Six Killer Apps for internal communication among team members

Zoplay Scimbo

In the present era, almost everyone from the teenage to the adults uses messaging services to communicate each other from one part of the world to the other part. One of the popular forms of communication is WhatsApp Clone, which is used to send and receive the text messages from friends, relatives, and colleagues. The clone script of Scimbo provides a list of excellent features of free chats and audio calls on Android mobiles. One of the well-suited whatsapp clone scripts, when it is compared to the other scripts and the features are attractive too. Using this gigantic messaging service one can also share the contacts and also the locations with their friends. The Group Chat facility allows the folks to create a group, add the members and chat with them at any time.

Most of them wish to share their pleasant moments like photos, music, audio, video etc can also be shared among their friends. If a person feels that some messages are unwanted then it can be deleted without any second thought. The mute feature is available so that one can mute the chats without having the notification sound on the mobile device. The overall framework is too good in order to achieve the specific task.


Slack brings all of our communication gathered in one place. In other words, we can say that it is a digital workplace, where the overall works happen. It integrates all the pieces and the folks together so that the things get done in a better manner. A slack team consists of the following people such as a Team Owner, Team Members, Admins, and Guests. The real working process is that a Team Owner initially creates a Slack Team, recruits the Admins in order to aid, manage and organize the team and they all together invite the Team members.

A Team is a group of folks that use Slack in order to communicate for the growth of an organization. A Slack Team which is also known to be the digital workspace, where a person and his/her teammates share to communication and get the work done at the right time. This slack is suitable for both medium-sized companies and for the large organization. Eventually, a larger organization comprises of many locations, folks, and sub-groups. One can also have multiple interconnected Slack workspaces. Even though the workspace acts as a separate team, it is interconnected one and it is powered through the Slack’s Enterprise Grid.


Base camp is ideal project management software and it is a user-friendly one for handling the simple projects. It has an entitled discussion area where one can ask queries or give their ideas and views on a particular project. The direct comment option is available so that if a person wishes to say something he/she can give their comment on a particular task or file. This eventually helps to keep all the data together and streamline communication within the Base camp. During the critical periods, one need to directly work with the other people, the Base camp’s text documents allow the folks to make changes in the document at the same time with all the changes being automatically saved.

Each and every day, this gigantic tool sends an email letting know about the status and the updates made to their respective projects and tasks. If an essential need is there adding up to another task then one can create it in an easier manner by adding the text packed in an email and sending it to the Base camp. Simultaneously, one can also provide regular updates on a specific working task. It has also a powerful search tool so that one can search for the projects and the tasks.


Wrike, it is known to be the easiest project management tool. It is also listed at the top level and a front runner in the project management and collaboration software categories. This gigantic tool has also an overall user satisfaction rating of about ninety-eight percent and it works well in over all places. Its ease of use, customer support etc are well supported by the clients all over the world. It has also won the two major awards such as Best Project management Software for 2015 Award and also the Supreme Software Awards for 2015.

There are many free trail plans are available in this tool that allows an efficient way to test the tool’s major functionalities. The real fact is that it is a web based solution that enables the folks to handle and monitor the projects, tasks, deadlines and the other schedules. On the other side of the flip, it allows a person to share the information quickly with their team members and integrate on the projects and tasks with an intuitive interface. It can also make one’s business faster and more transparent one and effective. A certain period of time is enough to train the employees in order to use the platform.


Bitrix24 is one of the well-known project management tools. It offers many tools such as a CRM, project management, time management, document management etc. There is a specialized environment popularly known to be social style environment which includes the services like content sharing, instant messaging, user profiles etc. It makes simple communication and supports many automated processes such as notifications, assisted reporting, and subscriptions etc.

At the same time, it also offers the practical solutions to manage an organization in all the phases including online. There are some flexible tools available which are precise one for each and every operation including the sales processing and the tasks. This popular tool solves most of the issues with the aid of enterprise social network and the real communication tools.

The real communication tools include the group chat and the video conferencing. The entire tool set is a cloud hosted one and the folks can use the user interface in a reliable manner. One can also sore, search, discuss and share the files and documents. On the other side of the flip, the users can also manage the external communication through the CRM with the minimal navigation.

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync provides a consolidated communication solution at the work with the instant messaging, online meetings, audio and video calling etc. It was initially released in the year 2013 and its extended support ends in the April 2023. The other data regarding Release and Support information is available in Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy. There are many highlighted features of Lync.

The real fact is that its user interface provides more functionality compared to that of the previous Lync versions. The tabbed conversations feature helps a person to keep all of the instant messages and the calls in just one conversation window. The gallery view displays the participant’s pictures and names. The expanded meeting controls let a person to quickly and easily mute and unmute change the audio devices and present content.

A complete Skype for Business includes office applications, file storage, and sharing. There are many other services available such as chat based team workspace with the instant access to content, folks, and tools. Audio calls, Video calls including the HD video calls and web conferencing are available. One can also share the presentation and transfer control to other participants and also join anonymously from the web browser or free mobile apps.

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