Online Ordering System - Key Features

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Real Time Tracking

Users can see their status of their order in detailed map view using GPS function. The order status can be updated through notifications.

Multiple Access for Booking

Users can order their food using Online Ordering System, Android and iPhone applications.

Add to Cart

The foods have chosen by the users will be added to the cart, he/she can open the cart and change the quantity, he/she can remove the food which is added before, etc.

Find the Nearest Restaurants

Users can search the restaurant based on the current location and also by area and city.


An excellent web and mobile application for users, drivers and restaurants to login, order food, pay, give feedback and check order history.

Create Profile

User and driver can create, view, edit profile and maintain all the details on the Online Ordering System for future references.

Online Ordering System - User App Features

Log in with Social Media

The user can sign up using social media like Facebook & Not go through the hassle of signing up with an email ID or phone number in Online Ordering System.

Special Instructions

You can give special instructions at the time of ordering your food, this app which has the features to give special instructions and all the instructions that are given by you will be viewed directly by the restaurants.

Multiple Categories

Using this option in Online Ordering System the user can surf multiple categories like continental, Asian, Korean, etc.

Contact Driver

The user can able to contact the driver/support executive by using phone from Online Ordering System, SMS and make it easy for both.

Online Ordering System - Admin panel Features

  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • God's Eye View

    With the integrated Google map function in Online Ordering System, the Admin can view the the list of available users, drivers and restaurant in real time.

  • Orders

    Using this feature Admin can view the status of orders which includes: New, Confirmed, Order Picked Up, Delivered, Denied, Cancelled. Also Admin can manually search the order by entering order ID and cancel.

  • Coupon Code

    Admin has the options to send promo offers coupon codes via push notifications, SMS, e-mails, etc.from Online Ordering System Using this promo codes user can get a discount on their orders.

  • Offers

    Both Admin and Restaurants can add offer for example: offer based on amount , item based offer and no delivery charges on Online Ordering System.

  • Convenient Payment Gateway

    The user can pay for their order by using convenient and secure payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe.

  • Admin and Sub-admin Moderators

    Admin can create sub-admins to manage the business. With this feature, the admin can restrict the access to different modules in our admin panel for sub-admins.

  • Users List

    With the interactive admin dashboard in Online Food Ordering System the admin can view, edit and delete users available in the platform.

  • Restaurant List

    Admin can view, edit, delete and add restaurants with individual comission and tax settings.

  • Site Earnings

    In Admin dashboard, the Admin can view the earnings which include the total amount in the site, Driver earning, Restaurant earning and site earning.

  • Cuisine Management

    Admin can add cuisine and sub-cuisine for the restaurant menus though admin panel.

  • Food List

    Food is the main core of the restaurant business. With our interactive admin panel, the admin can view, edit, add and delete food lists available in our application.

  • Push Notification

    Push notification is used for sending special instructions, notifications, coupon codes and offers to users from Online Ordering System.

  • Vehicle Management

    Vehicle management is used for managing the vehicles used through our Online Ordering System.

  • Settings

    With the scalable settings available in our application, the admin can update the following: currency, time zone, price, comission, logo, SEO, SMTP, SMS, appearance, etc.

  • Online Ordering System - Driver App Features

    Driver Status

    The Driver can go online or offline. The driver will receive the request when the status is online from Online Food Ordering System.

    In App Navigation

    The driver can navigate to restaurant in Online Ordering System and the user location through in app navigation.

    Driver Earnings

    The driver can view the complete history of their income through the Online Ordering System app.

    Job History

    Displays the information of the jobs and the incomes, it also shows whether the amount has been credited to the account or not.

    Online Ordering System - Restaurant App Features


    Restaurant Status

    The restaurant can go offline or online, the restaurant will receive the order request when it is online. The users cannot book the food when the restaurant app is offline.


    Order Status

    The restaurant owners can view and update the order status as New orders, Confirmed orders, Order picked up, Delivered orders, Cancelled orders, Denied orders.


    Driver auto dispatch

    The application will dispatch the orders from the restaurant to the nearby drivers. By using this, the users are ensured with their food delivery on time.


    Add Offers

    Restaurants can avail offers to users such as offers based on the amount, item based offer, no delivery charges.


    Bank Details

    The restaurant can add the bank details by using web and App itself, so the admin can credit the restaurant income to that account.


    Food varieties

    The restaurant can able to choose the category and add the food, base packs and add-ons. An important factor is that food item can be taken as a clone and reused for another item too.

    Extra Features

    White label Solution

    Our platform is an entirely white label to put whatever brand you want. We will do the rebranding on Online Ordering System and launch the application online.

    Responsive design integration

    User front end, restaurant panel and admin panel comes with responsive design, where specific user roles can access their account on the different web and mobile browsers.

    Detailed restaurant information

    Customers can view the full information of particular restaurant with restaurant name, photo, address, operating hours, etc.., It also has a menu, info and reviews section.

    Ratings Management

    Admin has the option to add or edit the rating from Online Ordering System and the users can rate the restaurants based on their opinion.

    Favourite List

    Users can favorite any restaurants and the favorite list will display the list of restaurants, that has been added as a favorite one and can the place orders quickly.

    Template Management

    The templates which include email template, invoice template and it can be managed through Admin dashboard in Online Food Ordering System.





    Operating system


    Version 1.4+


    Version 3.10+


    Version 6.4+


    Version 3.2+


    with IPv6 Address

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Is installation free of cost?
    The installation is completely free of cost. You need to provide hosting details. Please check the server requirements mentioned in our website.
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    Do you support testing in local host/simulator?
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    Where you will find unique items to match your personal style. is a 100% women owned business and has roughly 20 years each of hands on business experience. If you are a buyer, and looking for that next handcrafted piece, you can trust that our sellers are held to a high standard, as we look for unique and quality products to come from them. If you are a seller, we found that too many companies are nickle and diming their sellers to death.


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    Sell cars, trucks, boats and bikes online.

    Carxel provides the online solution to open up dealership. It makes licensed salesman. Also it provides free reassignments. One point solution to sell cars, trucks, boats, bikes online. The application knows new and used part suppliers and private sellers with reviews from the community. Carxel brings Whole sellers, retailers and private owners one platform and connect them to buyers. Choose from large online inventory apply for financing and much more.


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    Zessto is a market place for international and multicultural foods and specialty items from around the world. It welcomes the user to browse around and see something (or somethings) the users like, please feel free to purchase through the secure checkout process.


    Pakistan’s first, free and largest auto parts, repair shops and mechanical market is an agile multivendor platform that can host unlimited number of independent shop owners and individual sellers. All sellers can open their independent stores within the platform keeping their identity and individuality intact through maintaining their own stores and sales policies. All the sellers are free to create and choose their store banners and sales & marketing strategies and slogans. works exactly like a market place where all the sellers and buyers can connect with each other and complete the transactions. PartJin is totally technically targetted, specifically designed and dedicated platform to sell only auto parts.


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    As entrepreneurs the founders of USA Made for Sale know the value and quality of American made products. Buying local means putting food on American tables, paying for music lessons or sports camps for our children. Its vision is to accentuate American Craftsmanship, be it produced in a warehouse in Detroit or on the same table dinner was served hours before in Virginia.


    An agile multivendor platform that can host unlimited number of independent dealers and individual sellers

    Using cark2 all sellers can open their independent stores within the platform keeping their identity and individuality intact through maintaining their own stores and sales policies. All the sellers are free to create and choose their store banners and sales & marketing strategies and slogans. works exactly like a market place where all the sellers and buyers can connect with each other and complete the transactions. Another feature that distinguish carK2 from other conventional websites is "Make Offer". All the buyers are free to bid on any vehicle of their choice and the sellers will accept, reject or counter bid the offer.


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    The site was started to address a common problem we all face…. what to do with everything we have, but no longer need. We all have items we see around the house from time to time, and say “I don’t need that anymore.” It may be clothing, old toys, furniture, appliances, tools or absolutely anything. We developed this web based platform, supported by an app, as a place where you can show items you no longer need to others that may have a need. Our platform is designed to be used by individual households, local community organizations and churches to help and support others in need. Instead of tossing these items in the trash, or recycling bin, consider ways it might still be usable, or repairable by someone else, and give it a chance for a second life by using our website or application.


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    Centsuri is a unique vendor marketplace platform that provides distinguished support and business offerings to both vendors and buyers. It offers convenience to vendors to promote products online and most important, giving valued buyers a hassle-free shopping experience. We are team of dynamic individuals with different background and experiences. We are totally focused to bring our business to greater heights. While we strengthen our business locally in Malaysia initially, we aspire to grow globally as well.

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