What COVID Safety Measures Should You Look For When Purchasing An Uber Clone App?

What COVID Safety Measures Should You Look For When Purchasing An Uber Clone App?

What COVID Safety Measures Should You Look For When Purchasing An Uber Clone App?

The ongoing pandemic has taken a significant toll on the service industry across the world. People at present do not go about their daily lives in the same way as they did before the onset of COVID-19. A large portion of the global population is apprehensive about using public services. This reluctance stems from the fear of contracting the novel coronavirus. It is causing the prospects of many service industries to plummet, especially taxi services.

Taxi services have to adopt new measures to garner customers at present. For entrepreneurs who want to launch a ride-hailing app, it is crucial to ensure COVID-related safety measures. Without them, the chances of finding and serving customers are sparse.

If you’re buying an Uber clone app during this ongoing pandemic, there are certain COVID-related features it should have. In this article, we discuss what those COVID safety measures are. Let’s get started.

Impact of the Pandemic on Taxi Services

Taxi services is a near-essential service. And due to the pandemic, it is severely affected. As taxi vehicles have several customers traveling in them every day, there is a high risk of infection spreading. What adds to this is drivers and passengers who don’t wear a mask or don’t wear it properly during the commute. All of this deters customers from booking taxis.

Uber suffered a loss of $1.78 billion during the second quarter of 2020. Due to the drop in revenue, Uber even laid off over 3,000 employees. These circumstances were the result of the pandemic. However, with increasing knowledge on ensuring the safety of commuters, the company revamped its ride-hailing services.

Today, Uber’s taxi app contains numerous COVID safety measures. And because of them, more customers are booking the company’s taxis. Now, Uber is gradually recovering from its losses.

Covid Safety Measures to Look for in the Uber Clone App You Want to Purchase

Due to the pandemic, purchasing a regular Uber clone app will be of no benefit. It will not have any new features that help curb the spread of COVID-19. As the public is cautious about their exposure to novel coronavirus, you will need to implement covid safety measures to make them feel comfortable to travel in your taxis. Only then will you be able to acquire customers and conduct business at a steady pace. Here are six safety measures to look for when purchasing an Uber clone app.

1. Mandatory Mask

At present, masks are ubiquitous. Wearing them in public is mandatory. The Uber clone app you want to purchase must be able to display a mask disclaimer to passengers. It should convey the message that wearing masks is mandatory for commuting in your cab. The app must also give your drivers the freedom to cancel bookings citing no masks as a reason.

2. Hand Sanitizer Facility

The Uber clone app you want to invest in must be capable of displaying all the measures your taxi service takes to curb the spread of the virus. Besides the mask, another facility to have in your taxi is hand sanitizers. This measure will highly appeal to customers as they can use it however and whenever they want to while commuting from one place to another.

3. Post-trip Cleansing

Instructing your drivers to sanitize their taxis after each passenger deboards the vehicles is vital. In addition to performing this crucial duty, conveying this safety measure to your customers is pivotal. Doing so will assure customers that your cabs are safe to travel in. This message should also be displayed to customers when they use your taxi app. Ensure that this exists in the Uber clone app.

4. Passenger Limits

Due to the pandemic, governments strongly advise the public to maintain social distancing. It helps break the chain of virus transmission. This mandate applies to passengers who use taxis as well. When commuters book your taxi via the Uber clone app, it must display a pop up mentioning that only a limited number of passengers can board the cab.

5. Driver Temperature

Unusually high body temperatures are giveaway signs that individuals are unwell. Worst case scenario, they might have contracted novel coronavirus. To assure passengers that your drivers are hale and healthy, ensure that your Uber clone app can display updated body temperatures of your drivers.

6. Vaccination Badge

Another prominent COVID safety measure your Uber clone app must have is the option to display vaccination badges. Drivers who are fully vaccinated can choose to add a vaccinated badge to their profile. So, when customers book a taxi, they will get to know that their drivers are vaccinated.

Benefits of Having Covid Safety Protocols in Your Uber Clone App

Ensuring that your Uber clone app contains all the measures mentioned above translates to numerous benefits.

First off, the safety protocols curtail the transmission of the virus. Then, it enhances the credibility of your taxi services. That ultimately encourages more customers to board your cabs. The outcome of all these benefits is you will earn higher revenue.


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