The Study of Airbnb Rentals in Los Angeles Is Not Really What It Seems

Airbnb, the home rental company has experienced some minor attacks in Los Angeles, as the city marked some negative impact in the life of the people there.The study reveals that the actual status of the home rentals in Los Angeles is not in a way that people think about it. The study acts as a major problem for the home rental site and Airbnb tries to misrepresent that.

The public announcement of Airbnb says that it was just an attempt in which their team of data scientists worked with UCLA Luskin school members of Public Affairs. They analyzed the completed data of Airbnb like the community survey data, publicly available census and the third party data to understand about the impact of the Airbnb in houses of Los Angeles.

The study is a familiar genre where the Airbnb and Uber issued this in a large bundle of papers and the reports are proprietary based data and any third parties couldn’t evaluate it. That is the case that shows Airbnb’s paper that focuses to describe that the incentives that the house owners gets for converting their properties in Los Angeles from Long term rentals to short term rental apertments is less.

The study is a challenge for a report that warned the transmission of large scale residential parts to tourist residents, as it brings more cost to Los Angeles including tighter market for housing,tax revenues,job loss and safety risks.

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