Ride sharing giant targets Indian market

OlaCabs is known as Ola is India’s largest online transportation network company, it started as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai, India and now it is based out in Bangalore. The main investor of the online transportation company is SoftBank and they released a report in which it states that the online cab aggregator controls around eighty five percent of the taxi market in the country. While the Uber CEO of India, Amit Jain said that their company is similar to OlaCabs in terms of the completed trips and they are having fifty percent aggregate control in India.

Uber is the leading multinational online transportation company in the United States and operates their business in sixty five countries. Recently the company raised $3.5 billion dollars from Sovereign Wealth fund from Saudi Arabia, the company’s CEO said in an interview that they will invest their received funds in India to improve the technology, increase the number of drivers and introduce new categories like the bike taxis. They will also consider improving their map technology so that if there is a road block or any other issues they can divert their route in a smarter way. The company’s major focus is on India and China and in India they operate in twenty seven cities and have plans to expand in five more cities, India ranks third position in riding Uber service. In the top thirty cities where the company operates their service receive one billion dollars and the long term goal of the company is to focus on the profit by maintaining the driver base with loyal customers. Get cabily Uber clone software from Zoplay today

And to increase their operational efficiency the company follows different techniques. One such feature is that if a diver has a drop in a particular area, then he receives his next pick up request even before he completes his ride. So this process reduces the idle time for the driver and waiting time for the customers.

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