Lawmakers passed an agenda in both Assembly and Senate

The Senate and the Assembly of New York are entering the final stage of their session for this year 2016, and since the elections are held in the fall, there are few agendas passed by the lawmakers to regulate the governance in the city. The adjournment is on July 16th, 2016 and the main agendas are to regulate the daily fantasy sports, combat the addiction of heroine and upstate the ride sharing service, Uber. But before adjournment, the lawmakers in New York City will vote for the Brunch Bill. The bill was proposed by the Democratic Governor, Andrew Cuomo because he wanted to modernize the law state’s liquor law. According to the Brunch bill, the restaurants can serve alcohol before Sunday noon. Get the best Uber like software from cabily

The officials are trying to regularize and make the daily fantasy sports legal because earlier the Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney General said that these games were increasing the illegal gambling rate. Regularizing the sport ill encourage people to resume playing and even the commercial operators like DraftKings and FanDuel stopped taking bets in the city because of the lawmakers taking action to regularize the contest. The bill includes prohibition of minors playing the game and the commercial operators have to pay registration fees.

In the case of the ride sharing companies like Lyft and Uber, were trying to get state regulation so that they can operate in many areas. But the taxi industries in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo want the government to legalize the ride sharing companies like their standards. But many people feel that regularizing the ride sharing companies will increase the environmental, safety and economic benefits.

In 2013 one thousand five hundred and eighty nine deaths were reported because of the addiction of heroine. So the bill includes the eradication of those drugs and to spend one hundred and sixty six dollars to be spending for the prevention, medication and rehabilitation.