Highlighting Features

We can make an affordable and readymade app to start their own online food delivery application for the business.

Schedule Order

The user will be able to place an order and schedule a fixed time for it to be delivered as well.

Where to deliver?

The user after placing the order and entering the required information the user can enter the address where the food needs to be delivered to.

A Click Away

Ordering foods from restaurants nearby is just a click away, The users can grab their phone and place the order and the food will be on its way.

Browse through Restaurants

The user can go on to the app and start searching for the restaurants or cuisines which they want to give it a try.


Once the user has found the restaurant on the app and the meal for the day they can simply place the order for it and all the information related to order is made available for on the app.


If a user has a scheduled order and they are waiting for it to be delivered then, in that case, they can check on the status of the delivered to be made by tracking with the help of the inbuilt GPS on their device.

Advanced Features

Smart search

Our web and mobile application is implemented with the intelligent filter options users can find the favorite dish, cuisine or restaurants.

My Cart

Display all the orders placed with quantity and amount to be paid. Users can edit their orders if required and proceed to checkout and pay.

Rate the service

The customer can rate the service on a five-star rating scale and communicate by registering their experience on the app and food delivery.


Users get notified by push notifications or email about the new offers, orders status, payment etc, the customers are informed on the entire cycle.

Smart payment

App has the best payment integration. Customers need to select the preferred payment option. Their details will be most safe and secure.

Social Login

Users can signup and login to the application by their social media accounts like Facebook. This will increase user registration and minimize the time to create a new account.

How It Works

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Seamless Clone There are many apps which are being used to place an order for food and have it delivered in a stipulated time. Seamless is also one such site where people can place an order from a certain restaurant for a cuisine and it will be delivered to the customer based on the delivery time.
Seamless in the US & the UK
The service was initially launched in 1999 and they have come a long way in this industry. At present, the company is connected with around 12,000 restaurants, serves around 4000 companies and there are around 2,000,000 users who actively use the site & app in the US & the UK.
Seamless Web & App
Users have the option to place the orders through online for delivery of food and take out from the list of restaurants which are available on the site. People can log in to their account through the website and place the order for their meal for the day or they can install the app and place the order as well. The app is available for the users for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.
How Seamless Works?
The users have to enter the address and the site will pop up with the list of restaurants which are the vicinity of the user. List of restaurants will be listed for the address which the user has entered. Once viewing the list of restaurants, the users can take a look at the online menu of the particular restaurant to place the order for their meal. They can make the payment by using their credit card or enter the company billing code as well.
How is the order taken?
Seamless is just the mediator between the restaurant and the user and does not cook any kind of food; it is connected with the restaurants alone. When a user places the order it is sent to a dedicated computer terminal or a fax machine at the restaurant for the order to be taken. The confirmation is sent back to Seamless and then the food is prepared and delivered to the said customer.
Find a more appropriate meal
The users can find a more appropriate meal for their day with the help of the filters which have the ratings, reviews, photos, tags and other information related to the meal which the particular user is searching for and accordingly places the order for it.
FoodGo Clone Script
The food order delivery service through online is at present having a good business in the market. Our team wants the entrepreneurs to have a better start with their business in this online industry of food delivery. Food Go has been designed and developed in such a way that it is easy for you to set up your own food delivery app for the users around the world.
Launch your own app
You can use our script and launch your own food ordering and delivery app with the elements which you would like to have on your app. If you are looking for developing a software script for your online food ordering and delivering app then Food Go is the best in the market which you can give it a try and it is filled with quite interesting features. The best part of the script is that you can customize the app as well.
Sign In/Sign Up
The users can easily sign in with their social account to place an order through the app from the restaurant which is close by and if the user doesn’t have a social account then they can simply sign up and then start with placing the order and have a great meal for the day.
Search by Location
All the restaurants can be searched by entering the location and it will show up the one which is nearest and it will take lesser time for the food to be delivered at your door step. If you want to find a restaurant in a different location, you can mention the city or place and it will show up with the list of restaurants.
Search by filters
We are aware that, people when they are ordering food they have preferences, users can apply filters based on the kind of cuisine, the price range, the type and a few other options which are available to place the order. Ratings & Delivery Time
The users will be able to sort the cuisines based on the ratings and also can choose based upon the time it will take for the food to be delivered to the said location. Restaurant Menu
The restaurant menu will be made available for the users based upon the categories of the food. Users will be able to view the menu, based upon the food category which they select.
Special Instructions
While placing the orders, the user can give the instructions to the restaurant people on what kind of seasonings you would like to have on your meal or make sure to avoid any specific seasonings or toppings in your meal if you have any food allergies as well.
Cart Function
If you are planning on having more than one cuisine on your meal plan, then you can use the cart option which is available on the app, to add in more dishes and then make a check out with it.
Confirmation of the order
After you place an order with a restaurant, you will receive a confirmation that your order for the meal has been successful and then you can check out with the payment for the meal through PayPal or credit card.
Coupon Code
Coupon code can be entered in the section where it is specially provided to the users to enter it and that will help you to avail a discount for the meal which you have placed the order.
Track your order
Once you have completed placing the order, you will be able to track your order and the time it will take for the food to be delivered to you.
Order History
You can have a look back at the orders which you have placed so far through the app from the same restaurant or a different one. In that case, you will be able to figure it to try a new cuisine from a new restaurant or a make a choice on your own.
Invite & Earn
There is an exciting offer for the existing users of the app, they can send an invite to their friends and family for them to install the app and once they do that, the user will be credited with credit points.
Manage Business Information
You can manage the information of your business on your app, it is important that the users who are using your app should be knowing what you are offering them, for them to stay in the app and continue using it as they are treasures for your business.
Set Business/Operating Hours
You can set the business hours for your app to stay active to provide the meals from the restaurants which are listed on your app and there are only a few restaurants which work 24/7, so it is essential for you to set the business for the customers to know that the availability of the service.
Accept or Decline Order
If the orders are more than the restaurants can handle, they can decline to take in the order. And there is sufficient service available at the restaurant then it can be accepted.
Adding Food Menu
If the restaurant has planned to introduce a new cuisine and would like it to be added to the menu list of the app, it can be easily added as a food menu for the customers to try out.
Manage Payout & Earnings
It is important for the entrepreneurs to manage the payouts which they do with their business and keep a track of the earnings which the business making by connecting the customers and restaurants.
The users have the option to give a review on the meal which they had, the delivery service and the way the app is seamless or finding any kind of difficulties as well. It can be a positive feedback or a critic that will help the restaurants to improve and the app to make it a better experience for the user.
Cuisine List
A restaurant has a variety of cuisines and a few serve only continental or a specific kind of cuisines. In the app, a list of the various cuisines available in the restaurant can be listed out for the customers to try.
Order Pick Up
Once the food is ready to be delivered, the driver can go to the restaurant and pick up the food and have it delivered at the user’s location.
Cancellation Reason
The users have the option to cancel the order and the app can have a list of options for reasons to cancel the order. If the reason is not listed, it would be better to give a space for the user to mention the reason to make the service as a better one.

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