Uber provides helicopter rides in Sao Paulo

For all those stuck in the Sao Paulo’s traffic congestion this information will make them feel more than happy. Uber is launching helicopter services in the city starting at $26.

Brazil’s biggest city has become the first in the world where Uber will be launching on-demand chopper rides between airports, hotels and convention centers.

Sao Paulo has around 400 aircrafts and numerous helipads which is in league with New York City and Tokyo. However travel by air is restricted to rich people and Uber is trying to change this.

The taxi aggregator has started with a month long pilot program.

Promotional prices start from $26, however one can see price changes in the future, per person for a lift from Helicentro Morumbi, Sao Paulo’s posh neighborhood to the blue tree hotel across the river. The distance covered by the helicopter will be around 6 km.

A ride from the Blue tree Faria Lima to Guarulhos international airport cost $105 during the promotion. A car ride can take one to three hours depending on the traffic.

Uber is yet to announce on how the prices may vary post the promotion period and how many helicopters will be available in the future which is being provided by three companies. Read more about lyft business model.

The pilot program in Sao Paulo at present will connect four airports and five helipads.

Uber recently tried its helicopter rides in Coachella and Bonnaaroo music festivals from nearby US airports. The total cost for a full helicopter was $3000. Cabify Uber’s Spanish rival is also looking into helicopter services

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