Important Tips to Help You Re-launch a failed Kickstarter Campaign

Many Kickstarter campaigns do not taste success on the very first attempt. Project owners spend an immense time in creating a content by gathering strategic ideas and tactics and hence it will be frustrating if the campaign goes unsuccessful. But it is not the end of the world, you can still re-launch your campaign by trying to regain your focus and recycle the amount of time and effort invested in your previous failed campaign. It is never too late!

Try to analyze what went wrong and review the Kickstarter video before re-launching your next fund raising campaign. A video should not be more than 4 minutes long! Too much of information on a Kickstarter page may overload the potential backers. The information provided should be exciting and engaging enough! Make sure your new page of your new campaign is not too lengthy and boring; it should contain relevant content with simple texts, illustrations and graphic banners. It is always safe to have a longer funding period than a shorter funding period. Do not disregard the previous failed campaign, you can always add pictures, videos, etc, but you cannot alter the story page. You can add the link to your new page on your failed campaign page to promote more success. It will stimulate the much needed promotion to your new campaign!

You should always be prepared to promote the new campaign by effective strategies, if not, there’s always another way which is Crowdfund campaign.

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