San Francisco Rejects Restrictions on Airbnb

San Francisco rejected a ballot question that consists of restrictions of user of short term rental websites like Airbnb.

Proposition F prevents residents of San Francisco from putting their apartments for rent more than 75 nights in a year. It also requires renters to file guests and revenue reports with city government and get satisfied with the host of city regulations that are designed for hotels.

Local media described the campaign as the most serious dispute of the initiative on the ballot this year in a city that depends on direct democracy.

55 percent of the voters were against the new regulations with lakhs of votes cast. In this election more number of votes will be for the popular home rental site Airbnb and more number of votes is against an effort designed by the hotel industry that targets the middle class to use home sharing as an economic lifeline.

The campaign conducted for defeating the ballot measure received millions of contributions, where half of them are from Airbnb itself.

The biggest investor for the campaign of ballot initiative is a local union of hotel workers. Thus campaign had some odd incidents. Like activistists who supported the Proposition F passage troubled the San Francisco head quarters of Airbnb with mega phones, brass band and signs.

Opponents of Airbnb might have got struck in the protest and ballot box issue but they experienced a small victory when Airbnb is asked to apologize for posting ads that reveals the amount of money Airbnb adds to the budget of San Francisco.

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