iFood Clone - Highlighting Features

Referral System

Upon sign-up, every user will get a unique referral code to share with their friends and family. The receivers can use that code to sign up for a profile in your app. This system is powerful as it cuts down your marketing cost.

Online Payments

We have integrated all the major payment gateways with our iFood Clone App. The app is secure and checked for a seamless payment experience. Encryption ensures the protection of app data.

Accessible on Multiple Platforms

Our iFood clone app works well on both iOS and Android platforms. One can also place orders using a web interface.

Profile Creation

Every customer can create a profile for themselves. One can personalize it by adding their basic details and uploading a profile picture.

Coupon Creation

Admins have the power to create, edit, and remove coupon codes. The codes are for customers to avail of offers and discounts.

Push Notifications

Restaurants, customers, and delivery personnel will get real-time updates on each order. The updates will be in the form of push notifications.

Advanced Features

The customers can pay for their orders through secure and efficient online payment gateways

Rating & Feedback

Users can rate the eatery from which they ordered food and the person who delivered it. They can also leave their feedback on the service and food.

Quick Sign-up

Signing up in our app is as easy as pie. Your social media credentials are enough to start using the app.

Instruction to Restaurant

While placing an order, a user can send instructions such as “Extra mayonnaise please!” to the restaurant.

Improved Search

Users can check the available restaurants in an area using the map. As they navigate the map, the list will refresh, and new restaurants will pop up.

Order History

Users can view their past orders under the ‘Order History’ tab. Once in, they can reorder their favorite food in a couple of clicks.

My Favorites

Users can bookmark their favorite restaurants. This feature comes in handy to order food as quick as a flash.

How It Works ?

Turnkey Food Delivery App

Use the app to find the nearest restaurants based on the location and category.

Add food items into the cart and proceed to checkout to complete the payment online.

The system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest drivers. Once the driver accepts the order, he will move to the appropriate restaurant.

Meantime, the restaurant will prepare & pack the order. The driver arrives at the restaurant and picks the order.

The driver reaches the customer's location to hand over the food order to the user.

After delivering it to the user, both customers and delivery partners can rate each other.


Secrets to a Successful Food Delivery Business Using iFood Clone App


The food delivery business started rising to prominence back in the late 2000s. It was the time smartphones had begun occupying people’s lives. This period marked the growth of the on-demand economy. By 2015, online ordering surpassed phone orders. Fast forward to 2021, ordering food through apps is the new normal. Being a food delivery firm, you can charge a flat commission from eateries that use your platform. Renowned food delivery firms that use this revenue stream are Deliveroo and UberEats. Data says iFood is making an average of 390,000 deliveries per day, thanks to the 50,000 restaurants they have signed up for.

Promoting Restaurants

In-app advertising is another way to increase your revenue by multiple folds. High-end restaurants often want to be in the spotlight, even if they are on your app. As a food aggregator, you can make them advertise their recipes and offers in your app. Banners, video ads, and pop-ups are some of the ad forms suitable for Dinedoo. Some restaurants may show interest in coming up at the top of search results. You can charge extra from such eateries and boost their visibility in your app.

Delivery Charges

A basic yet powerful revenue stream is the Delivery Charge. The upsurge of food delivery apps transformed the way customers interact with restaurants. No phone order, no call waiting, and no order mess-up. Just a few taps on an app, and your food is ready at your doorstep in a short time. As the name suggests, the delivery charge is the fee you charge from users for delivering the food. A flat delivery charge and a percentage on the order value are the two common types of fees. While Swiggy charges 30-35% of the order value as Delivery Charge, GrubHub charges a flat $9.99.


Loyal customers often want something more from their favorite food delivery app. And they do not shy away from paying a premium to enjoy special benefits. As a food delivery app, you can monetize this phenomenon and launch paid plans. Companies usually provide free delivery, personalized offers, and discount coupons for paid users.

Dynamic Pricing

The food delivery business is a triple-edged sword. You have to satisfy three stakeholders: Customers, Restaurants, and Delivery Personnel. Dynamic pricing is an incentive to ‘Delivery Persons’ who brave bad weather & traffic.

How Do I Start a Food Delivery Business & Make Money Using iFood Clone App?

Saves Time & Cost

Creating a bug-free and contemporary looking app requires sheer dedication. Ample time and money are the two vital factors that decide the fate of an app. With custom-made apps, these two factors are prerequisites. As a new player entering the food delivery domain, you may not have a deep pocket. Likewise, you may not have the luxury of time to launch your business. In such a situation, our Dinedoo app is a perfect pick for you. It comes with zero hiccups. All you need to do is buy this amazing piece of software, rebrand it, and kick-start your business.

Well-known Interface

If you think developing your app is the sole challenge you may have to face, think twice. Making your app’s interface familiar to the prospects is another challenge that lies in front of you. On the contrary, readymade apps’ interfaces had already acquainted with the users. Our Dinedoo app has all the features the iFood app has. Hence, you need not make the users understand the functionality of our app. Once they are on board, they will know how to maneuver.

Technical Support

Companies that sell clone apps have a technical team to address software issues. The support often lasts for years. This factor will come in handy if you don’t want to pump in money to create your team to address tech issues. Another advantage you have with our technical support is the bouncebackability. A new tech team may take a few days to solve a glitch. But an established team will sort out the issue in a fraction of the former’s time.


The world is fast-changing, so is the app world. Zoplay toils to keep its software pieces and scripts relevant for the market. Upgrades are necessary for an app to run smoothly on different platforms such as iOS and Android. When you buy the Dinedoo app from us, our team will take care of the ‘upgrade’ part. We will ensure that the app runs for years without snags, period.

If you are looking to start a food delivery business like iFood, get in touch with us.

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Secrets to a Successful Food Delivery Business Using iFood Clone App

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