’s world, the On-demand model plays a significant role in the online food delivery platform.

There are lots of food delivery apps available in the market. iFood launched its food delivery platform in 2011, and since then, they are rapidly growing every day. iFood has more than $100 Million in revenue annually. The main reason for their growth is that the app has some attractive features that give better benefits to the customer as well as the enterprises. iFood is processing more than 390,000 order per day.

Our iFood Clone Software plays a significant role in assisting customers to a greater extent. By merely entering their current location, one can search for the nearby restaurants and order their food instantly.

Whenever the customers are hungry and busy with their work, then they can easily make use of this opportunity. With our app, customers can place orders quickly in less time. Our Application's main target is to reduce the time taken for each delivery.

Are you planning to start a new food delivery business?

If you are looking for making business using an online food delivery application, we offer you simple ways to obtain a huge profit within the stipulated time. Our app helps you to make your dreams come true with the desired features.

FoodGo provides you with a better option to deliver your favorite food items with improved benefits to the users. The most exciting thing to note is that the FoodGo app comes on both web and mobile platforms. We can also customize the application in your brand name and logo.

Features of the iFood application:

With our app, customers can quickly look into the restaurant menu and the restaurant’s location instantly. It will make things easy for customers to place an order. It will also be easy to sort restaurants based on the price, cuisine, distance, ratings, and feedback. With this feature, customers can place quick orders.

Customers can search for restaurants with home delivery options and a takeaway option. With Dinedoo Personalizing meals has now become more comfortable. Customers can pick the size of their meal, their favorite drink, and their desserts quickly.

The personalized option enables you to save multiple addresses and orders in the app. Previous orders will get listed in the archive section where you can search for it anytime in the order history section.
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Interesting features of iFood clone application

FoodGo comes with a lot of attractive features that make it more convenient for the customers as well as business persons. Some of the features are:

♛ Quick sign-in/sign up
With the help of the FoodGo script, customers can sign in/sign up to the website in a single click. They can also use their social media account to sign-in/sign up to the app.

♛ Place Orders using the website/mobile apps
Customers can quickly place orders both from the website or from their tablets/smartphones. Orders will get synchronized automatically in a few seconds.

♛ The customer gets confirmation
The customer will get a notification from the restaurant regarding the food delivery along with the expected time of arrival. It will help the users to track orders quickly.

♛ Manage foods & Ingredients
Customers can easily manage food items and ingredients in the cart. They can add/edit/delete items from the cart easily. They can also track the delivery executive in real-time.

♛ Manage vendor
Admin can manage the restaurant owners and delivery executives from their admin panel dashboard. Admin can add new vendors into the list anytime from the admin panel backend. They can also handle the orders and payments easily.

♛ Filter option
The Food ordering application lets you filter the orders based on the type of food ordered, distance, and price range. Admin can easily manage the requests using the filters easily.

♛ Track delivery status
One can easily track the status of food delivery by checking the customer’s name, order details, and the location.

♛ Search restaurants by location
Customers can search for restaurants using Google navigation. They can place the order by checking the restaurants closer to them.

♛ Manage payments
Soon after the ordering of food, the customer can pay for the order using credit/debit cards, PayPal, Stripe, or using cash on delivery.

♛ Manage customer feedback
Owners can manage customer reviews and feedbacks quickly. Based on the report, steps can be taken to improve the quality of the product. Customers can easily filter out the restaurants depending on the menu’s popularity, ratings, reviews, and the minimum order value.

♛ Maintain customers
The restaurant owner will get regular updates on food delivery. Once the customer receives the food, the restaurant owner and admin will get an instant notification about the same.

♛ Delivery Options
After receiving the order, the restaurant will start preparing the order. They will also send the order request to the nearby delivery executives for pickup. If a delivery executive is not accepting the invitation, the offer will pass on to the next delivery partner instantly.

♛ Personalized options
Customers can personalize the profile by adding photos and videos into the app. If a customer wants to place the same request again, they can go to the history of orders to manage the orders quickly.

♛ Coupon code
Customers can get better discounts for repeated orders or discounts based on the value of the food order.
The Foodgo app comes with a lot of attractive features, which makes it easy for the customers to stick to the application for a long time. Thus better quality, better price, and less setup time make this application more reliable to the customers and gives better ROI. Contact us now to get started.