Integrated Analytics for web only

Tasker can check the job stats and payment stats in a Graphical representation

Multi-location Access

You can make booking for someone else at some other location using the app

Transaction History

Both Customer and Tasker can check the transaction history of their jobs from their app

Caller Identification

Tasker can see the Customer details and location before accepting the Job

Export Report Data

The report data can be exported easily as an excel, so that the admin can do cross analysis of taskers and received payments easily

Pay by Credit Card

Customer can pay the amount using his credit card with the account instantly

Handyforall Tasker App Features

Create/Edit Profile

Customer can easily setup and update details on their profile using edit profile feature available on the app.


Customer can easily track tasker who arrive to their address from app


The Tasker can Go online/offline instantly with a single button click. He need to Go Online to accept Jobs.


The Tasker can Accept the Customer request or he can also reject the request simply by checking the Customer location

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Instant Alert

Alert is a an important factor; For eg. Once Tasker has arrived an instant alert will be sent to Customer.

Auto Estimate Arrival Time

Once a tasker start off from their location, an estimated arrival time will be sent to the Customer instantly

Job History Details

Taskers can check the history of Jobs by navigating to the Job history tab to check complete details

Location Favorites

The Customer can mark some location as favorite, so that they can choose tasker again

Generate New Bills easily

After the Jobs done summary will be generated instantly on Customers app along with all details

Cancel Bookings

Booking cancellations can be done and the cancellation notification will be sent to the taskers instantly if they have accepted that particular job

Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are nothing but sending promo offers to users via push notifications

Individual Login for Taskers

Taskers will have separate login details so that their job details can be checked individually

Instant Chat

Instant chat is added as a communication medium between tasker & Customer. Rather than calling everytime they can send instant messages.

Server Requirement

  • Linux Operating System

  • NGINX : v1.4 and above

  • NPM : 3.10 and above

  • NODEJS : v6.4 and above

  • MONGODB : v3.2 and above

Admin Panel

Try Demo Admin Panel
Username : subadmin
Password : Sub123

Handyforall APP - KEY FEATURES

Email Notifications

An email notification will be sent to the registered email id upon Registration and booking of each and every new jobs along with complete details

SMS Notifications

After the completion of registration process, an automated SMS Notification will be sent to the Customer.

Automatic Billing

The billing is completely automatic based on the hours of work. The Hourly fares can be changed from admin panel.

Handyforall APP Features


The movement of the Tasker can be tracked on every movement using GPS Navigation


This is more flexible and user friendly Authentication done using OTP sent to the mobile number


Admin can Track Reports, Track Taskers, Check Ratings.


The speed of booking will be high when compared to other apps, as it is developed on a Mongo database


  • 100% Customisable

    Tasker App is completely customisable. Handyforall Tasker and Customer App are done in Native Mobile platform & completely user friendly

  • Address Auto Complete

    Using Google Places API the app will help users to Auto complete their address and search terms easily based on their IP's.

  • Multi Currency

    Handy for all Support multi currency. Hereafter you can view the price in your currency.

  • Pick Taskers based on reviews

    Once you placed the address, it will show list of taskers and you can pick good taskers based on reviews.


    You can set up the software in multiple languages and it is completely dynamic.

  • Tasker & Customer APPS

    Handyforall Dispatch kit comes with both Android and IOS Apps developed on Native Mobile platform.


    SMS Verification is done when a user creates a new account. Handyforall is integrated with Automatic SMS Module.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is installation Free of cost?
The installation is completely free of cost. You need to provide hosting details. Please check the server requirements mentioned in our website.
Does Zoplay help in Approval of App?
Yes, we will help with the customers for the approval of the App. We need IOS App store login and Google Play login details from Customers for approval of the app. Our experienced team will communicate with the customer via basecamp/skype to get required details in order to submit the app successfully in app store.
Do you support testing in local host/simulator?
No. Some people ask us that they want to test the app in their local host before installing in server; User's have to test it themselves and no support will be given for testing in local host/simulator.
What is the turnaround time?
It totally depends on hosting companies. It generally takes between 12-24 hours and the installation is completely free of cost.
What if user/customer modifies the code?
If a user make some changes in the code/modifies the code; then it would be hard for us to work on modified script. So we strongly recommend customers, not to make any changes with the script; and our free support will be terminated if find any changes made in the script.
What is our Refund Policy?
We request the users to test the demo version of the product completely before making purchase. If you have any queries with the app you can contact us via Skype/live chat. Once we send you the app download details, we wont process refunds at any cost. If you face issues in purchasing or installation our technical team will guide you with the process via Skype, basecamp, live chat, email etc,..
Will zoplay give technical support after purchase?
Yes we do support on the product after the purchase, like doing customization changes, fixing bugs etc,..
Do you charge for Customization changes?
The script will be 100% working without any issues and it is completely tested. If you need any customization changes to the script we are happy to do it at best hourly price. Please contact us at for Customization cost.

    Both Customer and Tasker can get feedback from each other after the completion of Jobs.


    For convenient and cashless payment wallet money feature will be more appropriate.


    Handyforall App is integrated with Advanced search engine which searches and returns accurate results

  • After the completion of every job, Customer will have the option to rate the Tasker and leave a feedback.

  • After the job assigned, user can be tracked tasker on a real time basis.

  • User can easily share promo codes, reviews etc on their social media accounts easily using the simple social sharing buttons available inside the app. User can do realtime sharing quickly using Handyforall.

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Why Choose Us

  • Quick Cloud Installation

    The cloud based installation can be done quickly and easily. Cloud servers are completely reliable, easily manageable and highly cost effective.

  • Custom Payment Gateway

    Handyforall app is completely customisable; so that we can integrate any payment gateway to the app easily and quickly at low hourly charges.

  • Rich User Interaction

    Handyforall Customer and Tasker app are developed with best in class multi interface. App has elegant look and has an attractive design with rich user experience.

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  • The Tasker Ratings can also be tracked by the Customer to make sure that the Customer gets the best possible tasker for his/her job.

  • Users can signup and login to the app using their facebook account.This increases the user registrations and minimises time to create a new account

  • For users convenience schedule booking option has been added to Handyforall App. The bookings can be scheduled to make sure that the user doesn't forget any jobs and the booking request will be sent to taskers appropriately at the scheduled time.

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