South Australians are against the new taxi levy

 The Transport Minister Stephen Mulligan vowed taxi levy to compensate the taxi drivers and car owners. And the ride sharing giant commissioned a polling event by Lonergan Research, a Sydney based company. The company surveyed one hundred and four people from South Wales and one thousand and two people from Australia and the result shows that fifty nine people did not accept the fact that the taxi plate owners must be compensated and seventy percent opposed taxi levy.As a part of the adjustment the South Australia and the New South Wales are planning to introduce the taxi levy. In response to this levy the ride sharing giant said that the government should not impose levies on the industries and the public because the taxi industry has the access to hail riders and acquire money. According to Uber if transport system is made cost efficient then the public will choose the transport system to trip around the city despite their own transport. The ride sharing companies that were operating their service in Adelaide shut down their business in the city because of the regulations introduced by the government over the ride hailing companies.

Blair Davies is the Chief Executive of Australian Taxi Industry Association and he members did not expect the opposition from the public. The taxi plate owners were mostly small business people who wanted to notify the government authorities about their imperil livelihood and regarding a retirement plan for them. But instead of the State Government taking the responsibility of the taxi owners, asking the riders to pay for their benefits is not a welcoming act from the point of the Taxi Association.

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