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One to one Chat

Send and receive unlimited text messages from your near and dear ones by having one on one exciting conversations.

Group Chat

Need a contact number of a close acquaintance? Ask for it and your friend can share it with you. Want to share a number? You can do that as well, in a seamless way.

Share Images, Audio & Video

Share the beautiful memories captured, a beautiful soulful music and inspiring and interesting videos with your friends and family.

Share Contacts

Need a contact number of a close acquaintance? Ask for it and your friend can share it with you. Want to share a number? You can do that as well, in a seamless way.

Share Locations

Have you lost yourself in search of a friends or relatives home? You do not need to worry; share location option is here for you.

Web Login Via QR Code

Do you feel more comfortable with the big screen? You can opt for using the Web version, all you need to do is scan the QR code on your device.

Scimbo Key Features

Instant Chat

Have never-ending conversations with your friends and family with the help of instant chat. You can send text messages to your friends within a snap of your fingers and enjoy the long conversations.


Don’t miss the messages which you receive in your chat window. We have specially designed the notifications for you, to make sure that you don’t miss them. There are options for you to customize the notifications for your chats. Stay updated with the pop-ups of your notifications.

Lock Chat

Its true people sometimes need privacy, with our Scimbo App you can lock/unlock any partcular chat by using password. It prevents other person notice your chat.

Share Audio, Video & Image

There is nothing as special as a beautiful heart rendering music, share excellent audios and have your friends at peace and serenity. A treat to your eyes, share the exciting and exhilarating videos with your friends and family. Also bring a smile on everyone’s face by sharing your images.

extra Features

Instant Notifications

An excellent interface with the notifications has been distinctively designed for you. Now you do not need to miss out on the messages which you have received. The pop-up will show the messages for you and you can respond to them instantly.

Block chats

Receiving messages from unknown people can be really annoying and is a hindrance. Now, you do not need to feel so, we have got a solution for you on this aspect. All you need to do is just block the chats which you do not want to have, and you’re done, as simple as that.

Invite Contacts

Want friends to come along on the application, who do not have it? Just send them an invitation, requesting them to install the app on their device and you will have your friends or family members to chat and have interesting conversations.

Starred Messages

Is there an important message on your message thread with your friend? Do you want to mark it? You can mark the message as important with the star icon and it will be marked as important for your reference.

Add Chat Shortcut

Do you have a friend with whom you chat frequently? Then this particular option is specifically made for you. Create a shortcut and it will flash on your home screen and you can chat by saving time.

Forward, Delete, Copy messages

You do find messages which are inspiring and you want to share it with your friends, you can do so, by using the forward message option. Do you want to edit a message? Just copy the message and paste to edit. There are situations where you find unwanted messages, discard them by deleting it as simple as that.

Exit Group

Are you not interested in staying in a group as you find it to be not exciting and fun filled anymore? You do have an option to exit the group, get the information of the group and you will find the option, you can opt for it and you will be removed out of it.

Mute Chats

There are times when you find the notifications sounds to be frustrating and irritating as well. So, this is a specific feature where you can mute the chats without having the notification sounds ringing on your device.

Message Info

Do you want to know the details about the message being delivered and read? The app has the option for you, where it will display the details of the information regarding the message sent to the respective contact.

Set chat background wallpaper

A bland white background is not an interesting thing on the chat window. You have an option to set a beautiful and captivating background as wallpaper for your chat window.

In message reply

Want to reply to a single message amidst hundreds of message? All you need to do is hold the message for a longer period until it is selected and the reply icon appears and quote the message.

Email Chat history

A few conversations which you have with your loved ones are most unforgettable and memorable as well. You want to save those beautiful memories forever, for that there is an option, you can just email the chat to your inbox.

Share Contacts

Just save the contact once on your device and you can share it with your friends without any hassle. There is no need for you to remember the contact in order to get it saved on a different device or on your friend’s device.

Chat Archives

Do you think that there is confidential information that you think to be hidden and kept as a secret? Chat archive would be the best option for you to use, as it will be sent to the bottom of the chat list on the app, unless and until it is not disabled, it will not show up on the list.

Set Profile Status

You might feel different every single day and would like to share it with your friends. You need to just update the status in your app, you share all your feelings be it a happy one or a sad one.

Set Profile Picture

You can set a profile picture according to your own wish; it can be a quote, a family picture, beautiful scenery or anything which seems to be captivating and beautiful. It is a fact that, your friends and family would respond to the picture which you have updated.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is installation free of cost?
The installation is completely free of cost. You need to provide hosting details. Please check the server requirements mentioned in our website.
Does zoplay help in approval of app?
Do you support testing in local host/simulator?
What is the turnaround time?
What if user/customer modifies the code?
What is our refund policy?
Will zoplay give technical support after puchase?
Do you charge for Customization changes?
Version 1.1 09-06-2017
  • VERSION - Version 1.1
  • RELEASE DATE - 09-06-2017
    - Allignment and design issues.
    - Notification and message status issue.
    - Refresh and loading issues.
    - Message info tab issue
    - Delay in chats received.
    - Design and fonts are updated.
    - One to one and group chat as like mobile application.
    - Voice messages through microphone.
    - Profile settings.
    - Send and receive attachments.
    - FAQ and few pages added.
    - Production and development mode through Admin panel.
    - Site and App settings through Admin panel.
    - Appearance setting in Admin panel.
    - Media setting in Admin panel.
Version 1.0 26-05-2017
  • VERSION - Version 1.0
  • RELEASE DATE - 26-05-2017
    - Scimbo Released
    - Scimbo Released
Version 1.1 09-06-2017
  • VERSION - Version 1.1
  • RELEASE DATE - 09-06-2017
    - Major App crash issues.
    - Blocked contacts are available for chat.
    - Adding participants to group by searching issue.
    - Media files upload issue.
    - Push notification tones not working.
    - Media files forward option not working.
    - Adding same contacts multiple times in group.
    - Contact list not refreshed.
    - Group chat number of participants issue.
    - Message duplication issue.
    - Major functionality bugs are fixed.
    - App crash issues are fixed.
    - Registration page UI changed.
    - Font size updated.
    - Voice messages by recording through microphone.
    - Implemneted lock and secret chat.
    - Web login using QR code.
    - Privacy settings.
    - Notification settings.
    - Data usage management.
    - About Us, Contact US, FAQ & help pages in App.
    - Mute, block and clear chat.
    - Star and unstar messages in chat.
    - Chat back up through E-mail.
    - Delete account through App
Version 1.0 26-05-2017
  • VERSION - Version 1.0
  • RELEASE DATE - 26-05-2017
    - Scimbo Released
    - Scimbo Released
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