Kickstarter exceeds $2 billion in pledges

Kickstarter is an American crowdfunding campaign found by Yancey Strickler in 2009. It has always been a dream destination for the fundraisers to collect funds for the crowdfunding campaigns including the nonprofit ones as well. Kickstarter is one of the successful crowdfunding platforms and it has already exceeded $2 billion in pledges, and Mr. Strickler would be partying right now!

Kickstarter has more than 9 million pledging participants and 3 million of them offer funds for more than one two campaigns. Also, one million of them offered funds knowing they would NOT be rewarded in return. The website has already hit $1 billion in 2014, and then achieved more success in 2015. Nine projects were launched for every one hour and $1,200 was pledged for every minute, you do the mathematics!

The topmost crowdfunding projects are film videos, music, games and technology & design. Not every crowdfunding project on Kickstarter would taste success because more than half of them flop. But the successful campaigns have gone viral and achieved recognition across the globe. The company has even decided to provide more security to avoid fraudsters who collect money from the backers and then fail to deliver the projects. The crowdfunding platform is a potential threat to other platforms like Indiegogo and Head funder. The aspiring entrepreneurs must upload creative Kickstarter videos and update start pages to grab attention from the backers. Kickstarter is indeed a life savior for all the young entrepreneurs out there! Get your own Kickstarter Clone Script now