Shopsy – A spot where you can find your value of the business

With easy taps and clicks, anyone can shop their desired items from anywhere by using “Etsy”. Etsy is absolutely compact and robust e-commerce site which is used for online shopping purposes. One can look for the handmade or vintage items, and other such desired products. It meets the needs of the users and combines both the ends at a single point. Shopsy is a clone of the Etsy, but has few similar features and lot more fascinating features that can be able to fulfill the satisfaction of the customers’ choices. To augment the business to higher levels and to launch brand new products in the market, Shopsy can be fulfilled site and best platform, especially for the start-up business to discover new heights in their path of business.

     The features of Shopsy are more similar to Etsy, but are more unique than the other websites, and it is knocking the corners of the world through its applications. It is available at a lower price and can be easily purchased to make huge profits for the business in an efficient way. With easy installation on any smartphone of both Android and iPhone platforms, the users will be easily notified about the offers and deals of everyday trends in the shopping, which is a key factor to make purchases. This feature will be enabled after the user starts using the application for his day to day purchases. Favorite shops can be added by any user with the help of the easy user interface, which grasps the audience to get more profits and business traffic. Besides this, the user can rate the applications which assist the users who are using the app for the first time that can make it easy for them to choose their selected shops and products.

Single destination for both for purchases and sales

You don’t need to enter into the cumbersome process of typing all the application like personal details to make a login. Simply with the social media login feature, the user can connect his Google or Facebook account and can make a single tap login. With the advanced smart search tab available in the top of the site you can scout for random favorite products. This makes selecting the perfect choice for the users. Absolutely shopsy is not meant for only making purchases, the user can easily open their own market to sell various products. After providing enough details and entities, with the proper listing of all the products, anyone can roll out their shop and become a seller in the marketplace application. For all the buyers, it is easy to get through in every detail of their past and ordered purchases using the purchase history option. By using the app itself, one can check out their history and payment statements of the purchases made.

Additional features

Apart from the above features, for the sellers who are opening their own marketplace has multiple special extensive features that can add more value to their business progress. Using the multiple theme option, the user can select his favorite choice of theme to display their e-commerce site in a more user friendly and eye catching way to the customers. Notifying the customers through the mails for abandoned carts can provoke evoke or remember the customers to make their shelved purchases. By default, the shopsy application has this option which helps to run a successful marketplace. If the buyer wishes to make a shipment of his purchase to a local store of his choice, it can be simply enabled by the local pick up option. By availing this feature, the user is no longer need to wait for the shipment of an item, it can be easily delivered to the mentioned nearby store.

To be concluded, with all said above features, shopsy can be a consummate application that can fulfill all the needs in the shopping business for both the buyer and seller ends.

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