What does our free server installation covers?
Our technical team will do a free installation on your recommended Linux server or hosting at free of cost. It does not cover any support or set up in your local machine or localhost.
Free Installation turnaround time?
When does our free support gets voided?
How does the after sale support process work?
What are the payment gateway our script supports?
What is the framework and technology used for Renters?
What is Zoplay’s refund policy?
Can you help me in developing a custom module for my vacation rental?
What version is your demo?
Can I use this Script forever without any additional payments?
Can the Renters Team Install the script for me?
If I do not like your script, can I get my money back?
Do you provide any technical documentation on the purchase of Renters?
If I find a bug, will you fix it on my website?
Can I get the full source code of Renters or the files encrypted?
Can I change the HTML and CSS files of Renters?
Can I buy design templates from Renters?
Can I change the domain name for Renters License?
Can our script run in a Cluster server like Amazon Ec2
Server requirement