Uber comes up with its own payment gateway

Uber keeps its options open to giving its own payment wallet despite having a partnership with paytm, which is the largest mobile payment platform in India. At present Paytm is used to pay digitally and they have payment through cash in countries like India where credit cards and digital payment is still not widespread.

Eric Alexander Head of Uber Asia’s Business stated that the strategy of Uber is to have local partnerships to make the service available to all customers.

The company is planning to hold its partnership with paytm too.

Commenting about surge pricing Alexander stated that it was based on the demand and supply mechanism and pre determined algorithm.

The surge multiplies according the company is not fed by any humans. Uber is facing a strong rival in India, Ola. This company has established itself as a strong local leader which has pushed uber continuously to second place.

Ola has also partnered with Lyft and Didi Kuaidi the regional competitors of Uber in US and china respectively. They have formed a global alliance against Uber. Similarly check GrubHub Business Model

Uber to strengthen itself in Asian countries which is a developing potential market has started its engineering department in Bangalore, India. The department is entrusted with developing solutions for local problems Uber faces.

Examples like poor internet connectivity in south Asian countries and lack of credit card usage. Uber has been optimized to run in low data usage and operate smoothly in times of poor connectivity.