Yes, we have a team of specialists standing by who can answer all your queries regarding the eDelivery app. It also comes with downloadable manuals which have detailed instructions. Most of our users can get it up and running in a couple of hours.
Yes, we create and publish the app with your branding and logo to make it easier for your customers to find it.
We can deliver the app both on the App Store and Google Play store.
Yes, we've maintained an open-ended architecture when it comes to UI/UX. This means we have endless options that you can customize as per your demand.
eDelivery is a grocery delivery app designed and coded by Zoplay. It is modeled on popular apps in the market like Grofers, Instacart, and Bigbasket.
It amplifies the reach of local shops, grocery stores, and other small businesses. The eDelivery app is the easiest way to make it more accessible to customers and shift business online.
Our app is based on the real-time application of location services and a comprehensive pickup and drop system. It has an easy-to-use interface that customers can use to check closest locations and automatically plots the quickest route to delivery. The delivery agent also gets navigation details to customers' homes and has tracking enabled.
Yes, Zoplay has created this app with everything you need to kickstart your own business. You can get your app branded to your requirements and even have customized add-ons.
eDelivery app comes with both user and delivery agent app which can be created to your demands. You also get an admin panel that you can access on a browser, Apple, or Android device.
Zoplay is known in the market for providing cost-effective solutions. Our eDelivery app comes with a lot of features. The estimated price would be based on your choice of add-ons and components.
Yes, our specialist deployment team can help you set up your grocery ecosystem on any platform of your choosing. We also provide comprehensive post-sales support.
We work as fast as possible when it comes to development. It will be delivered to you within two weeks.
We can deploy the app in 2 to 3 business days.
Our app is built on newer and better technologies and can be customized to your needs.
Every business today is going online, and our app can help you take your business to the next level. Grocery apps have consistent growth at over 20% CAGR. Another factor is that grocery products have higher margins as well.
With the pandemic going on, several features can be useful to your business -
  • Contactless pick up and delivery
  • Multiple Online payment options
  • 24/7 customer service
  • AI-assisted chatbots
  • Emergency services and products
Yes, our eDelivery app comes with several features like contactless pickup and delivery, which can eliminate the spread of the virus.
As a business owner, there is no need for warehousing and storing perishable goods. This means no risk at your end. Also, you don't have to worry about delivery issues.
Simple, you communicate your requirements to our team, and we will develop and implement a real-time delivery solution for your business.

FAQs on Using Our On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

Yes, you don't need an account to buy products from the app. All you need to do is fill in your address, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.
Right out of the box, eDelivery supports English, Spanish, French, and Arabic languages. Support can be added for more as payable extras.
eDelivery works as a standalone system, but it can be adapted to function on any platform. Our team can help you customize it to your needs.
Yes, Zoplay provides AMC options for $499 every year. It is a great option for long-term savings.
Yes, we will share the source code with you at an additional cost. But we have to add that it is not for resale.
You will get the user and delivery agent modules for both web and mobile applications. We will also provide you with a comprehensive installation manual. You can also get in touch with our helpline for more clarity.
Yes, you have multiple payment gateways like debit cards, credit cards from popular payment vendors like VISA, AMEX, and Mastercard. You also get the option of cash on delivery.
The "My Favorites" tab has all the items that users buy most frequently, which means they don't have to look through huge menus.

FAQs on Pricing

No, there are no hidden charges for our app - everything is disclosed right on our quotes. You only pay what we charge you, and no ancillary charges will be levied.
Currently, we support PayPal and Stripe. We can work with other payment options, too, with an additional surcharge
Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse your purchases due to the nature of our product. But we have detailed videos that you can take a look at before making your purchase.
No, our all-inclusive costs, and we don't have a separate setup cost for our customers. You can find out more about it on our pricing page, live chat on our website, or get in touch with our sales team at +91 9790153222, and we can clarify your doubts.

General FAQs on On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

People are looking for easier and safer ways to buy essentials. This includes groceries as well. The best method to enable that would be online. They don't have to go out on their own to select and buy what they need. All it takes is a few clicks on their mobile device, and they're done.
It is also much more affordable to buy groceries online and saves people a lot of time as well. Especially true if you live far away from the store.
When you have selected an appropriate package, all you need to do is share your domain name and cPanel credentials with us. We can get it installed on your server.
You will have access to both email notification and configuration capabilities.
Yes, we have incorporated all the functionalities of top online grocery apps like Instacart and Grofers into the eDelivery app.
Zoplay provides PayPal as a default payment service with our app - this is inclusive of the cost. However, you can integrate other payment methods to the app starting at $750.
Yes, eDelivery has several advantages over existing online grocery shopping apps. Here are a few of them -
  • We've been able to create a diverse multi-vendor network that is user-friendly and powerful.
  • With support for over 240 different languages, eDelivery is a truly global app compared to the rest.
  • All the coding and customization are done completely in-house, which means better security and quicker turnarounds.
  • Users are covered with comprehensive technical support for one year.
  • We deliver a personalized and onsite demo for your perusal.
Yes, we support RTL scripting (content-oriented from right to left). We are aware of the rapid growth of online delivery apps in the Middle East. They have considerably improved their IT infrastructure and have a more receptive market today. We ensure that we can create compatible products for our customers in the Middle Eastern markets as well.
With better exposure to technology, we find that almost everyone uses grocery delivery apps. Millennials, young and middle-aged adults, and urban households all use delivery apps extensively.
The reason for increased adoption is that delivery apps save people a lot of time and are more conducive to busy lifestyles today. This leaves them more time to pursue other tasks.
Yes, definitely so. A lot of things have changed post-pandemic and some things for the better. People have realized how effective delivery apps have been at helping them manage their time and energy levels.
Online delivery apps are only set to grow, and they will include many more products as time goes on. Getting your delivery app set up early can give you a distinct advantage in the market. This is where Zoplay can help you with the eDelivery online grocery app.