People in Austin are fine without the ride sharing service

Many cities in the United States have upheld strict regulations on the ride sharing companies if they wish to operate in the city, but the companies are against the regulations imposed by the government. Opposing the regulations, the ride sharing companies suspended their operation in the city for some period of time, while the government decided to seek a public voting regarding the regulation against the car companies. Later the people voted in favor of the regulation and thus the car hailing companies Lyft (see how lyft works) and Uber shut down their operation in Austin.

Both the ride sharing companies expected that the people would suffer because of the lack of ride sharing service, but the people of Austin formed a crowd-sourced ride sharing service that helped the riders find drivers and vice-versa through the social media platform, Facebook. The name of the group in Facebook is Arcade City Austin/ Request a Ride which has more than thirty three thousand members. Using this platform the riders can book a ride without surge pricing and they have an option to schedule their ride well in advance and the drivers can receive the ride fare without paying the company. Arcade City launched its app version and it is in the beta phase of testing by seven drivers.

Apart from Arcade City, many other ride sharing companies have launched their service in the city. Some of the new car hailing companies are Fare, getme, DideAustin, InstaRyde, Fasten, Wingz and zTrip. Another ride sharing app called the Zipcar is offering the University students of Austin with incentives to rent and join more cars. So the students of UT Austin can join for fifteen dollars and they can also rent cars for discount fares where they can rent for nine dollars from Sunday through Thursday.

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