Texans can still ride a cab without Uber service

The ride sharing companies closed their business in Austin because of the regulatory issues faced by both Lyft and Uber. The government authority of Austin imposed strict regulations like fingerprinting and background verification of the ride sharing company’s drivers. The city conducted a public voting regarding the regulation issue, but even after spending eight million dollars into the campaign they failed to receive the public vote to operate their business in the city.

Both the ride sharing companies thought that if they close their service in the city the people would have difficulty in transportation, but on the contrary around ten thousand drivers of Austin had jobs and the drivers had a hassle free ride. The drivers and riders in the city formed a group on the social networking platform to book their ride. The riders can pay at the end of their ride and the drivers can make use of the entire fare without paying them for any company. It has also paved way for many other ride sharing startups to operate their service in the city. Some of the ridesharing startups are Wingz, Fare, Getme and Fasten. Even when Lyft and Uber were operating in the city, Wingz offered pre-scheduled airport rides which benefit both the drivers and the riders. The riders can be sure that they have a guaranteed ride with a fixed price while the drivers can have receive many pre-scheduled rides and earn more money. Check this link to know How uber works with detailed explanation.

The ride sharing company that makes use of the social media platform is working on a mobile app and they are in the process of beta-testing phase where seven drivers from Austin are using the mobile app to connect to the riders to trip their ride. Austin has become the demanding city for the ride sharing startups to operate their service.