FAQs on Dinedoo - UberEats Clone Software

Dinedoo supports payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe. It also supports multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallet payments & cash.
Yes, our food delivery software’s script allows customers to rate & review restaurant and delivery services.
Certainly, customers can track their food order status via GPS. For more convenience, customers will receive notifications at every stage of the meal preparation and delivery process.
Absolutely, our food delivery app’s script gives our clients the freedom to modify features, colors schemes, icons, and more.
Delivery agents can choose to accept or reject orders, view total earnings and also see the location of customers and restaurants.
Yes, we deliver our entire source code to clients. They will have the privilege to modify various aspects of the app so that it suits their preference.
Of course, our support team is always happy to help resolve queries related to setting up the app and usage of features.
Dinedoo works effortlessly on both the major mobile Operating Systems - Android and iOS.
Yes, restaurants can seamlessly launch exciting offers that have the potential to entice customers to order food from them.
Our food delivery app allows customers to sign up via their phone numbers, email addresses, or using their social login.
Dinedoo can generate commission reports. They show the details of the commissions restaurants have earned over time.
It contains search filter options like search bars, sort by ratings, delivery time, price, etc.
Dinedoo allows customers to chat with restaurants and delivery agents within the app itself.
Admins can view crucial information such as due payments, the total number of users, partnered restaurants, delivery agents, and more.
Yes, customers can opt for the contactless delivery option for better hygiene purposes.
Yes. We help you optimize the app according to each of the store’s guidelines. That way your app will get published in those stores as soon as possible.
Absolutely. After you purchase Dinedoo, we provide assistance in installing the clone script free of cost. Our support team will make sure that your food delivery app is up and running.
Yes. You can customize various aspects of the app so that it matches your business preferences.
Dinedoo can be launched on all the leading mobile platforms including Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.
Of course. Our testing team makes sure that Dinedoo is free of any bugs by putting it through rigorous tests in various live environments.
In the wake of the pandemic, customers have largely moved away from dining in at restaurants to ordering food via a mobile application. By investing in our app, you can launch a successful food delivery platform that makes large profits.
We have had the opportunity to collect feedback about our app from clients all across the world. That helped us shape our application’s script according to modern food delivery requirements. And in the recent wake of the pandemic, we have implemented features that enable restaurants and food delivery agents to follow COVID-19 preventative measures. The Dinedoo app script has all the essential food delivery app features and more.
Dinedoo offers a broad range of features to help customers receive their food safely and with confidence. Features include monitoring delivery agents’ temperate in real-time, no contact delivery options, sanitization of food packages, and special tags for restaurants that take extra steps to fight COVID.
Dinedoo does not have a universal price. Because you can customize it according to your requirements. So, the cost of the app will depend on how much it is customized, and also how many features are required.
Yes, we offer comprehensive app support and maintenance services for Dinedoo. We periodically run checks on your app to optimize its speed, upgrade its security features, implement new features, and more. You can get answers from our support team in just a call or email.
Not at all, Dinedoo is a white-label solution. It means that it contains features and algorithms that are ready for deployment in the market. You can choose to rebrand the app to suit your business preferences.
Yes. However, if you require customizations, the app will differ from the product we show in the demo.
Each of them has specialized login screens where they can seamlessly enter their usernames and passwords for gaining access to the software.
Absolutely. Restaurants can also view the ETA of the delivery agent. They can also view the temperature of delivery agents in real-time. All these features help deliver hot food that is free of any infection.
Our support team offers assistance in installing the Dinedoo app. Before that, we would like to know on what platform you want to install the app. We can install the app on cloud servers like AWS and IBM, or we can configure your server to accommodate the app.
Yes, we will coordinate with you and frequently give you an update regarding the progress of the installation.
It depends on the type of server you want to install the app on. It usually takes 48 hours to install the app on the web, and another 48 hours for submitting the app to Android and iOS app stores. Each of the platforms will review the app submission. After it is over and accepted, your app will go live.
We do not provide or facilitate any refunds once the app is delivered to you. However, if you face any issues in installing the app, you can avail the help of our experts. The Zoplay team recommends you peruse all of the app’s features and test them during the demo session before purchasing the app.
Yes. You can update various elements of the app. Once you’ve updated the app, your users will get an update notification. By clicking on it, their apps will be sync up to the latest version.
To keep your app project’s details secure and discreet, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
The Dinedoo app has a dedicated module for administrators to configure their commissions. They can set it up based on either a percentage or a value. Administrators can charge a commission from the total order amount or from the number of orders restaurants complete. They can also set delivery charges.
The GPS tracking facility is included in the user app, the restaurant app, the delivery agent’s app, the administrator app, and the website. Admins have access to the navigation for troubleshooting purposes.
Our app is priced competitively. Moreover, it is 100% customizable. You can modify every element of the app according to your business preference.
Our food delivery app is completely scalable. Depending on the number of users your app accrues, you can dockerize and cluster backend components to accommodate any increase in users.
Although we advertise our app as a clone, it is not. The Dinedoo script is built from scratch and does not cross over the legal boundaries of any other popular food delivery app. Furthermore, our Dinedoo script has unique elements in terms of UI and features that make it stand out from the competition. So, no, there are no chances of getting sued.
No. We do not allow the reselling of our food delivery app. At the time of purchase, the legal contract you sign includes terms that prohibit the reselling of our app or its script.
As we sign an NDA, we do not use or disclose your app ideas to anyone else. So, your app idea is secure with us.
Yes, we offer patches for any bugs we find in our software for a year from purchase. Besides that, you can avail a premium support plan for a price. We provide different support programs depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Yes. Nonetheless, since it is a script, you will need to customize it and set it up on your server. Then, you will have to execute the installation process.
Not at all. Our expert developers at Zoplay know the ins and outs of the script the best. They can help you customize, configure and run the app.
For every payment that customers make to a restaurant, you will receive a small portion of it known as a commission fee. You can change the commission fee percentage.
Yes, you receive full ownership after purchasing the Dinedoo app.
Our UberEats clone app (Dinedoo) is designed for entrepreneurs who want to quickly launch a food delivery software without any hassles. It is a ready-made script that has plenty of customization features for entrepreneurs to make it look and feel unique. Furthermore, it has all the latest features.
Yes, purchasing the Dinedoo app is a one-time investment.
Absolutely, we suggest you an API bundle and integrate them with your food delivery app according to the functionalities you require.
The Dinedoo script codes for 4 separate apps - customer, delivery agent, restaurant, and admin. The restaurant uploads food menus, customers place food orders, delivery agents deliver the order and the admin oversees and troubleshoots any problem along the way.
The demo of our food delivery app is on our website. For further details about the app, you can contact us at [email protected]
We have a highly responsive support team to provide you with round-the-clock assistance. You can contact us at any time via phone call, e-mail, or via skype. As soon as you register your query with us, we will respond to it as soon as possible.
Yes. Tell us how you want your app to look and feel, we’ll customize it for you.
Yes, it is. The Android app runs on Android KitKat v4.4 and higher. The iOS app runs on Swift 3.x.
It means you can alter the source code in any way you want.
We used the MEAN stack framework to develop the back-end of the food delivery software. For the front end, we used the MERN stack.
Yes, the Dinedoo script supports multiple languages as well as multiple currency types.
As our app comes with pre-installed features and is ready for use, you can start your business immediately.
You can either charge a commission fee off of the orders customers place or you can run advertisements on the app to generate an income.
You can seamlessly manage your customers via the powerful admin app that comes with purchasing our food delivery software.
It is an app that mimics the features and functionalities of the UberEats app. It can be deployed in the market instantly. Before which, you can customize it according to your business preference.
No, we do not charge an additional price. We help optimize your app for the Google Play Store and then help you publish the food delivery software on the platform.
Yes, restaurants can choose to sport a safety badge that says they are hygienic and follow COVID norms.
Absolutely, the Dinedoo script can track and display the body temperature of delivery agents in real-time.
Of course. Customers can opt for no-contact deliveries using the Dinedoo app.