Uber Clone - FAQs

About Services

Yes, the installation is completely free of cost. You need to provide your Webhosting details. Please check the server requirements mentioned Below.
  • NGINX: v1.4 and above
  • NPM: 3.10 and above
  • NODEJS: v6.4 and above
  • MongoDB: v3.2 and above
  • Server with IPv6 Address
  • RAM : 2GB; CPU : 2; SSD : 40GB; Transfer : 3TB; IP Address : Dedicated with root password
Yes, we will fully help with the approval process of the app. We need the IOS app store login and google play store login details from customers. Our experienced team will communicate with the customer via basecamp/skype. They will get the required information to submit the app successfully in the app store.
No, We do not provide any support for testing in the localhost/simulator. Few users ask us that they want to test the app in their simulator. Users have to check it by themselves.
Generally, It takes between 12-24 hours. The installation is completely free of cost, but timing depends on hosting companies.
Our free support will get terminated if you make any changes to the software. If a user makes some changes in the code/modifies the source code, then it would be hard for us to work on a modified script. So we strongly recommend customers, not to make any changes with the script.
Yes, You can use Cabily for small medium and large enterprises. It fits for taxi companies of all sizes.

Payment Options

No, once we send you the app download details, we won’t process refunds at any cost. We request the users to test the demo version of the product entirely before making a purchase. If you face issues in purchasing or installation, our technical team will guide you with the process via Skype, Basecamp, live chat, and email.
Yes, we do support the product after the purchase. We do customization changes at the best hourly rate. We do bug fixing at free of cost.
No, there are no extra fees or hidden charges. We only charge what we mention during the purchase, and we do not add any price above the base price.
You get a single-user license with this purchase of the product. It means that you can use it only for one website. If you want multiple licenses, you can contact us via live chat or email at any time.
Yes, The offer lots of flexible support packages based on customer’s requirements.
Yes, the script is 100% tested & working without any issues. If you need any customization changes to the software, we are happy to do it at the best hourly price. Please contact us at [email protected] for customization costs.