Instact - Instagram Clone App is all set to make a difference

Why is Instact - Instagram Like App is better than any other Instagram Like Applications out there in the tech world? The answer is simple. It makes our lives beautiful by helping us capture the day to day moments and events with ease and simplicity. The list of features that makes it unique among the rest,

  • Video capture
  • Image capture
  • Audio capture
  • Newsfeed
  • Comments
  • Image editor
  • Video editor
  • Push notifications
  • Social connect
  • Hashtag
  • User tag
  • Custom login
  • Report inappropriate
  • My profile
  • Explore
  • Image filters
  • Video filters
  • Admin panel

Our application comes in both Instagram Clone for Android & Instagram Clone for the iOS platform and is beyond any application that would allow us to share pictures and keep track of our favorite food. The soon-to-be sensational instact app is available on both Android and IOS and is considered to be a serious threat to other infamous applications, not kidding!

Instact is here to rule!

The supreme Instagram Clone Source Code can also be customized to the client’s needs and tailored with the features that do not even exist in the official photo-sharing app, how cool is that? We are living in the generation where even a 5-year-old toddler could not survive a day without a smartphone (definitely not something to be proud of!) The smartphone apps on Google play store and app store are making ordinary people famous in just an overnight. There are tons of mobile games and other cool apps that trend worldwide, and the fact that people make huge money off it is surreal. However, the photo and video sharing based social network app is the most happening one today. To people who are looking to make money off mobile apps, see the miracle of creating an app like Instagram. Instact could be the solution, or let’s even call it a jackpot!

If you are interested in building an app like Instagram, you have chosen the right place! People would even bid a farewell to the first app and cling on to the rest of their lives. Zoplay has always been successful with Airbnb and Uber clones and has now laid its hands on the famous photo sharing and editing social network app. We want to put a full stop to all other Instagram wannabes in the market with its handy features, kudos to Instact! It has never failed to amaze us, and it has lived up to the expectations this time as well. Instact has grabbed huge attraction and infused fear among fellow competitors.

Why do we say Instact is Instagram’s best clone ever?

There are numerous turnkey applications like Instagram that are famous in many countries, but nothing is as elegant as the original. The reason why people choose Instact over others is that it is easy to use, hassle-free, and has many features in it. You can come up with improvisations and make Instact your app because it is a lot more convenient than building an app from scratch. You can easily edit the pictures with classy and attractive filters like blur, black and white, and vintage.

It is not very easy to replicate the mighty Instagram from which Kevin is making millions of dollars in day to day life. It is not impossible either because Instact has already started to grab tech-savvy people’s attention across the world. It would soon sabotage other dupes in a long way and might even get better than the original with its endless list of features, you never know!

Instact has won a crazy number of hearts across the globe, can’t blame its success because it is indeed, one of the most genius photo-sharing apps out there! Many people are even trying to clone the app and also ending up with an epic fail; that’s how perfect Instagram is! No matter how many infamous dupes come out often, people cannot get enough of Instagram and its significant photo filtering effects. After all, it has lifted the human souls who are not so confident about their looks, sarcasm much?

Zoplay is here to reincarnate the world-famous photo-sharing app! The instact app possesses all the features, even better than the actual Instagram.