How to contribute to kickstart small business through crowdfunding

Small businesses are play a huge role in countries economy.These numbers should give you better insight into this statement.

In USA, there are 27 million small businesses which contribute $6 trillion to the economy.8 million jobs have been generated since 1990.They generate 4,000 jobs a day on an average and 90% of all new jobs in a year.More than half of the non farm GDP of the country is generated by small business.

These figures should give you enough reasons on why you should invest in a small businesses.Above all, on an average an American household throws away $12,000 annually on goods and services that are not really necessary.

If Americans could cut down 10% of coffee intake or gamble less and contribute it towards small business the country could see strengthening of the economy.

Also choose the projects which you could see a good potential as there are lots of mediocre projects.Analyse the goals and ambition of the organization and where they would end up after 4 to 5 years.

If you are still wondering how to get started with funding small business, well there are a lot of platforms which help in smart investment.These platforms have tools to teach you how to do these investments.

There are various types of funding like debt funding or equity funding.

Investment in crowdfunding is a way of contributing to the country’s economy.Investment does come with its own risks like the guarantee of return and scams.To avoid scams and frauds the government has introduced regulations through the Jobs Act.


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