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Enterprise Chat App with Secure Messaging & Global Accessibility

WhatsApp Clone is a powerful and Secure Messaging application that comes with in-built audio and video calling feature.

Use our in-build Audio and Video calling feature to make better business decisions. You can also Manage large teams with group chats as it has a fully managed chat infrastructure.

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WhatsApp Clone App Features

App Screenshots

In Message Reply

In Message Reply is an incredible feature. You can do this by simply holding the notification for a few seconds. Also, You can directly reply to a particular message without opening WhatsApp.

Email Chat History

With Scimbo taking the chat history back up is now an easy task. You can simply go to the chat history section and click on the email option to get the complete chat history to your email ID in a few seconds.

Share Contacts

Using Scimbo, You can easily share your contact details instantly with other friends. You can also share the contact with a particular group inside the Scimbo app.

Set Chat Background Wallpaper

Rather than having the same wallpaper, You can change their chat background wallpaper any time. You can also set a customized wallpaper by uploading an image.

Chat Archives

You can Archive any of your chat with your friends or groups instantly. Also, you can go back and unarchive it at any time to restore all the chats.

Set Profile Status

One can express their thoughts on Scimbo using the status feature. They can post images, GIFs, and videos from their gallery or directly from the camera to update their status.

Set Profile Picture

Set any profile picture of your choice in our Scimbo application. You can change the profile picture any time, and you can also hide it to a particular set of contacts.

Simplify your Team Collaboration with our Secure Instant Messaging Application

Enable your Workforce to Exchange Instant Messages, VoIP Calls & Conference Calls. Scimbo app will bring in more engagement among employees, and it Blocks unwanted Outgoing Calls.

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Admin panel Dashboard

You can login to backend admin panel dashboard to check the list of registered users, active users, images, audio, video shared and much more. It is the best instant messaging application in the market.




Operating system


Version 1.4+


Version 3.10+


Version 6.4+


Version 2.0


Version 3.6


Version 1.0


with IPv6 Address


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is installation free of cost?

The installation is completely free of cost, and you need to provide the hosting details. Please check the server requirements mentioned on our website.

2. Does zoplay help in approval of app?

Yes, we will help our customers to get the approval of the app. We need the IOS app store and google play login details from customers. Our experienced team will communicate with the customer via basecamp/skype to get the required information to submit the app for approval in the app store.

3. Do you support testing in local host/simulator?

No. some people ask us that they want to test the app in their local host before installing it in their server. Users have to check it by themselves, and we do not support any testing in the localhost/simulator.

4. What is the turnaround time?

It depends on hosting companies. It generally takes between 12-24 hours, and the installation is completely free of cost.

5. What if user/customer modifies the code?

If a user makes some changes to the code; then it would be hard for us to work on a modified script. So we strongly recommend customers, not to make any changes to the source code. Our free support will not continue if we find any changes made in the script.

6. What is our refund policy?

We request the users to test the demo version of the product entirely before making a purchase. Once we send you the app download details, we won't process refunds at any cost. If you face issues in purchasing or installation, our technical team will guide you with the process via Skype, Basecamp, live chat, email, etc..

7. Will zoplay give technical support after puchase?

Yes, we do support the product after the purchase, like doing customization changes, fixing bugs, etc..

8. Do you charge for Customization changes?

The script is thoroughly tested and will be working 100% without any issues. If you need any customization changes to the source code, we are always happy to do it at the best hourly price. Please contact us at [email protected] for customization costs.


Power Guide to Make money through WhatsApp Clone

The Power of Instant Messaging

The past decade is considered by many to be the golden age of Instant Messaging. They have found popularity all over the world. Apps such as WhatsApp have billions of subscribers worldwide. They instantly connect people and businesses. One can easily share images, videos, and emojis to express their feelings.

In this day and age, investing in a clone of an app-like WhatsApp has immense potential. It enables you to connect with people all over the world. The app can be used for recreational purposes while still generating revenue via ads and affiliate marketing. A stable and secure WhatsApp clone can be a great opportunity to earn money.

Tap Multiple Revenue Streams

Instant messaging apps offer many avenues to generate revenue. You can monetize several aspects of the app. A WhatsApp clone app enables you to tap into multiple revenue streams worldwide. You can earn money even when people are using it for personal purposes.

Deliver a superior communication experience while you earn money. You can earn through:

  • Ads on the app
  • Charging for annual subscriptions
  • In-app purchases, like stickers and emojis
  • Special features for businesses
  • Online payments

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Each global region offers new prospects to earn revenue. You can decide which revenue model works best when you invest in our WhatsApp clone. Our Scimbo app has the best features present in WhatsApp and is fully customizable.

Reach a Global Audience

The primary purpose of an Instant Messaging app is communication. It enables people across the world to connect. People prefer these apps because they can use features such as voice and video calling. Everything happens over the internet, so their mobile operator does not charge them.

You can be in the US and call a friend in Japan with superior voice clarity. This allure of instant messaging apps makes them a big hit worldwide.

When you launch a WhatsApp-like app, it reaches a global audience. Your potential users are all over the world and come from all walks of life. Imagine the possibilities when you can compete with players on a global scale!

Deliver Innovative Content

Apps-like Snapchat is popular with the new generation. The range of filters and effects offered are attractive and fun. Innovative content like this is key to user adoption. You can turn your chat application into a magnet for the millennial generation.

It provides a great platform for creating and delivering innovative content. It is beneficial for both the users as well as developers. Developers paying to deploy their creations on your app is a great revenue stream. In-app purchases and upgrades help you gain revenue in the form of commissions. The better the content, the more popular your app is worldwide. Use this revenue model to grow your revenue.

IM for the Workplace/Business

The benefits of a messaging app for workplaces are immense. An enterprise chat application is perfect for business communication.

You can instantly reach coworkers or customers. Live chats are more efficient than emails. They are easy to use and do not need any special software setup.

Why Should You Buy Our WhatsApp Clone Over Developing Your own?

Save on Development Costs

Creating a mobile app from scratch is a time-consuming process. It involves various teams such as UI/UX design, Development, and Testing.

A typical mobile app development cycle could last anywhere from 6-months to several years. It broadly includes:

  • Ideation
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing/QA
  • Deployment

Each of these phases incurs a cost—any delays in the above lead to escalating costs.

You pay a consolidated fee for our Scimbo application. It has undergone the above development life cycle as per industry standards. You save lots of money in development and testing costs when you opt for our market-ready solution.

Reduced Implementation Time

Building a new app not only takes up development time but also consumes time with testing. Our WhatsApp clone application is ready to deploy. It means that you can get your messaging app out in the market in a matter of days, not months!

Our app is fully tested and compliant with the best security standards. It makes the time to hit the market much faster. It increases the relevance of the app in the market. We have rigorously tested the app for stable code and security.

Moreover, our app is future-ready. We built it using the most advanced technologies and tools in the market. It ensures that you won’t have to worry about factors like third-party integrations in the future.

Proven Technology and Security

Our Scimbo app is technically superior and fully tested. We have developed it based on the best practices in the industry. Also, we have benchmarked every stage of the app creation process to achieve high quality.

We have tested our code many times to ensure there are no bugs or security issues. Our testing and QA teams consider many use cases when testing the app. We ensure that the app is future-ready and is safe from cyber-attacks. Any private customer data stored or used in the app is safe from theft with our advanced security practices.

Our developers and support teams work with you closely during customization and launch. We are thereby your side in case of any issues or roadblocks.

Scale with Ease

Our customizable scimbo application is scalable as per your business needs. We have designed it so that we can integrate new features or upgrade existing ones easily. We have tested the app to accommodate various scenarios. For example, if your user base increases by a few thousand users overnight, our app can handle the volume.

  • We understand the need for the app to be scalable as your business grows. Our app is optimized to load fast.
  • You will have full access to the source code of the script.
  • We have developers who can modify this as per your requirements.
Easy to Customize Features

Our scimbo application comes equipped with rich features and modules found in WhatsApp. You have the flexibility to customize it as per your business needs. You have the option to add or remove features that you don’t need.

You can change the complete look and feel of the app. It includes logos, colors, themes, and buttons. It is easy for our team to customize it as per your company’s branding requirements. Customization gives your app a unique edge over your competition.

How Can Scimbo Help You Replicate WhatsApp’s Success?

Deliver must-have features

A messaging app is as good as the features it delivers. With our app, you can deliver the features that most users have come to expect.

Our app has the following popular features:

  • Video and voice calling
  • End-to-end encryption for messages
  • File and contact sharing
  • Group messaging
  • Stickers and Emojis

You can customize our app to add more features as per your revenue model. Easily integrate Ads to boost revenue through online marketing.

Robust Backend and Security

Our app comes equipped with great security features. Our messaging platform is secure and tested for vulnerabilities.

Scimbo has a robust backend that is stable and capable of scaling to meet your needs. It is proven to be safe from cyber-attacks and malware. Also, our app is future-ready. The process of upgrading features and installing security patches is simple and hassle-free.

Deliver Innovative Content

Great content attracts users. You can deliver engaging content through our app. Attract users through fun ads, videos, and filters. You can monetize in more than one way with content. Allow external development companies to sell their content on the platform. You can also enable in-app purchases for cool stuff like special stickers and emojis!

Customize it for Workplaces

Our app helps small, and large businesses collaborate. You can offer business features in the app. It is similar to WhatsApp. It lets the users:

  • Create a business profile
  • Set automatic greeting messages
  • Send quick replies
  • Display catalogs
  • Integrate with Facebook shops
  • Easy and secure payments

Offering these stand out features is bound to capture the business user market. You can also integrate interactivity by building a chatbot that interacts with users.

Monetize through Ads

Ad revenue is a fast method of boosting your business income. Use our WhatsApp clone to attract companies to advertise their brands. You can customize the app to integrate all types of ads.

Ads from top brands bring credibility to your app. Opening up the app as a platform for Ads adds value to your users and is a good ROI opportunity.

Is It A Good Time to Invest in WhatsApp Clone?

The unfortunate pandemic in recent months has changed the way people live and work. It has changed the status quo globally. But it has also brought technology to the forefront.

These times offer a silver lining for enterprising individuals. It is a great opportunity to earn revenue using mobile apps and an online revenue model.

Now is the right time to invest in an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. Let’s examine some of the main reasons below.

Increased Focus on Communication

The world has always thrived on communication. It has become more important now than ever in the looming backdrop of the pandemic.

People and workplaces are dependent on messaging apps to keep in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. Many apps in the market are competing in this space. You can leverage this scenario to your benefit.

Invest in our WhatsApp clone software to get a head start in this market. You can position yourself as a key player by offering unique features and pricing plans. It will attract both the young crowds as well as corporates. Your app’s reputation and credibility will increase as more users adopt it for business and pleasure.

Huge Untapped Global Market

As per Statista, the number of mobile users has increased by many in the last few months. Many people who used the internet sparingly are now dependent on it to work from home. Children and teachers worldwide are using apps like WhatsApp to communicate.

You can imagine the number of new users this can bring to the fold. Bringing out a WhatsApp with great USP’s enables you to gain a wider market. You can tap potential users worldwide, not just your country/region. Even a modest increase in new users translates to a huge increase in revenue and ROI.

Stable Technological Landscape

Mobile technology and security have grown rapidly over the last few years. We are at a stage where the existing mobile app technology ecosystem is at its most stable.

Mobile apps are easier to maintain and upgrade, unlike before. You have a variety of great manual and automated tools. These help you resolve any bugs or make feature changes easily without affecting the functionality of the app.

It is prudent to invest in a WhatsApp clone at this juncture. We have built the app to the highest standards. You will need to perform minimal maintenance tasks after launch. We make it simple for you to customize the app and add/remove features. All these factors are indicators that now is the right time to invest in a WhatsApp-like application. Get in touch with us now!

Why Choose Scimbo?

Despite having lots of messengers like WeChat, Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp has made its mark today. Likewise, Scimbo is ahead of its competitor chat applications with a lot of modern features.

The app installation is completely free of cost. You can also check the server requirements on the website. If you want to customize the script, you can contact us for the best hourly rates.

Scimbo Comes with Attractive Features

  • The interface will show notification alerts automatically.

  • A person can send as well as receive messages without any limits.

  • You can also share your contact number with your friends, relatives, and colleagues seamlessly.

  • He/she can share their location within the app to their family and friends.

  • The group chat option lets you chat with many people at the same time.

  • You can also opt for the big screen by using the web version. By using the QR code, anyone can use the web version of WhatsApp on laptops/desktops.

  • Users can share their pleasant memories and new videos with friends and family.

Here’s a List of Features from the New Version of the Scimbo Application

If you’re tired of paying your mobile service provider a ton of cash each month for SMS and multimedia messages, then it’s time to move to Scimbo. This Whatsapp-like application has all the features from WhatsApp along with more add-on features.

  • Users can share their contacts with friends with just a single tap of a button.

  • Location sharing is easy and fast. Tap on your location, and share it with your contacts

  • You can send unlimited audio files.

  • You can also upload and download your favorite video files without any size limits.

  • Adding and Sharing images is simple and easy.

  • You can backup all the conversations to the integrated Google Drive.

  • You can retrieve the backup anytime at no cost.

  • The backup option is available for chats, recordings, media, and document files.

  • The video calling feature is compatible with Android and iOS.

  • You can mark messages as important by tapping the star icon.

  • You can retrieve it from your application anytime.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Scimbo over Others?

  • The Scimbo app is available on both iPhone and Android versions.

  • Send and receive unlimited messages from one part of the world.

  • You can send both audio and video messages up to 16 Mb. And, you can submit documents up to 100 Mb. Apart from documents, you can also send PDFs, spreadsheets, slideshows, and more.

  • You can also share the contacts and save them just by tapping on them.

  • The Broadcast List option is also available for broadcasting single messages to a group of people.

  • End-To-End encryption provides extra protection to all messages.

  • Unlimited voice and video calls are available free of cost.

  • Make use of built-in emojis. Emojis make the conversation more fun and exciting.

  • The services are available for both web and desktop. It is made possible with the help of a QR code.

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