Fund Starter – Kickstarter Clone Script

FundStarter is nothing but a fundraising script (Kickstarter clone script) . Using this unencrypted script you can create your own Crowdfunding platform. Our FundStarter script comes with lots of advanced features, with which creator and backer can easily communicate with each other and finish their creative projects within their deadline. Backer can easily pledge money to make the creative project happen within the deadline period. Ask for our latest & complete unencrypted version in laravel framework just for $1299

Our Fundstarter script is completely responsive, which makes it easy for a backer and creator to engage and get upto date with instant notifications.

Our Fundraiser script is very clear, concise, and easy to use, and it has ton of features. Our script is powerful, scalable and 100% customizable.

back end

back end

Admin Login:




  • Unlimited Categories

  • Post Unlimited Project for Creator

  • Backers can pledge unlimited fund

  • SEO Friendly URLs

  • Bootstrap responsive admin panel

  • Stripe Payment Gateway

  • Rewards Management

  • Powerfully Packed with Social Features

  • Sharing Projects on Facebook & Twitter

  • Notification message for Creators & Backers

  • Video Features in Project page

  • Sharing Video through facebook and twitter

  • Individual Comments for projects

  • Wish List Features

  • Website backup from admin panel

  • Project management Module

  • Multiple Currency

  • Email Delivery through SMTP

  • Sub Admin Management & Privileges

  • Sign In Using Facebook Account

  • Captcha for spam control

  • Front End Bootstrap Responsive Design

  • User Management System

  • User Engagement

  • Email Template

  • Integrated Google Analytics

  • Sign In Using twitter account

  • Sign In Using google account

  • Moderate user Access

  • Internal Messaging System

  • Notification Management

  • Banner Management Module

  • Multi language module

  • 100% Source Code & Customizable

  • Lending tipping point system

  • Mass export for users, projects

  • Free Installation for website

What’s New

  • CSV Export
  • Dedicated wp Blog
  • Stripe connect payment gateway
  • Fixed and Flexible Donation
  • Membership Management
  • Online donations
  • Dynamic form builder
  • Payment gateway fees
  • Membership fees
  • Commenting system
  • Credit score
  • Template Management

& many, many more !!


Unlimited Categories:

Any backer can easily goto the appropriate category and browse through his favorite projects. You can create unlimited number of categories with our FundStarter Script.


Post Unlimited Projects

The project creators can post unlimited number of products. FundStarter has no limitations in creating projects and posting your ideas. Sky is the limit!


Safe Escrow Payments

Safety is a very important thing in funding. So we have added Escrow option to FundStarter Script, where Backers money will be safe in Escrow & it cannot be misused by the creator


Rewards Management

By formulation and implementation of strategies and policies admin can reward people fairly, equitably and consistently to the people who added value to the organization.


Social Signin & Signup

Our FundStarter Comes with Social Sign in & Sign up features. Users can easily signup using their Facebook or Google Accounts and even they can use the same for Sign in.


Sharing Project On Fb & Twitter

To get more visibility you need to share your projects in social medias like Facebook, twitter, etc. So We made it easy for the users to share their projects in their social media accounts


Notification Message for Creators

Every time when a backer add funds or if they send any message to the creator, immediately the creator will get a notification so that the creator can respond quickly.


Notification Message for Backers

Every time when a Creator adds a new project or if any creator sends any message to the backer, immediately the backer will get a notification so that he/she can respond quickly.


Video Features In Project Page

Creator cannot explain everything via text/image, so we have added Video Feature in our FundStarter script. Creator can upload a video which may fetch more funding to his idea


Sharing Video via Fb & Twitter

Creators can easily share the videos they have created to their twitter and Facebook friends so that the video can be promoted easily to get funds from backers.


Seo Friendly Url

The URL’s that appear will be 100% SEO friendly to Search engines and can fetch good title and meta keywords automatically for each and every pages.


Message Communication System

Using this Message communication system backer & creator can communicate with each other, Backer may want to clarify some doubts with the Creator before adding funds


Regular Update About Projects

Backers will get regular update about newly created projects, so that they can know the status of the newly created project regularly without any hassle.


Individual Comments for Projects

Individual comment section is available for each and very project, so that the backers along with the creators share their views publicly on each and every project


Wish List Features

With the Wish List feature, backers can log in and add projects to their wish list for future funding. They can easily access it anytime in the future by simply logging into their account.


Website Backup From Dashboard

Backup is very important for a website and we made it very easy for an admin to take backup of the website easily and quickly from the backend of your admin panel in the script


100% Customizable

We have prepared FundStater in such a way that it can be customized in any way according to user convenience. You can contact us at for customization quotes.


Advanced Search Option

FundStarter comes with Advanced search options, which allows you to search projects using categories. You can also do citywide, statewide and country wise searches.

Why Fundstarter?

Our Script is completely Un-Encrypted, very easy to use & loaded with top notch features.

Responsive Design

Bootstrap Responsive Design gives best response to different screen sizes

Fully Customizable

Fundstarter script is completely customizable; you can modify anything easily

One Account for Creator/Backer/Affiliate

Using same account you can post/fund projects. You can also become an affiliate

Voting on Ideas Module

Using this module, people can vote & suggest on your next billion dollar idea

Unlimited Users

Unlimited number of user accounts can be created & you can customize their roles

Advanced Features

Email Templates

Fundstarter has huge collections of high Converting Templates, you can Create marketing templates with ease

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User Engagement

Admin can get user feedback, login details, revenue, traffic and all other stats of an user via admin panel

Mass Export Datas

Admin can mass export users and projects as an excel. Mass export can also be done using excel

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Follow a project

Backer can get real time updates from a project by simply following it, so that he wont miss any updates

Additional Features

Internal Messaging System

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Creator & Backer can communicate with each other & admin can moderate via admin panel

Lending tipping point system

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Projects are activated only when it crosses certain threshold & gains significant momentum

Integrated Google Analytics

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Monitor the user flow and traffic stats we have integrates google analytics with Fundstarter

User Management System

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Fundstarter comes with a secure user management system which can easily be adapted

Captcha for Spam Control

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We have added Captcha to enhance and secure your website from spam posts/accounts

Email Delivery Via SMTP

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Fundstarter uses SMTP servers to send emails instantly, it also decreases the load of server

Follow Users

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Don’t miss updates from users. You can get realtime/instant notification by following them

Moderate User Access

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Approve/Suspend/Delete any accounts from admin panel, also you can load or deduct funds

Free Modules

Multi Language Module

Fundstarter is multilingual, Your website will get good global reach with this multi language module.

Wallet Money Module

You dont need to use your credit card everytime, rather you can use preloaded funds from your walet.

Affiliate Module

With the help of affiliate module, user will get new signups and he can offer a commission for them.

Instant Notification Module

Whenever you get a new funding or a follower or a comment, you will get an instant notification.

Multi Currency Module

Fundstarter is loaded with variety of foreign currencies, which will help backers to load funds in their home currency.

Project Management Module

Fundstarter is loaded with variety of foreign currencies, which will help backers to load funds in their home currency.

Category Management Module

Using this module you can add/edit/delete a category, so that users can easily browse through categories.

Banner Management Module

Using this module you can create, manage and display dynamic images in the form of banners to earn money.


The Kickstarter clone Script is 100% Customizable. Please mail us at for Customization cost. For FundStarter Whitelabel Unlimited Edition, send us an email to

Legal Information

Please note that the use of the phrase Kickstarter clone is for marketing purposes only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site. Inside the “Kickstarter clone script” coding or any other places we didn’t use Kickstarter works.