Uber Clone Features

Uber Clone Features



Driver App Features

(I) Peak Hour pricing 

Bumper to bumper traffic jams or bad weather can cause a huge demand for drivers. In such cases, you can apply surge pricing to the affected areas. You can also apply it during peak traffic hours to make more money. This feature is available in our Cabily application. It will help you to generate high revenues.

(II) Upload Driver Documents 

The Cabily app allows drivers to upload their documents directly. All the details must be clearly visible on the documents. If it is clear, then the drivers can upload a PDF or JPEG images of the documents. The documents can be like a commercial driving license and identity proof.

(III) Notify Ride Requests 

This feature sends real-time push notifications to the drivers. It is to inform them of every passenger “booking” request. It also keeps the driver informed about the ongoing as well as the upcoming rides. It gives the drivers a choice to accept or reject a new ride-booking request.

(IV) Daily & Weekly Earnings

This feature allows drivers to track their daily and weekly earnings. It can come handy as a future reference. Drivers can also see a full breakdown of their costs, earnings, and payouts. This feature is quite user-friendly and very useful.

(V) Add Bank Details 

A dedicated panel available on the app allows the drivers to add the required bank details. This feature streamlines payment processing and delivery. You never have to worry about the documentation and the paperwork. The driver earnings will get transferred automatically to their bank accounts.

(VI) Native Android & iOS Apps

The ready-made Cabily script is compatible with native Android and iOS platforms. It integrates seamlessly with both. This feature can help you in launching your “Uber Clone” app. You don’t need to spend ages and a fortune on engineering efforts.

(VII) Low Battery Usage

We have designed our Uber Clone script to keep battery power consumption under control. We have optimized it in such a way that it consumes very little power. On the other side, it will offer optimum performance. The script seamlessly integrates with your native OS and works like a charm. яндекс

(VIII) Login using Social Media 

The app script allows users to login using their social media accounts. They can log in using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You don’t need to create a separate or a dedicated account for the app login. It is a great feature as it offers great ease while logging in and saves a lot of time. The script integrates well with many popular social media platforms. It is to allow smooth logins.

(IX) Wait time charges

There are situations where the drivers have to wait a while for the riders. So, we have programmed the script to apply additional charges per minute. It calculates the additional time based on the waiting time. The riders have to pay for the additional costs for the wait time. Riders may cancel the ride after making the driver wait for some time. Then a ride cancellation fee will get applied instead of the wait time charges.

(X) Online/Offline Status

We have designed the driver app to stay online and receive trip requests from their area. The app script makes the driver app extremely user-friendly. It allows drivers to find customers and navigate to their desired destinations easily.


Rider App Features

(I) Live GPS Tracking

The rider app allows the riders to get the location of the driver en-route in real-time. This feature allows the riders to know the estimated time of the driver’s arrival. The in-app GPS functionality delivers the rider pick-up location to the driver.

(II) Promo Code Option 

This feature allows your customers to share a promo code with their friends and family. Both the person sharing the promo code and the person receiving it will get better discounts. Also, this feature helps in making your app go viral.

(III) Pay by Wallet Option

This feature allows the rider app to integrate seamlessly with the popular wallets. The list of wallets includes Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. These wallets hold your debit, prepaid, credit card information. Riders can make payment using the wallets after the completion of their ride.

(IV) Car Rental

We have included this feature to enhance the user experience. It allows your customers to rent cars on an hourly basis or based on distance traveled at pre-set prices. Furthermore, the rented cars chauffeured.

(V) In-App Notification 

From the admin panel of your app, the In-app notification will get triggered automatically. This feature pushes service-related internal notifications to inform the drivers and the riders. Apart from special offers, you can also send notification related to deals and services. Push notifications are incredibly efficient in increasing user engagement and conversion rates.

(VI) Ratings

We have added this feature to enhance the customer experience. It allows your riders to provide feedback about their ride. They can also provide a rating for the service and the driver. This feature is efficient in making your drivers follow all rules and regulations. It will make them behave nicely with the riders onboarding your cabs.

(VII) Call Masking

Sharing the phone number is always a privacy concern for anybody. For this reason, we have designed a call-masking feature. It masks the riders’ and drivers’ phone numbers to protect their privacy. Both Riders and Drivers will not be able to see the phone numbers. This feature goes a long way in building user trust in your brand and service.

(VIII) In-app Chat Option 

Over the chat messaging, this feature connects the service providers and the riders. The riders can communicate their concerns. They can ask the service provider for the chat within the app. Using this in-app chat feature, both riders and drivers can chat with each other. This feature also masks the phone numbers of the riders allowing them their privacy.

(IX) Ride Scheduling 

By keeping users’ convenience in mind, we have added this feature. This feature allows the riders to take a ride immediately or schedule a rider later. Riders can choose the Ride-later option. The ride request will get dispatched automatically at the rider’s chosen time. It will go to the drivers available near the location of the rider. Ride scheduling becomes extremely easy with this feature.

(X) Get Fare Estimates

The user can enter the pick-up and drop location to book a ride. Then, the app will display the approximate fair amount to the user. This feature allows the users to make an informed decision about taking cab service. It adds a layer of transparency in the user experience offered to the users.


High-end Features

(I) Geofencing 

Geofencing allows the service provider to avoid some specific geo-locations. Those locations may be prone to crime, unusual, and harmful activity. With the help of this feature, the drivers can avoid drops or pick-ups from such locations. This feature also allows the drivers to choose the areas of their choice for pick-ups and drops. Further, the riders can also avoid the suspicious routes on the map to ensure they are safe.


(II) Automated Invoice

Our uber clone app generates automated trip invoices. It does after the end of the trip to ease and comfort your riders. The users will receive all the trip details in their registered email addresses. The details include distance, duration, route, pick-up & drop location along with the fare.

(III) Multiple Payment Options 

Riders prefer specific payment options, and that calls for multiple payment platform support. Our uber clone app supports multiple payment options. It supports cash, wallet, credit card, and debit card options. Riders feel convenient having multiple payment options available to them.

(IV) Multi-language Integration 

You don’t have to compromise on choosing only English as the operational language. Our uber clone application offers additional language integration free of cost. This feature will allow your app to work in the language of your choice. Some of the languages include Arabic, Spanish, French, and German.

(V) Save Favorite Locations

Our script allows riders to mark favorites. They can mark their routine travel spots, places, and destinations to make instant bookings. This feature also allows riders to choose places of their choice quickly. They dont need to spend much time searching for them.

(VI) Manual Booking 

The Cabily app script accepts both automatic and manual bookings. It dispatches the cabs separately to allow it to operate smoothly in any condition. You can use automated and manual booking or dispatching. You can send the most appropriate driver to the rider’s pick-up location.

(VII) Fully Customisable App 

Our uber clone script is a robust and customizable application. It can match your existing transportation service application. If you don’t have an existing app, you can customize our script as per your preferences and requirements. Late we can integrate it with any platform of your choice.

(VIII) In-app SOS button 

When the rider is on board on a ride and if the riders face an emergency, they can use the in-app SOS Alert option. It alerts the police and their emergency contacts instantly. The app immediately shares the rider’s location details with the police. Also, it dispatches the details to the helpline authorities or the emergency contacts.

(IX) Automatic Currency Converter 

The Cabily uber like app ensures that your app admin doesn’t need to enter the currency exchange rates every time to convert manually. This new feature automatically converts currency based on the current currency rates. There is never a need for manual intervention to make any changes.

(X) Tips to Driver

This feature allows the riders to add a tip to the total bill amount at the end of their ride. The drivers can now have improved earnings due to this feature. By enabling this feature, you can show your gratitude and respect for the drivers. Drivers feel valued too. The tipping goes a long way in taking the financial burden off their shoulders.

Our Cabily application comes with a lot more features. Get in touch with us to know more.

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