Seven popular alternatives to WhatsApp for your Smartphone


Tango is one of the best free video chat apps which enables the folks to send the texts, make a video and phone calls and also share the photos and videos. The setting up process of Tango is a faster one and easiest also. It has the best audio/video call in any network condition. The process of translation is also a better one compared to that of the other apps. It works on both Smartphones and tablets. About three hundred and fifty million people have joined in this till now. This app is similar to that of the Messenger which allows playing the games during the video call. It’s downloading is free and there is no any premium subscription fee. The real fact is that it is plain simple that even the folks who are new in using the Smartphones can probably use it without any issue.


Kik is one of the popular messaging apps that are compatible with both Android and iPhone. It is free to use and it has more additional features compared to the other apps. The major attractive functions are one to one chatting, group chat, anonymous chat etc. A person can send messages, pictures etc. The feature of promoted chats allows the folks to chat with different brands in music, entertainment etc. It also offers the other internal app through its browser so that the folks remain within the app itself. There are also many attractive stickers available to purchase on this app. it is essential to have a credit card integrated with the Google Play or the iTunes account in order to make a purchase. If a person feels any contact is an unwanted one then he/she can block or report it to a trusted adult. Chatting with the strangers also is the easier one to do on this app.


The line is one of the free messaging apps which are similar to that of the gigantic messaging app WhatsApp that offers stickers, social games, video calling etc. Recently, Line has reported about two hundred and eighteen million monthly active users globally. The major countries are Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. It does not have any huge database like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Chin’s WeChat but it has a lot of trends in messaging, specifically about monetization. A recent report exclaims that it has more than thirty-five apps to download including its core messaging app. On the other side of the flip, it also offers a payment service in its largest markets. The most important fact is that it has crossed more than one billion in sales in the year 2015. The overall cumulative six hundred and twenty-eight million downloads with a strong network of consumers. The point of high engagement gives more value for this app.

Chat On

ChatOn is the most popular text messaging service and it allows the folks to communicate in a more personal way than any other messaging service. With the aid of the attach button one can easily communicate with their friends through a whole host of media.   The most amazing features include Animations, Pictures, Voice Recordings, Videos, Locations, Calendar dates etc. Animation Message is the most favorite feature among the users. It also allows a person to express a person in a unique way in which the other mediums do not allow. It also offers an array of colors, pen types etc so that one can play and increase your creativity. The specialized place in Chat On known to be Trunk provides many short cuts to all the Medias for the previously created one. The app is popularly known to be the 3G messaging service and the user interface is highlighted one here.


WeChat is the most popular Chinese app and operated by the Chinese Internet giant Tencent with four hundred and fifty million monthly active users. On the other side of the flip, it is growing all over the world as well. Day by day it is becoming more and more popular in other parts of the world including North America. A list of amazing features is available in this app such as Video Call, Voice Chat, M-Commerce, QR Code etc. The Video Call feature allows the folks to make face to face video and makes to connect the world in your hand. The Voice chat is also known as the Internet phone Calling and also send the text chats at a time. One can also buy the goods from the vending machine through the WeChat on the Smartphones. The most alluring feature of Moments allows a person to post the memories and images to their friends.


Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps and it gives the ability to send messages and photos with a new feature of self-destruct time. It is a cloud based instant messaging service and compatible with both Android and iOS. Similarly to the Snapchat, it is possible to send the pictures or texts before they disappear within the secret chat. Here, one can share the documents, videos, locations and the searched images. The most important feature is the secret chat; it uses the end to end encryption for the major security purpose. The highlighted factor is that the secret messages cannot be forwarded to the others outside of the conversation. The most important interesting factor is that Telegram is identical to that of WhatsApp. Overall it has about hundred million monthly active users and about fifteen billion messages are sent per day. At a time the consumers can add multiple devices to their account.


Zoplay is one of the well known messaging apps and it is the clone of WhatsApp. This amazing app allows the folks to send the voice messages in a reliable manner. The most benefit of using this app is that the photos, videos, and location can be shared on the app and it does not require a large consumption of internet data. The user interface of the app is designed in such a manner that it delivers the data in an efficient way to its consumers. In a shorter period of time, it has earned a good fame among the public. It is a unique one and it totally differs from the other clone apps and the organizations like small medium enterprises can use this app for the internal communication purpose. One can use Scimbo using the web version also with the aid of the QR code on the device.

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